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Slot game performance benchmark: Q1 2024 analysis across 8 Asian countries

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The Asian iGaming market could surpass 2.5 billion USD by 2025. Therefore, understanding load time benchmarks and their influencing factors is key for competition.

This report compares performance across eight countries, showing respective market trends and success factors for slot game providers.

The goal is to detail how slot games perform in these markets and pinpoint game providers’ competitive advantages.

Test and learn

Local variations in internet infrastructure and device compatibility across each region play a significant role in determining whether slot games load quickly and run smoothly. This in turn directly impacts player engagement and retention.

But you need boots on the ground in the market to know how a slot performs, and that’s what TESTA provided during Q1 2024 while testing slots UX in Asia, including India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

8 Asian markets crowdtested for slot game load times

Read on to find out how top slots providers stacked up in each country—and why.

Test method

Testers independently conducted tests, following these steps:

  1. Visit the online casino
  2. Log in.
  3. Search for top slot game software, using the region filter for their country.
  4. Record game load time.
  5. Send data and video footage to TESTA.

Game load time is the duration from when the slot game page loads to when the game interface is accessible.

Comparative game load time report

We will present our findings for the 8-country slot game load time benchmark, beginning with a comparison by country, then by provider, and finally examining factors influencing performance in the individual country analysis.

Comparison by country

Load times by country are affected by factors such as internet infrastructure, device performance, preferred content formats, and regulatory policies, including data privacy laws and censorship measures.

  • Top performer: South Korea
    • With a 10-game average load time of 13.06 seconds, South Korea, renowned for its fast internet speeds, leveraged its infrastructure to take first place.
Average slot game load times in Asia

  • Top performers with load times under 20 seconds include South Korea (13.06s), Japan (14.50s), Indonesia (16.61s), and Thailand (17.32s). Despite their different levels of technological development, these countries show a demand for fast-loading games.

  • Vietnam needs improvement with a 57.85s average load time. While this suggests less need for optimization, it also presents a potential differentiation opportunity for providers.

Comparison by provider

When comparing load times by game provider, factors unique to each provider will have the most impact.

Factors such as server location and capacity, optimization techniques employed in game development, and the complexity of game assets can all influence load times. Additionally, the efficiency of the game provider’s content delivery network (CDN) and their investment in global infrastructure will play crucial roles in determining load times across different regions.

Average load time in countries tested
  • Providers who made it into the top 10 in all 8 countries:
    • Hacksaw and Spinomenal

  • The only provider taking first place in more than one country:
    • Pragmatic Play managed to take first place in both Japan (7.31s) and Vietnam (23.16s).
  • Provider most in need of optimization:
    • Betsoft
    • While Betsoft made it into the top 10 list in five countries, it ended up being the slowest of the ranked countries in 3 of them. With an average load time of 34.98 seconds.

Even though the average load time of the first place providers across the 8 countries came out to 11.57s, when we look at the average load time for all 10 providers the number comes out to a staggering slow 53.03s. In other words, the inclusion of the last 2 placing providers dragged down the average by almost five times longer.

Key points

Slot game performance varies by country and is influenced by game size and load speed.

Slot games, rich in multimedia elements, often exceed 50 megabytes due to numerous texture, music, and animation assets. Conversely, live dealer games have simpler assets around 15-20 megabytes, focusing on immersion via a live video stream.

The larger size of slot games necessitates longer load times, making it imperative for providers to optimize based on the country’s infrastructure for smooth gameplay.

Additionally, the server location hosting the slot game can impact its performance. Long distances between the server and users can lead to suboptimal load times. Providers can alleviate this by using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) or edge nodes closer to target markets, reducing latency and enhancing game performance.

Country-specific iGaming market analysis

For the following sections, we will provide the link to the respective slot game software benchmark report by country and examine notable performers in the market, listing relevant factors affecting load times and recommended best practices for providers in the market where applicable.


Slot game load time_India

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Blueprint with 11.65 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Betsoft with 51.50 sec

India’s iGaming market has grown rapidly throughout Q2 2024 and is poised to continue the same growth trajectory for the rest of the year. Thanks to factors such as a rise in internet usage, an increase in disposable incomes, and a growing appetite for digital entertainment, slot games have found success as a cornerstone of the Indian iGaming market, although there are still some challenges to overcome.

