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Rethinking iGaming with TESTA crowdsourced UX testing

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In iGaming, user experience (UX) is one of the top drivers of customer loyalty. Yet, traditional UX testing methods often fall short and produce inaccurate results.

In the following two-part UX testing blog series, you’ll get to know how TESTA helps operators use crowdsourced iGaming testers to better understand modern UX and satisfy today’s iGaming enthusiasts.

Real world UX problems for iGaming operators

The iGaming industry is highly profitable and intensely competitive. Players have numerous platforms to choose from. UX plays a crucial role in differentiating operators’ offerings from the competition. Next to competitive odds, UX is the single most important feature that keeps players loyal.

The single most important feature of an igaming site that keeps you loyal graph

Not easy to optimize

As it turns out though, iGaming UX isn’t an easy thing to optimize. For starters, there are these six challenges:

1. Complexity and clutter

iGaming platforms offer a wide range of games, betting options, avatar choices, and platform-specific features. While this variety caters to different users, it can be overwhelming and cluttered.

2. Responsiveness and performance

With the increasing use of mobile devices, iGaming platforms need to be designed to work on any screen resolution, remain secure, and perform well despite the limitations of mobile devices.

3. Account management and security

Ensuring proper account management is crucial for user and company security. Poor management can lead to leaked passwords and unauthorized access to the site, resulting in harm to individuals and fines for the company.

4. Responsible gambling tools

Implementing deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and reality checks can help users who may experience negative effects from iGaming or have difficulty stopping.

5. Payment processing

Seamless payment processing, supporting various payment methods, and using a reliable payment gateway are essential for a smooth user experience.

6. Regulation and compliance

Complying with regulations is crucial for the iGaming industry to ensure a positive experience and prevent issues such as underage gaming, geolocation violations, and identity theft.

Getting good data on how players engage with these six things can be difficult for inhouse QA teams.

No silver bullet

The Optimove reports also states that in the iGaming market, there isn’t a single silver bullet reason that attracts players to a site.

To stand out from the competition, operators must meet multiple criteria to convince players to choose their platform as the preferred site. With these challenges in mind, this two-part article will explore how UX testing in online casinos can be improved, and introduce TESTA’s crowdsourced UX testing solution.

We will start by looking at the intricacies of iGaming UX testing and why operators are choosing crowdtesting over traditional testing methods.

Traditional testing vs TESTA's crowdsourced UX testing

traditional testing vs Testa crowdsourced UX testing

Crowd testing has made traditional testing methods increasingly costly. TESTA’s approach to crowdsourced UX testing addresses shortcomings directly and helps operators unlock the potential for continuous improvement, player satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Shortcomings of traditional testing

  • Costly: Traditional testing is more expensive than crowdtesting.
  • Rigidity: Conventional testing methods may not adapt well to the rapidly evolving iGaming landscape as they lack the diversity offered by crowdtesters.
  • Unreflective of real-world testing: Traditional testing may not accurately simulate real-world conditions, increasing the likelihood of undetected issues.
  • Slower feedback: Traditional testing takes longer to provide feedback, delaying bug fixes and updates.

TESTA Qrowd: real iGaming crowdtesters

Our crowdtesters, AKA, the TESTA Qrowd, include experienced iGaming and QA expert testers from markets around the globe.

Not only is the diversity of the Testa Qrowd itself a unique advantage, but the fact that they test with real devices in real-world settings to ensure a genuine and comprehensive evaluation of user experience is something that traditional testing struggles to compare to.

Testa UX testing provides unique crowd-generated insights that go beyond the capabilities of simulated environments.

Key advantages of TESTA’s crowdsourced UX testing include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Our model allows for testing on a large scale without the significant financial costs of traditional testing.
  • Diversity of tests: The global presence of our testers across over 190 countries ensures that a diverse pool of tests can be done and that tests are reflective of the varied preferences and conditions of iGaming players worldwide.
  • Real-world testing: Unlike traditional testing which seeks to simulate a real-world environment, crowdtesting is conducted in real-world environments on the actual devices that the software will be used.
  • Real-time feedback and iterative improvements: Testa’s approach allows for immediate insights, enabling quick adjustments to enhance user experience.

Understanding the player journey

The journey of any given player on a platform can be extremely complex and filled with many nuances. Traditional testing, which may have once sufficed for simple 2010s-era apps, simply has a hard time replicating all the details and intricacies in an artificial setting.

Understanding the igaming player journey

TESTA’s extensive experience in conducting UX testing for iGaming providers and operators has given us a rare insight into each stage and touchpoint that players encounter throughout their journey on online iGaming platforms.

  1. Onboarding and registration:
    • Account creation: Players start by signing up or logging in.
    • Inputting details: Personal information and credentials are filled in.
    • Verification: Some casinos require identity, age, or payment method verification.

  2. Navigating the platform:
    • Homepage and navigation: Players explore the site layout and look for games and features.
    • Search and filters: They use search bars or filters to find specific games or categories.
    • Responsive design: UI should feature a seamless experience that is consistent across all platforms.

  3. Game selection and gameplay:
    • Game variety: Players browse and select from a wide range of games.
    • Game information: Accessing details about rules, RTP, and instructions.
    • Smooth gameplay: Engaging gameplay with clear instructions and intuitive controls.

  4. Account management:
    • Deposit and withdrawal: Players manage funds, depositing money, and withdrawing winnings securely.
    • Bonuses and promotions: Accessing and utilizing bonuses, free spins, loyalty rewards, etc.
    • Settings and preferences: Customizing account settings, responsible gaming tools, language, and currency preferences.

  5. Support and assistance:
    • Customer support: Access to live chat, email, or phone support for inquiries or issues.
    • FAQ and Help Sections: Access to comprehensive self-help resources.

  6. Security and responsible gaming:
    • Security measures: Assurance of secure transactions and data protection.
    • Responsible gaming tools: Availability of features like self-exclusion, deposit limits, and time reminders.

  7. Exiting the platform:
    • Session closure: Logging out or ending the gaming session smoothly.
    • Feedback or survey: Some platforms may prompt the user to ask for feedback or use surveys to improve user experience.

While having a good understanding of the player journey is the first step, having remote testers in place to achieve your goals can be difficult.

TESTA provides the real users, real devices, and real insights to help you improve UX. With better data on player preferences, iGaming operators can make faster, more informed decisions.

Enhancing player satisfaction with TESTA

The significance of UX testing in iGaming operations is clear, as player satisfaction is intricately linked to a seamless user experience. Every interaction between the player and the operator’s platform must conform to the player’s expectations,

For operators, crowdtesting with TESTA to elevate player satisfaction is a piece to the puzzle of continued growth and sustained success in iGaming. If you are an operator interested in this innovative yet proven approach to continual UX enhancements, TESTA is here to help.  Next week, we will dive deeper into the difficulty of UX testing and its potential rewards when done right.

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