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Compliance testing

Regulatory compliance solutions for iGaming success

Regulatory compliance solutions becoming increasingly vital when regulated iGaming markets are experiencing rapid growth. As more jurisdictions each year begin to license sports betting, casino games, and other wagering products, the need for robust compliance frameworks escalates.

Operators in regulated markets must now comply with dozens of different licenses and regulatory bodies. Staying compliant is of the utmost importance, a breach of fine can be massive and result in loss of player trust or even suspension of licenses.

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How regulatory compliance solutions help iGaming operators

Testa’s regulatory compliance solutions employ crowdtesting to meticulously audit key regulatory processes for iGaming operators. Our in-market testers are trained to simulate non-compliant or suspicious behavior, which should be promptly flagged or disallowed, ensuring adherence to the highest compliance standards.

Regulatory compliance solutions use cases

Benefits of compliance testing

Regulators love it too!

Show the necessary agents you take compliance seriously. A full history of past tests and results will always be available within the Testa portal.

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