One of the challenges for providers entering the Indian market is the optimization of slot game load times. Placing 5th place with an average of 22.85 seconds using data from Q2 2023, the variety of devices used by Indian players is likely the leading cause of the inconsistent performance. At a sizable 5-second delay compared to Thailand’s 4th palace average of 17.32 seconds, India clearly has room for improvement when it comes to slot game load time optimization.

India’s internet infrastructure is technically the third fastest among tested Asian countries, but it still faces challenges such as regional disparities in development and access. Providers can address these challenges by setting up regional CDNs and focusing on compatibility with the most popular devices used in each state.

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Slot game load time_Indonesia

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Habanero with 10.6 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Betsoft with 26.13 sec

Indonesia’s iGaming market has undergone remarkable growth despite strict regulations. As a result of its tech-savvy population and increasing disposable income, the popularity of iGaming has exploded and carried the slot game segment along for an impressive upward trajectory. 

At present, load times for slot game software in Indonesia are satisfactory. Placing third place with historical data from Q2 2023, the 16.61 second load time average showcases the country’s progress in adapting to the challenging island-based geography. Optimized content delivery network servers distributed across the disparate islands have effectively addressed the issues of bandwidth bottlenecks that plagued its previously disappointing ranking in the live dealer casino benchmark testing.

Owing to the historical nature of the data, TESTA advises that providers contact us for up-to-date crowdtesting services for the latest insights into local performance metrics. As network conditions differ from island to island, obtaining accurate performance metrics by having testers operating on the ground is perhaps one of the more cost-effective options available.

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Slot game load time_Japan

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Pragmatic Play with 7.31sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Betsoft with 27.96 sec

Japan’s iGaming market, known for its technological prowess and gambling culture, offers substantial opportunities for live dealer software despite strict gambling laws. With the real-life Pachinko industry raking in an impressive U.S. $130 billion per year, online slot game options are predisposed to great success in the country.

For this round of testing, Japan lived up to its reputation of having advanced technological infrastructure. Historical Q2 2023 data shows that the country’s slot games have an impressive load time of only 14.5 seconds, ranking second only behind South Korea, another technologically advanced contender. With fiber optic internet being the dominant form of internet access in Japan present in more than 99% of households, such impressive results are unsurprising.

Taking these factors into, providers should be aware of the need to provide speedy access to their slot game experiences when operating in Japan. Slow-loading slot games may place providers at a decisive disadvantage when their competitors do not exhibit such lethargic performance. Implementing targeted adaptive technologies to optimize player experiences that shorten load time will be crucial for success in the Japanese market.

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Slot game load time_Malaysia

Link to report: Malaysia’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: BGAMING with 16.59 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Hacksaw Gaming with 87.24 sec

Although online gambling is prohibited by both governmental law and religious doctrine (Sharia Law for Muslims), the iGaming industry remains active in Malaysia. Players are largely free to engage in most forms of iGaming since enforcement targets platforms rather than users. During this round of load time benchmark testing, Malaysia’s slot game software placed second-to-last with an average of 35.75 seconds.

Despite the rapid deployment of fiber infrastructure in recent years, there is still a significant gap in internet access and quality between urban and rural areas. Rural areas often rely on slower technologies like ADSL, even if fiber optic may be available, and speeds can be inconsistent and sometimes expensive when compared to other regional competitors such as Japan or South Korea.

For providers who aim to enter the Malaysian market, it is important to optimize their slot game software for generally slow internet speeds that may be unreliable, especially during peak hours. To accommodate fluctuating internet conditions, providers may find greater success by defaulting to lower-resolution assets and giving players the option to switch to higher quality graphics as an option. Additionally, the responsiveness of the slot game interface under challenging internet conditions deserves special attention, such that each pull of the slot machine does not suffer from latency and packet loss issues.

