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How crowdtesting drives better iGaming UX optimization

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User Experience (UX) Optimization is vital for triumph in any sector, particularly in iGaming. LeadPages highlights that poor UX is responsible for a 35% loss in sales.

In the iGaming realm, the stakes are higher as it’s not just about recouping lost sales but also about adherence to regulatory standards: UX optimization through testing is critical to ensure iGaming platforms not only retain users but also stay within compliance.

Automated testing has its place and can save a lot of manual labor to find bugs. But widespread user testing by real users in different locations is an additional tool with its own set of advantages that can greatly enhance the iGaming experience.

We will delve into the essence of UX optimization, the unique UX challenges within the iGaming industry, and how crowdtesting is pivotal in refining the iGaming user experience.

What UX challenges face the iGaming industry?

UX directly affects how much users are willing to spend on an iGaming site. The better the UX, the more likely users will spend money on that platform. Excellent UX also builds trust between users and a platform. Providing an excellent UX in the iGaming industry is therefore crucial for success. 

But six challenges stand in the way of achieving an excellent UX in iGaming: 

1. Complexity and clutter

Users have a lot of choices when visiting iGaming platforms. Not only are there dozens of different types of games—such as online slot machines, live dealer table games, video poker, and virtual sports betting—but there are also plenty of other on-screen options per game: betting options, avatar choices, and various platform-specific features. 

The wide variety helps cater to many different users, but it can feel overwhelming and lead to clutter. 

2. Responsiveness and performance

More people than ever are turning to mobile devices to access iGaming platforms, especially in the under-35 cohort. Although mobile devices allow quicker access to your favorite websites and platforms, they pose unique challenges because of their screen size and generally weaker capabilities. 

iGaming platforms need to be designed to work on any screen resolution, remain secure when accessed from different devices, and still perform well despite the lower processing power of mobile devices. 

3. Account management and security

Security is crucial in iGaming websites, both for the individual user and the iGaming company. Poor account management can lead to leaked passwords, potentially granting access to people not legally allowed to access the site. This can bring unintended harm to the person and also result in fines for your iGaming company. 

Malicious actors might also try to gain unauthorized access to an iGaming site regardless of geoblocking or other security features. If they succeed, your iGaming company might be fined for it. 

4. Responsible gambling tools

Online gaming iGaming is fun if it’s done responsibly. Some players may experience adverse effects from iGaming or display signs of being unable to stop playing. 

The online gaming site should help these users by implementing deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and reality checks to help the gamer enjoy the experience safely. 

5. Payment processing

Payment processing is a crucial UX factor, not only in iGaming. It’s also a factor that can suffer from various errors. 

Paying for iGaming should be easy. Users should be able to make purchases using different payment methods—credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.), crypto wallets, cryptocurrency, etc. The payment process should be seamless, with no checking-out errors. This includes using a reliable payment gateway. 

6. Regulation and compliance

The iGaming industry must comply with various regulations that differ across the world. iGaming companies do this gladly because it ensures everyone has a good time. Unfortunately, software bugs can lead to unintended errors resulting in various suboptimal experiences, including:

  • Underage gaming.
  • Geolocation violations.
  • Identity theft. 

How crowdtesting conducts iGaming UX optimization?

Crowdtesting is essential to ensure a flawless UX in iGaming. It flushes out hard-to-find bugs and ensures your company can safely expand into new markets. 

But crowdtesting isn’t only about finding bugs. It’s about spotting user frustrations or dissatisfaction that are impossible for automated tests to find. 

As iGaming becomes more accessible, so does the diversity of your audience. iGamers include people from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. What works for one demographic might not work for another. 

For example, an older demographic might value larger text on the screen over the platform’s speed. The only way to gain insight into this is to have a considerable number of testers representing each of the public your iGaming platform is targeted at.

Language and localization

Another vital aspect of crowdtesting is language and platform localization. Testa uses only testers who are proficient in the local language, providing them with the initial deposit and signup details, and asking them to play a few games and then withdraw. 

This approach emulatesUsing this approach, we emulate precisely the experience of a new user. Supervisors We watch how users they interact with the screen and what barriers they run into, especially in regards to the language of the interface. This approach We often reveals find that some elements might not be properly translated or require more context for that particular language. 

Although the translation is “correct,” the user might find it confusing. Such insight is only possible with crowdtesting and live observation. 

Case studies: iGaming UX optimization success stories

Several industry case studies prove the immense value of crowdtesting. One industry study increased app downloads by 600%, and opt-in from users for notifications rose by 25% after the company implemented testing and acted on the revelations of the tests. 

Another case study resulted in greater geographic reach and new customers. 

Poor UX can be costly and relates directly to lost sales and customers. It’s therefore no surprise that improving UX improves revenue and user adoption.  

5 UX issues of the iGaming user journey crowdtesting improves

Here are five specific UX issues that crowdtesting can improve:

1. Device and platform testing

Crowdtesting helps your company navigate the plethora of devices that users use to access iGaming platforms. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have different capabilities, speeds, and processing power. Designing for each of these devices is an arduous task on its own. Using crowdtesting is the only way to ensure your platform works on as many of these devices as possible.

2. Functional and UI testing

Functional testing means testing that the platform’s functions do what they’re supposed to. It’s a basic form of testing that catches many of the major bugs. Although your developers will naturally conduct functional testing as part of the development process, crowdtesting is the only way to ensure the platform’s functions work as expected across devices and locales.

This testing includes every aspect of the user journey, such as registration, navigation, contact forms, game accessibility, and even customer support.

We conduct rigorous testing at Testa to reveal any functional bugs across your platform.

3. Payment testing

Properly functioning payments are the lifeblood of an iGaming business. If your payments don’t work perfectly or aren’t in compliance with local regulations, you might as well pack your bags and close your platform.

Crowdtesting helps you identify bugs in your payment workflow so that users can execute deposits or withdrawals easily. We use real-world transactions and meticulously examine the process, ensuring it works seamlessly. 

Correctly working payments cultivate trust in your platform, an essential aspect of long-term user retention and increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

4. Localization testing

We use only testers who speak the local language, helping you spot hard-to-find errors that wouldn’t be picked up by automated tests. Our tests also uncover cultural issues that might be considered inappropriate in some parts of the world, while acceptable in others. 

5. Performance testing

Uninterrupted performance is the bedrock of an exceptional iGaming UX. Lagging response times, server glitches, or performance bottlenecks can significantly erode user satisfaction and loyalty.

We perform extensive performance tests across devices and locations. 

Trust in Testa for your UX crowdtesting

At Testa, we offer a comprehensive iGaming crowdtesting solution that covers every aspect of the iGamer’s user journey. We also perform competitor analysis to help you stay ahead and optimize your gaming experience.

Our services are tailored to your specific brand and use case. Essentially, we become an extension of your QA team without the additional HR burden. 

Relying on an external team for crowdtesting has numerous benefits compared to trying to do it in-house. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s also more efficient. Using a third-party team for crowdtesting is far more feasible. We’d love to assist you with your crowdtesting needs. Contact us today or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about our crowdtesting services.

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