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The impact of crowdtesting on iGaming operators’ SDLC

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Crowdtesting can optimize the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for iGaming operators by providing real-world testing and valuable insights.

This article explores the five key steps of an iGaming operator’s SDLC and how Testa’s crowdtesting can help at each stage. It covers the benefits of crowdtesting in conceptualization and requirements analysis, platform design and prototyping, game and payment integration, testing and verification, and certification, compliance, and release.

Testa’s comprehensive approach to crowdsourced testing effectively streamlines the SDLC for iGaming operators, ensuring high-quality software development and regulatory compliance.

iGaming operators' SDLC

iGaming operators SDLC
  1. Conceptualization and requirements analysis:
    Identifying and analyzing the project’s needs and specifications.

  2. Platform design and prototyping:
    Developing visual mock-ups and a functional prototype for the gaming platform.

  3. Game and payment integration:
    Integrating the game and payment systems into the platform.

  4. Testing and verification:
    Extensive testing is performed here, identifying any bugs or compatibility issues.

  5. Certification, compliance, and release:
    Making sure the platform adheres to regulatory requirements.

Read on as we unpack how Testa crowdsourced QA testing can make each of these five steps more fruitful for iGaming operators.

Conceptualization and requirements analysis

In the initial phase, you can quickly gain an understanding of your audience through localization testing. This will ensure that your platform is in line with the linguistic preferences and expectations of the target market. It will also ensure that you…

  • evaluate whether the games or betting products on your platform align with the interests of the market.
  • make sure that the terms used make sense and recommend the appropriate game products to the relevant audience.
  • Make use of local testers to gather insights on the competition and enhance your offerings accordingly.

Testa appointed Qrowd testers can help you explore competitors’ platforms, provide feedback on the ease of navigation, and assess the appeal to players. This will help you identify successful market strategies and areas for improvement.

Platform design and prototyping

During this phase, development focuses on creating the initial layout and model of the gaming environment. This includes developing the user interface, navigation flow, and overall user experience.

The prototype is a preliminary version of the platform. It helps gather feedback on functionality before the actual development begins. Testing, particularly exploratory testing, is crucial at this stage.

Crowdtesters use exploratory testing to identify potential issues and improve the user interface. They provide feedback on navigation, design, and user experience.

Game and payment integration

For an iGaming operator, smooth transactions are critical for survival. Payment testing through local crowdtesting provides a distinct advantage here. This type of testing involves stress-testing payment processes to identify issues.

A Testa success story

A US iGaming operator faced high payment failure rates for European players. They couldn’t replicate the issue in-house, so they sought help from Testa crowdtesting. Testers in affected countries helped by making deposits and withdrawals with various payment methods to replicate the failure scenarios.

Within days, they discovered that the operator’s payment processor was not handling certain international transactions properly. The operator fixed the issue with the payment processor, resulting in a significant drop in payment failure rates for European players.

Testing and verification

igaming device testing

This phase is more comprehensive, combining traditional QA testing with exhaustive crowdtesting to ensure your iGaming product meets the highest standards.

One specific use case is the performance assessment, which tests the software’s ability to handle expected workloads.

  • Crowdtesters can interact with the game on various devices like mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers to identify any technical issues, inconsistencies in gameplay, or problems with device compatibility during peak hours or seasonal spikes.
  • By evaluating the game on an iPhone, an Android tablet, and a Windows-based laptop, you can ensure a consistent and smooth user experience across different platforms.

Certification, compliance, and release

When it comes to compliance, the focus in the iGaming sector is multi-faceted, encompassing geolocation, responsible gaming and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Ongoing monitoring can be performed by crowdtesters, who conduct regular checks to test compliance.

For operators, be benefits are mission-critical:

  1. Enhanced reputation and trust:
    Complying with standards boosts an iGaming operator’s reputation for reliability and trust, attracting and retaining users in an industry where player confidence is crucial.

  2. Prevention of legal and financial penalties:
    Compliance with regulations helps avoid legal challenges and financial penalties, ensuring stability and profitability in the regulated iGaming industry.

  3. Player safety and responsibility:
    Prioritizing responsible gaming and player safety fulfills requirements and shows a commitment to ethical practices, fostering loyalty and attracting users seeking a responsible gaming environment.

Testa’s iGaming software testing lifecycle

Testa’s comprehensive approach to crowdsourced testing for iGaming operators effectively streamlines the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Testa crowdtesting process
  1. The process initiates with a discovery session, ensuring a tailored understanding of client needs and introducing the all-encompassing Testa Portal.
  2. Following this, a dedicated Service Delivery Manager collaborates closely with clients to craft the most effective test cases.
  3. The core of Testa’s service lies in their Testa Qrowd—a group of expert iGaming QA crowdtesters and analysts who bring specialized, targeted solutions to the table.
  4. The cycle culminates in the delivery of detailed reports and actionable suggestions, not only enhancing software development but also ensuring strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

This end-to-end service model underscores Testa’s commitment to elevating iGaming experiences through meticulous and adaptive testing strategies.

Read more about how Testa’s software testing lifecycle works here.

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