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Crowdtest your way to success: TESTA’s 4 iGaming solutions for operators

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In this at-a-glance guide, we explore TESTA’s four main solutions for iGaming operators: compliance testing, payments testing, user experience testing, and supplier audits. Read on and get the big picture on how TESTA leverages the power of crowdtesting to empower operators.

A new year of possibilities and challenges

As the iGaming market enters 2024, sources such as and statista estimate that the market will reach the 100 billion USD mark, continuing its growth and development. For players, this means another year of exciting new thrills and possibilities, as they are presented with an abundance of choices.

However, on the business side of the industry, operators will face increased competition. To thrive in this environment, operators will need effective solutions that offer quick time to value. With its extensive experience in the iGaming industry and deep knowledge of crowdtesting, TESTA is uniquely positioned to help operators connect with real people on real devices in any iGaming market.

We understand that providers are responsible for delivering games and apps that attract players. However, operators are the ones who interact with the actual users of the apps and handle various operational challenges such as compliance, payments, user experience, and suppliers. Our team of experienced testers possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the iGaming industry and offers customized testing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of operators.

In this blog, we introduce TESTA’s four pillar solutions for operators and demonstrate how our crowdtesting-based approach can help your business stand out.

iGaming software compliance testing: cementing a solid foundation for growth

Compliance testing

Compliance is the cornerstone of operational success, as it not only safeguards the interests of operators but also ensures the integrity of the entire iGaming ecosystem. TESTA recognizes the critical role compliance plays in the iGaming sector and offers strategic crowd-based compliance solutions designed to empower operators in navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

The iGaming sector operates in a multifaceted regulatory environment, with different jurisdictions imposing diverse sets of rules and standards. TESTA’s compliance testing solutions help operators proactively steer clear of complicated regional regulatory red tape and avoid hefty penalties by having testers thoroughly test key regulatory processes. On the ground testers can use Operators’ apps in real-life settings to see if suspicious and non-compliant behaviors are being correctly flagged or banned, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Efficient, effective, and agile

TESTA draws its testers from a large pool of ready-to-go testing pros from around the world. You can adjust the scale and scope of tests freely up and down at a cost that is competitive with traditional testing companies. Get detailed real-life testing reports faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility.

Proven success

TESTA has a proven track record of delivering on efficient and effective tests in a timely fashion. We have worked with clients from Spain and successfully helped them ensure that transaction activities and bonus activities comply with local regulations. Our human testers are able to identify issues that do not get picked up by automatic monitoring and record the steps needed to reproduce the issues, helping clients fix problems proactively before regulators come knocking on their doors.

First and third-party payment testing: securing transactions for iGaming success

Payment testing

If compliance is the cornerstone of an iGaming platform, then payment testing would be the pillars that support the structure. Payment testing is a complicated and multi-faceted challenge that involves securing transactions and making intuitive processes for deposits and withdrawals.

Secure transactions

While customers always expect their data to be kept safe, the expectations are even higher for anything involving money. TESTA conducts tests with actual user transactions through crowdtesting. With our experienced testers conducting real-life transactions with real-life payments, TESTA is uniquely positioned to ensure that any iGaming payment system we test is thoroughly vetted.

Third-party payment providers

Operators today are expected to contend with an ever-increasing number of payment providers. In between options like Google Play, Paypal, bank transfers, credit cards, and cryptocurrency, operators can quickly find themselves overwhelmed as they try to ensure smooth integrations with all third-party providers. TESTA’s crowdtesting solution is able to help ensure that each payment integration functions as intended.

Ease of payment

iGaming might be thrilling, but waiting around to play isn’t. One of the most frustrating issues players face is the time it takes for funds to be deposited or for prize money to be withdrawn from a platform.

As payment complexity skyrockets due to requirements for transactional security and third-party integration, the payment experience of players can oftentimes become the unintended victim sacrificed for compatibility and security.

TESTA can help you identify potential payment issues faced by players through actual user tests that replicate scenarios that your players will face.

iGaming software UX testing: enhancing onboarding and retention for operators

UX testing

User experience (UX) testing stands as a pivotal factor in the success of iGaming platforms, wielding considerable influence over player satisfaction, engagement, and long-term retention. In the competitive realm of iGaming, where user expectations are high and alternatives are abundant, a seamless and enjoyable user experience is a strategic imperative.

UX testing complexity

While superficially an intuitive task, UX testing requires a deep understanding of common pain points and knowledge of player behavior. TESTA’s extensive experience in this field has allowed us extensive insight into player behavior and how each interaction needs to be tested to yield a smooth player experience.

UX testing the player journey

Everyone knows the importance of good UX when it comes to iGaming software, but delivering good UX is a challenge not anyone can deliver on. The truth is that there is no silver bullet for delivering a good user experience because the player journey of any software is a long list of touch points. But TESTA’s UX crowdtesting solution gives you a good shot at knocking out each actual pain point that real users are experiencing with your software.

Advantages of crowdtesting UX

Crowdtesting with a varied pool of diverse testers gives you visibility on things that real players face. Not only can tests be conducted from a variety of platforms and devices to verify compatibility, but the actual testers themselves can help reveal important yet unintuitive issues that traditional testing often fails to deliver on. Furthermore, TESTA’s crowdtesting model allows a large number of trained veteran testers to quickly churn through tests of any volume and scope at a competitive price.

Supplier audits: quality assurance for iGaming solutions

Supplier audit

Supplier audits play a pivotal role in maintaining high-quality standards in the intricate landscape of the iGaming industry. TESTA, recognizing the dynamic nature of iGaming and sports betting, has focused its approach on crowdtesting, ensuring that supplier audits are always aligned with emerging trends and industry demands.

Importance of supplier audits

Supplier audits safeguard against operational risks and serve as a catalyst for superior player experiences. The crucial role of supplier audits lies in ensuring that providers and suppliers meet the standards set by operators. TESTA’s approach to supplier audits acknowledges the complexity of the iGaming ecosystem and focuses on mitigating risks, fostering excellence, and ultimately contributing to a superior gaming experience.

TESTA's benchmarking and auditing process

TESTA’s supplier audit process follows a meticulous 5-step approach, executed by iGaming-familiar QA testers. From objective alignment to performance and security examinations, the process ensures robust infrastructure and transparent communication between operators and suppliers.

Superior experience and efficiency

Traditional iGaming supplier audits often struggle with quick market changes and are limited in scope. TESTA’s crowdsourced supplier auditing overcomes these issues, providing real-time feedback, utilizing evolving tech trends, and offering independent reviews to identify supplier strengths and weaknesses.


For iGaming operators, all four pillars of TESTA’s crowdtesting solutions play an important role in ensuring growth and profitability.

  • Compliance testing helps operators navigate regulatory red tape
  • Payment testing helps bolster player confidence and willingness to spend
  • UX testing optimizes player experience for retention and engagement
  • Supplier auditing ensures reliable service delivery

TESTA is uniquely equipped to help operators tackle any and all challenges they might face with our team of experienced industry veteran testers. Our solutions are specifically designed to address operating pain points to ensure that your iGaming software stands out from your competitors.

For a new year filled with new possibilities, contact TESTA today and arrange a meeting with our specialists to discuss what TESTA can do for your platform. If you found this blog helpful, remember to share it with your peers. Or, if you are still interested in exploring what TESTA can do, check out other articles from our blog or on our LinkedIN to find out how crowdtesting is changing the iGaming industry.

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