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Enhance iGaming experiences globally with crowdsourced QA testing

For iGaming operators and providers, serving global markets introduces complexities like local languages, currencies, and regulations. Crowdsourced QA testing is vital to navigate these challenges, offering diverse, worldwide insights.

Traditionally QA Teams are located in few locations and test “happy path” scenarios. These test methods lack the diversity and surface area for quality issues that arise in the real world.

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Cost effective, market specific QA testing

Testa leverages the knowledge and experience of verified QA testers in every territory to deliver iGaming operators and providers the kind of insights that are normally reserved for multinationals with established global infrastructure.

Testa’s crowdsourced QA testing enables you to meet precise legal standards and customize gaming experiences for any market. It offers a cost-effective solution for operators and providers to perfect their iGaming products and compete effectively.

Targeted QA testing with your ideal audience

Tailored iGaming crowdsourced QA testing with actionable results

We generate actionable QA testing results with fully tailored testing packages. With Testa, you can build testing processes from scratch, factoring in your overall objectives, geographic requirements, device specifications, and much more.

Real people with real experience.

A comprehensive range of devices, apps, & browsers.

Geographic & demographic matching.

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Specialists in iGaming

Some crowdtesting platforms are general-purpose testers across many industries — not us. Testa is dedicated and committed to providing iGaming brands with the most in-depth, accurate, and specific QA testing for their industry.

Real people, real devices, any iGaming market

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Test, iterate and grow your iGaming business with TESTA, the QA Crowdtesting Platform built for the iGaming industry. Covering global markets with a community of iGaming-savvy QA testers, we test with real people on real devices from any market. From thorough manual and automated functional testing to insightful competitor analysis and responsive performance monitoring, TESTA’s crowdsourced data and solutions deliver immediate value. Explore our resources for the latest iGaming trends and learn how TESTA can streamline your QA process. TESTA is more than just testing, it’s a competitive edge that provides comprehensive data and solutions for iGaming software developers, operators, and providers. Get in touch with a Service Delivery Manager today and get free crowdsourced QA tests.



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