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Guaranteeing seamless iGaming payments

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In the competitive iGaming industry, smooth payments are essential for operator success. Payment issues like declined transactions, slow withdrawals, and limited options can drive users away and hinder platform growth. Payment testing is crucial to address these challenges.

This article discusses payment issues faced by iGaming operators and the concept of payment testing. Discover how to optimize payment systems and earn player trust in different regions.

What payment problems do iGaming operators encounter?

The success of an iGaming platform depends on payment experiences, which affect player retention and trust. Whether in regulated or unregulated markets, iGaming operators face payment challenges. Compliance with regulations is a crucial concern in regulated markets. Operators must navigate complex legal frameworks to ensure their payment systems meet required standards.

Research by PayNearMe has highlighted the paramount importance of a positive payment experience. According to the study, 49% of frequent bettors consider it the crucial element when placing bets online. Conversely, 17% of bettors who encounter payment troubles never return to the platform. A study conducted by Betting Hero revealed that funding challenges and slow withdrawals exceeding 24 hours can lead to player attrition. Additionally, 39% of players consider quick deposits and payouts as one of the most significant factors influencing their choice of an online sportsbook.


Deposits can be frustrating for iGaming operators. 52% of players face declined payments when signing up for a new betting app. Limited deposit options that cater to players’ preferences or local needs make it even more challenging. For example, popular payment methods like Vega Wallet in Japan may not be available in other Asian markets. The duration of the deposit process is also a concern, with 33% of frequent bettors abandoning an app due to lengthy procedures. Additionally, 66% of players are likely to leave a platform if they have to deposit before accessing the gambling app’s features.


Importance of easy withdrawals

Fast and hassle-free withdrawals are crucial for players. Slow withdrawals can lead to negative reviews, while transparency about withdrawal timelines builds trust. Compliance processes and regulatory requirements, such as anti-money laundering due diligence, may cause delays. Insufficient withdrawal options and additional fees imposed by casinos can also contribute to negative experiences. To address these issues and improve user satisfaction, iGaming operators can use payment testing solutions.

What is payment testing?

Payment testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring a seamless and reliable payment experience for users of iGaming platforms. It involves thorough evaluation and verification of the payment processes and systems to identify any issues or potential areas of improvement. By conducting comprehensive payment testing, iGaming operators can proactively address payment-related challenges and enhance the overall user experience.

Payment process optimization

Payment testing involves assessing the functionality, security, and efficiency of payment methods through real-world simulations. It covers transaction processing, deposit and withdrawal procedures, compatibility with various payment options and devices, transaction speed, and success rates. Rigorous testing helps operators identify and fix any bottlenecks, errors, or vulnerabilities.

Payment testing provides valuable insights into the performance of payment systems for iGaming operators. It enables prompt issue identification and resolution, minimizing disruptions and enhancing player trust. Testing across different methods, devices, and scenarios helps optimize payment systems to meet player needs.

Payment testing is crucial for meeting player expectations in smooth and secure financial transactions. Reliable, efficient, and compliant payment processes establish a foundation for player trust and loyalty. The next section will discuss the contributions of manual testers in specific cases.

How manual testers can help

Manual testers play a crucial role in payment testing, particularly in addressing specific cases and ensuring a thorough evaluation of payment processes. Their real-world feedback, expertise, and attention to detail enable iGaming operators to identify and resolve potential issues that automated testing might overlook.

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Manual testers provide valuable insights and expertise in specific cases. For example, they act as a neutral third party to verify the functionality and reliability of payment channels when users experience problems on the platform. They also conduct real-time tests to measure the time it takes for first-time signups and deposits using new payment methods. This data helps operators optimize their payment processes for a seamless onboarding experience.

How TESTA does it

TESTA’s payment testing procedures cover various aspects such as login procedures, transactions, testing multiple payment methods, evaluating performance across devices, assessing transaction speed, and measuring success rates. Manual testers document their findings with screenshots and videos, providing transparency and allowing operators to make data-driven decisions.

TESTA’s analysts not only perform the tests but also provide insightful analysis of the collected data. They identify patterns, trends, and areas of improvement, enabling operators to optimize their payment systems and build trust among players.

In summary, manual testers play a vital role in payment testing, providing valuable feedback to operators. TESTA’s approach leverages manual testing expertise, real-world scenarios, and comprehensive analysis to optimize payment processes and enhance user experiences.


In the highly competitive iGaming industry, seamless payments are crucial. iGaming operators face challenges such as declined transactions, slow withdrawals, and limited payment options. Payment testing is a key solution to address these issues and ensure smooth payment processes.

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