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iGaming market insights: South Korea’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

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Tired of navigating the uncertainties in your target iGaming market? TESTA market research and benchmark solutions can guide you to the data you need—like insights and performance metrics on your RNG offerings and even those of your competitors.

Compiled by TESTA’s dedicated Qrowd testers, this benchmark report shows South Korea’s top 10 iGaming slots providers in terms of overall load time, download speed, game size, and compression rate.

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Korea iGaming market analysis

South Korea's iGaming market predictions for 2024

While South Korea’s iGaming landscape remains complex due to regulation, the tech-savvy country is poised to grow. Statista forecasts a robust internet penetration rate of 92.52% in 2024.

Aligned with these tech trends, the online gambling market in South Korea is thriving. According to Statista’s predictions for 2024, the market volume is estimated to reach US$1.12 billion, with an average revenue per user (ARPU) of US$94.58. The market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, reaching a total revenue of US$878.7 million.

Who are Korea’s top 10 slot game providers?

TESTA analyzed the South Korean iGaming market, focusing on the top 10 slot game providers.

SouthKorea’s top slot games

TESTA’s South Korean testers recorded data on slot game load time, download speed, game size, and compression rate. The results were then sent to TESTA for comprehensive analysis.

Test flow for Korean iGaming market benchmark report

TESTA follows a detailed testing process to ensure comprehensive evaluations of the gaming experience. Here is an overview:

Case assignment

TESTA generates and allocates specific cases for our dedicated testers in South Korea.

Testing procedure

Testers access the website, log in, and actively interact with the platform. Following this, they navigate through the website to assess and document game size, load time, and load speed.

Data submission

Upon completing the test flow, testers are required to submit comprehensive data, which includes video captures of the testing process, back to TESTA for thorough analysis.

This crowdsourced performance testing ensures that TESTA receives detailed data gathered from real users on a wide range of devices. It allows for precise and real-life evaluations and benchmarking.

Korean iGaming market benchmark parameters: game size, game load time, and game load speed

The importance of these test parameters in iGaming comes down to one crucial factor: player experience. Let’s explore their significance.

Game size

Game size refers to the file size that players need to download before engaging in gameplay, and it is typically preferred to be smaller. The size of a game can vary based on factors such as its type, length, and the graphics utilized. It’s important to distinguish between two key aspects:

  • Resources – uncompressed size of all resources, the size in MB of a website’s content (e.g., 10 MB) including images, videos, and games.

  • Transferred – compressed size of all resources, the files downloaded when opening the website (e.g., equal to or less than 10MB) including game assets like graphics, sound effects, background processes, and software updates for optimal gameplay.

SouthKorea’s iGaming providers average game size

Winner of transferred data: BGaming

When it comes to transferred data, it is generally preferable to have smaller sizes. BGaming stands out as the winner with an average game size of 7.6 MB. This indicates a relatively lightweight gaming experience, where players only need to download a minimal amount of data.

In contrast, Playson has a transferred value of 30 MB, which is roughly four times larger than BGaming. This significant difference could potentially affect player acquisition and engagement, particularly in regions with limited bandwidth.

Winner of compression rate: Pragmatic Play

For compression rates, a higher percentage is generally more favorable. Pragmatic Play leads among the top 10 providers with an impressive 65%, indicating efficient compression for optimal download efficiency and reduced storage space requirements on devices.

Stunning visuals are great, but large file sizes are a pain. By leveraging compression techniques, game developers can deliver visually stunning experiences without hindering accessibility or player enjoyment.

Game load time

When it comes to game load time, less is better. Quick load times are crucial for maintaining player engagement and satisfaction.

SouthKorea’s iGaming providers average load time

Winner of game load time: Thunderkick

Faster load times positively impact player engagement and retention. Thunderkick excels in the game load time test with a remarkable 7.48 seconds, significantly outperforming competitors like Endorphina.

A 5-second full load is the optimal target for loading screens. If achieving a full load within 5 seconds isn’t feasible, 15 seconds serves as a good baseline for maintaining player engagement even with longer loading times.

Game load speed

In terms of download speed, larger is better. A higher MB/sec value generally indicates faster data transfer, translating to quicker game loading.

SouthKorea’s iGaming providers average load speed

Winner of game load speed: Playson

Playson demonstrates an impressive average speed of 3.63 MB/s, which significantly exceeds Endorphina’s 0.54 MB/s. This notable difference indicates that Playson’s games load over 6 times faster on average than Endorphina’s.

Quicker load times are often associated with reduced player frustration and waiting, leading to increased engagement and retention. With their faster loading speeds, Playson’s games may be more successful in attracting and retaining players compared to Endorphina’s slower-loading games.

Korean iGaming market benchmark

During the exhaustive tests conducted on Korean slots, standout performers and areas for improvement emerged, shaping the landscape of iGaming.

Summary of winners

  • Game size (transferred): BGaming leads with lightweight games averaging only 7.6 MB, ensuring quick downloads for players with limited bandwidth.
  • Compression Rate: Pragmatic Play dominates with a 65% compression rate, showcasing efficient asset packing for streamlined downloads.
  • Game Load Time: Thunderkick excels with an average load time of 7.48 seconds, offering an immersive experience without frustrating delays.
  • Game Speed: Playson boasts an average download speed of 3.63 MB/s, guaranteeing a rapid and seamless entry into the gaming experience.

Most in need of optimization

  • Game size (transferred data): Playson faces a challenge with the largest average game size, reaching 30 MB. This may discourage players with weaker internet connections.
  • Compression Rate: Thunderkick achieves a compression rate of 5%, indicating the potential for larger file sizes. There is room for improvement in this aspect.
  • Game Load Time: Endorphina experiences a lag with an average load time of 21.42 seconds. This poses a risk of player frustration and potential negative effects on engagement and retention.
  • Game Speed: Endorphina also falls behind in download speed, averaging only 0.54 MB/s. This leads to frustrating delays and taunts players with the excitement before the game finally begins.


Crowdtesting has emerged as a powerful strategy for acquiring real-world data and establishing benchmarks for the target market. This approach empowers game developers to tailor their creations to the specific needs and preferences of diverse player groups, resulting in a more successful and engaging gaming experience for all.

That’s where TESTA comes in. We provide real players, real data, and real results, serving as your trusted partner in iGaming. With our invaluable knowledge, we can elevate your gameplay.

Enhance your game’s market competitiveness with TESTA as your powerful advantage. Contact us today and discover the TESTA difference. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for more industry updates and insights.

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