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Crowdtesting: the cost-efficient way to QA iGaming

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Crowdtesting: reducing software testing costs

The iGaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, with new game releases and platforms aiming to capture the attention of millions of players worldwide. This means unending development for the best customer experience, ensuring compliance to avoid penalties and a lot of testing in between. While most iGaming companies have an internal resource to spearhead all development needed, sometimes it’s better to scale up with an outsourced QA team like crowdtesting to ensure seamless integration across all devices, regions, and countries, and to reduce the software testing costs. This approach not only leverages external expertise but also provides a cost-effective solution to comprehensive testing challenges.

Localization is one critical aspect of the iGaming world as this captures the players and sets the tone of the whole game. It’s not just language translation, but also monitoring that every sentence, CTAs, and visual is culture-fit depending on what region or country. This method allows businesses to appeal to customers worldwide, giving them an edge in the rapidly expanding iGaming market. An internal team can go a long way in doing translations but seeking help from real people who are actual users of the platform can give you more accurate translations and a culture-fit interface. 

iGaming providers need to have reliable and secure technical support services. Without these, operators won’t be able to deliver consistent and quality products to their customers and remain competitive in this rapidly changing market in such ever-growing countries. Some points to remember:

  • Hosting solutions need to be fast, secure, and cost-effective while still offering options for customization
  • Networks should provide reliable access with minimal latency
  • Game performance must meet high standards that guarantee enjoyable experiences for customers
  • Configurations must keep up with the ever-changing trends in gaming technology. These features are essential for any iGaming provider looking for success in today’s constantly evolving industry.

Real feedback from the real world and real users

iGaming providers and operators usually seek real feedback from real-world players to ensure smooth testing and to gauge if their game or platform design is resonating and engaging with actual players. Incorporating crowdtesting allows companies to achieve this while also optimizing software testing costs. By accessing a global network of real testers, crowdtesting yields authentic feedback on the game’s or platform’s performance, design, and usability. For operators focused on delivering quality and performance, crowdtesting emerges as a cost-efficient and effective approach to QA, minimizing software testing costs without compromising on insights critical for their success.

Beyond the real world, real feedback aspect, crowdtesting can also be a cost-saving solution for most companies, instead of relying solely on in-house Quality Assurance teams. Through crowdtesting, the capabilities of Product Managers, Dev teams, and any other teams can be significantly extended. By engaging a network of real testers from different countries and regions, companies can utilize a diverse pool of expertise, platforms, and devices to evaluate their iGaming products, helping to uncover any issues before they even reach the end user.

Cut iGaming software testing costs with crowdtesting

  • Cost-efficiency: One of the significant advantages of crowdtesting is its cost-efficiency, particularly when compared to the costs of maintaining an in-house QA team or outsourcing to traditional testing companies.
  • Flexible and scalable: Crowdtesting can be easily scaled up or down as needed, enabling companies to adapt their QA efforts to product and market demand changes.
  • Real-world user feedback: By engaging real-world testers, crowdtesting provides crucial insights into user experience and platform performance, which can prove invaluable in refining an iGaming product or platform.

Crowdtesting as an extension of internal teams

Utilizing crowdtesting alongside an internal testing team, QA team, engineering team, and product team has been instrumental in enabling organizations to maximize software testing cost efficiency while creating the highest quality iGaming products. By collaborating with crowdsourced testing services specializing in the iGaming industry, companies ensure comprehensive identification and resolution of potential issues. This strategic approach is crucial for delivering superior products.

Considering the significant software testing costs when relying solely on internal teams, including salaries, an experienced Quality Analyst engineer’s annual cost can be around $80,000. Collaborating with a crowdtesting company offers internal teams a cost-effective extension across different regions and countries, tapping into a worldwide pool of manual crowdtesters. Crowdtesting expands the reach and enhances QA with its diverse and extensive possibilities, leading to more robust and cost-efficient quality assurance outcomes.

Enhancing QA with cost-efficient software testing through global crowdtesting


A substantial pool of manual real testers from various countries are equipped with custom-designed test plans for each unique project. This enables comprehensive monitoring of QA tasks, effectively supporting internal QA teams and ensuring every aspect of software testing cost is optimized. The investment in hiring an additional Quality Analyst Engineer typically aligns with the cost of partnering with a crowdtesting company, but with the added benefits of increased productivity and robust data support.

In conclusion, crowdtesting has proven to be a cost-efficient and effective strategy for iGaming providers and operators to manage their QA processes. It offers an economical alternative to traditional software testing costs. By tapping into a global network of testers, these companies can enhance their in-house capabilities and glean essential real-world feedback, focusing on the crucial element of end-user experience.

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