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Crowdtesting: the cost-efficient way to QA iGaming

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The iGaming industry has been growing exponentially in recent years, with new releases and platforms aiming to capture the attention of millions of players worldwide.

This means unending development for the best customer experience, ensuring compliance to avoid penalties—and a lot of testing in between.

While most iGaming companies have an internal resource to spearhead development and testing, the more cost effective way forward can be with an outsourced Quality Assurance (QA) team.

Read on as we introduce TESTA’s brand of crowdsourced QA testing for iGaming.

Key functions for iGaming

iGaming providers and operators need to have reliable and secure technical support services. Without them they won’t be able to deliver to their customers and remain competitive in this rapidly changing market. Local testing for the following four functions saves time and provides more accurate data.

Key functions for igaming

Hosting solutions

Must be fast, secure, and cost-effective while still offering options for customization.


Should provide reliable access with minimal latency.

Game performance

Must meet high standards that guarantee enjoyable experiences for customers.


Need to keep up with the ever-changing trends in gaming technology.


While key technical issues need to be tested locally, the same can be said for localization testing, which is not just language translation. Localization testing means checking that every sentence, CTA, and visual has perfect culture-fit depending to the region or country.

This kind of testing allows businesses to appeal to customers worldwide, giving them an edge in the rapidly expanding iGaming market.

An offshore internal team can do translations, but seeking help from real people who are actual users of the platform can localize your product and save costs in the long run.

Crowdsourced QA testing: real feedback from the real world users

iGaming providers and operators usually seek real feedback from real-world players to ensure smooth testing to understand if their game or platform design can relate to and engage with the actual players.

Crowdtesting allows companies to achieve this by accessing a global network of real testers that results in real-world feedback on the game’s or platform’s performance, design, and usability.

For operators, ensuring the quality and performance of these iGaming products is vital to their success. As a result, companies are turning to crowdtesting as a cost-efficient and effective way to QA their software.

Real feedback from the real world users

Extending teams, saving costs

Through crowdtesting, the capabilities of Product Managers, Dev teams, and any other teams can be significantly extended.

By engaging a network of real testers from different countries and regions, companies can utilize a diverse pool of expertise, platforms, and devices to evaluate their iGaming products, helping to uncover any issues before they even reach the end user.

Benefits of crowdsourced QA testing


Considering the time and money involved when relying on internal teams, including the basic staff salary, one experienced Quality Analyst engineer would cost around $80,000 annually. One of the significant advantages of crowdtesting is its cost-efficiency, particularly when compared to the costs of maintaining an in-house QA team or outsourcing to traditional testing companies.


Crowdtesting can be easily scaled up or down as needed, enabling companies to adapt their QA efforts to product and market demand changes. Utilizing crowdtesting with an internal testing team, a QA team, an engineering team, and/or a product team can improve the end product dramatically.

Real-world feedback

By engaging real-world testers, crowdtesting provides crucial insights into user experience and platform performance, which can prove invaluable in refining an iGaming product or platform.

Pick your vertical

Working with a crowdsourced testing service that specializes in the iGaming industry is a good way to ensure that all potential issues are identified and fixed. These measures combine to form a comprehensive strategy for easy communication and faster product development.

Final thoughts

Crowdtesting is a cost-efficient way for iGaming companies to ensure quality assurance. Key functions for iGaming providers include reliable technical support, fast and secure hosting solutions, reliable networks, and high game performance. Localization is important for appealing to customers worldwide. 

Crowdtesting provides real-world feedback from real users, helping to improve the quality and performance of iGaming products. It also offers cost savings compared to in-house QA teams and provides flexibility and valuable insights into user experience. Working with a specialized crowdsourced testing service can further enhance product development. 

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