The Philippines

Slot game load time_Philippines

Link to report: Philippines’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Nolimit City with 6.05 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: BGAMING with 48.98 sec

Online gambling is officially authorized in the Philippines and managed by the state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). PAGCOR has reported record-breaking gross gaming revenue of 5.7 billion for 2023 and a further 6.7 billion for 2024, indicating a promising future for the iGaming industry as a whole. As one of the staple game modes of any online iGaming portfolio, slot games are sure to enjoy continued growth in the region.

In this round of testing, Philippines has managed to score 6th place among the 8 countries in comparison. The country had previously ranked as the second slowest live dealer game load time country in Asia and has once again placed suboptimally for its slot game benchmark. Despite the availability of a wide 4G network and the deployment of 5G in selected areas, the country’s reliance on mobile network connection remains a major pain point for its population.

Mobile networks have limited airwave bandwidth, which tends to be especially congested during peak hours of the day and is less reliable than broadband or fiber optic connections. This issue is further compounded by disparities in internet infrastructure development between rural and urban areas, which means providers have to work harder to optimize their games for generally below-average internet speeds.

South Korea

Slot game load time_Korea

Link to report: South Korea’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Thunderkick with 7.48 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Endorphina with 21.42 sec

South Korea is a country with a strong gaming culture that contributes greatly to the growth of iGaming. As both a major consumer and exporter of games, the country has a tech-savvy population that is predisposed to all forms of iGaming, slot games included. Innovative slot game software that mixes in novel game mechanics has proved to be particularly popular with South Korean players.

Being one of the first countries to implement gigabit fiber, South Korea enjoys exceptional internet infrastructure that offers widespread access to fast and reliable internet connections. For typically larger-sized slot game software, such internet conditions are conducive to achieving shorter load times. This is reflected in the data of the tested South Korean slot games: 3 providers managed to achieve a sub-10 second average, 7 providers managed to achieve a sub-20 second average, and only one provider had a longer than 20 second average load time.

Data suggests that providers who want to tap into the South Korean iGaming market should prioritize load time optimization to meet high user expectations. Tailored optimization strategies with active feedback would play an important role for providers looking to excel in the market, and TESTA’s crowdsourced testing option may be one tool that providers should consider for competition in this regional market.


Slot game load time_Thailand

Link to report: Thailand’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: BGAMING with 9.75 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Push Gaming with 32.11 sec

Despite strict gambling laws, Thailand’s iGaming market continues to thrive as potential official legalization looms on the horizon. Entertaining slot game software that blends local Thai cultural elements into the design is among the contributors to the country’s projected 546 million USD iGaming valuation.

Thailand has managed to place fourth in this round of slot game benchmarking ranking, showing a disparity from its previous second-place ranking in the live dealer casinos benchmark report. Unlike live dealer games which require sustained bandwidth to transmit the live stream, slot games have most of their bandwidth demands concentrated in the initial loading phase. Subsequent play after the initial download tends to require minimal bandwidth for acknowledging and verifying game state changes.

As a result, Thailand’s internet infrastructure has proven itself to be capable of handling sustained bandwidth demands, but less so in dealing with burst bandwidth scenarios. For providers, this should draw attention to the possibility of making “play as you download” style optimizations, where only absolutely required assets are processed upfront, and subsequent optional assets can be downloaded as the player has already entered the game.


Slot game load time_Vietnam

Link to report: Vietnam’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

Benchmark summary:

  • Fastest loading game: Pragmatic Play with 23.16 sec
  • Most in need of optimization: Booming Games with 128.9 sec

Vietnam’s iGaming market has all the factors in place to experience significant growth. With a young and tech-savvy population that is constantly growing into higher and higher disposable income, Vietnam seemed primed for iGaming success. However, challenges such as slow internet speeds persist, necessitating meticulous optimization by providers.

In this round of slot game load speed testing, Vietnam was found to have the slowest loading time among all the tested Asian countries, mirroring its last place result in the live dealer casino load time benchmark. With an average load time of 57.85 seconds across the 10 tested providers, it ranks substantially behind even the second to last place Malaysia at 35.75 seconds. In fact, one provider even scored a lethargic 128.9 second load time, demonstrating the country’s lack of speedy internet access compared to its peers.

Providers offering slot games targeting the Vietnam market will need to be aware of these internet conditions and make optimizations accordingly. Lower-resolution assets, play-as-you-download optimization, and local content delivery networks may all be useful tools for providers targeting this region. Any provider that is able to deliver speedy load times and better player experience will find themselves more able to distinguish themselves from the competition.


Summary of key findings

  1. Load time disparity exists across Asian countries:
    • Load times vary significantly across different Asian countries due to factors such as internet infrastructure, device performance, and user preferences.
    • The top 4 countries (South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand) all had an average loading time of less than 20 seconds.
    • 5th place and 6th place (India and the Philippines) still had respectable 20-30 second range load times.
    • 7th and 8th place (Malaysian and Vietnam) show significant lag behind the rest, standing at 35.75 and 57.85 seconds respectively.

  2. Top and bottom performers among providers:
    • Hacksaw and Spinomenal emerge as top performers, consistently ranking within the top 10 across all eight tested countries.
    • Betsoft, while present in the top 10 in five countries, exhibits slower load times in three of them, with an average load time of 34.98 seconds.

  3. Impact of game size and load speed on performance:
    • Slot games, with larger file sizes due to multimedia elements, require longer load times, necessitating targeted optimizations by providers.
    • Factors such as server location and capacity, as well as content delivery network efficiency, significantly influence load times across regions.

Recommendations for providers and operators

  1. Optimize load times for specific markets:
    • Tailor slot game software optimizations according to the internet infrastructure and user preferences of each target market.
    • Conduct thorough research on internet speeds, device performance, and user behavior to implement effective load time optimizations.

  2. Invest in content delivery networks (CDNs):
    • Deploy regional CDNs to improve content delivery and reduce latency, especially in markets with diverse geographical landscapes like Indonesia and Malaysia.
    • Utilize CDNs to ensure consistent and fast load times across different regions within a country.

  3. Implement adaptive technologies:
    • Employ adaptive technologies to optimize player experiences and shorten load times, especially in markets with high user expectations like South Korea and Japan.
    • For slower-loading countries, adaptive technologies can help distinguish providers that put effort toward target-market optimizations.
    • Dynamically adjust game asset resolution and download priorities based on internet conditions to enhance user experience.

  4. Continuous testing and feedback loop:
    • Regularly test slot game performance across different markets and gather feedback from players to identify areas for improvement.
    • Collaborate with third-party testing services like TESTA to conduct comprehensive benchmarking and receive actionable insights for optimization.

  5. Compliance with regulatory requirements:
    • Ensure compliance with local regulatory frameworks and iGaming laws in each market to avoid legal risks and maintain a positive reputation.
    • Stay informed about changes by working with local culture and norm-aware partners like TESTA to understand regulatory policies and adapt slot game offerings and operations accordingly to mitigate compliance risks.
slot game win

The future of slot game software in Asia

As mobile devices continue to dominate the Asian gaming landscape, slot game providers need to gear up and deliver optimized experiences tailored specifically for each regional market. Mobile dominance in particular is a fact that providers have to contend with, where gamers will prioritize easy navigation and lightning-fast loading times, ensuring players can dive into the action seamlessly from anywhere.

Moreover, expect Asian slot themes to evolve, drawing inspiration from local mythology, folklore, and pop culture to create immersive experiences that resonate with regional tastes.

With the popularity of live dealer games on the rise, the convergence of live elements with traditional slots may also be on the horizon, offering interactive features like live-hosted bonus rounds.

Alongside these advancements, developers are embracing innovative technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to push the boundaries of slot gaming, promising mind-blowing experiences for players.

However, as competition and regulations undergo transformations across Asia, developers must adapt their games to comply with evolving standards. Working with a trusted industry partner like TESTA can help ensure a lucrative and vibrant environment for all providers and operators, while players get to enjoy increased fluidity and gameplay accessibility in the iGaming landscape.

If you are interested in getting detailed market insights or customized solutions to benefit your iGaming business:

  • Contact us: Experience first-hand how TESTA’s crowdtesting can benefit your iGaming operations.
  • Find us on LinkedIn: Share the insights you’ve gained from TESTA’s analysis across the industry.
  • Read more articles: Stay informed about the latest trends and benchmarks in iGaming.
Slot game load times in Asia report

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