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Guaranteeing seamless iGaming payments

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In the fiercely competitive iGaming industry, the success of an operator hinges on providing a seamless payment experience to players. Payment problems, such as declined transactions, slow withdrawals, and limited payment options, can drive users away and hinder the growth of a platform. To address these challenges, payment testing plays a pivotal role. In this article, we delve into the payment issues faced by iGaming operators, explore the concept of payment testing. Read on to discover how you can optimize your payment systems and gain the trust of players across different regions.

What payment problems do iGaming operators encounter?

When it comes to the success of an iGaming platform, payment experiences hold significant sway over player retention and trust. Whether operating in white markets or gray markets, iGaming operators face distinct challenges related to payments. In regulated markets, ensuring compliance with regulations becomes a crucial concern. Operators must navigate complex legal frameworks to ensure that every aspect of their payment systems aligns with the required standards.

Research by PayNearMe has highlighted the paramount importance of a positive payment experience, with 49% of frequent bettors identifying it as the crucial element when placing bets online. Conversely, 17% of bettors who encounter payment troubles never return to the platform. A study conducted by Betting Hero revealed that funding challenges and slow withdrawals exceeding 24 hours can lead to player attrition. Furthermore, 39% of players consider quick deposits and payouts as one of the most significant factors influencing their choice of an online sportsbook.

The impact of the deposit process

Specific pain points related to deposits are also prevalent among iGaming operators. A staggering 52% of players encounter issues with declined payments when signing up for a new betting application. The lack of deposit options that align with players’ preferences or local needs also poses a challenge. For instance, certain popular payment methods like Vega Wallet in Japan might not be available in other Asian markets. The deposit process’s duration is another critical pain point, as 33% of frequent bettors cite lengthy deposit procedures as a reason for abandoning a betting app. Additionally, 66% of players are likely to abandon a platform if they are required to deposit before gaining access to the gambling app’s features.

The importance of seamless withdrawals

Withdrawals hold significant importance for players. They expect swift and hassle-free withdrawal processes. Slow withdrawals can lead to negative reviews and comments, while transparency regarding withdrawal timelines can help earn players’ trust. Compliance processes and regulatory requirements, such as anti-money laundering due diligence, may cause delays in withdrawals. Insufficient withdrawal options and additional fees imposed by casinos during the withdrawal process can also contribute to negative player experiences. To address these payment problems and enhance user satisfaction, iGaming operators can turn to payment testing solutions.

What is payment testing?

Payment testing is a crucial aspect of ensuring a seamless and reliable payment experience for users of iGaming platforms. It involves thorough evaluation and verification of the payment processes and systems to identify any issues or potential areas of improvement. By conducting comprehensive payment testing, iGaming operators can proactively address payment-related challenges and enhance the overall user experience.

Payment testing involves simulating real-world scenarios to assess the functionality, security, and efficiency of payment methods. It encompasses various aspects, including transaction processing, deposit and withdrawal procedures, compatibility with different payment options, device compatibility, transaction speed, and success rates. By subjecting the payment systems to rigorous testing, operators can identify and rectify any bottlenecks, errors, or vulnerabilities that may exist.

Through payment testing, iGaming operators gain valuable insights into the performance of their payment systems. It allows them to identify and rectify any issues promptly, thereby minimizing disruptions to players and enhancing their trust in the platform. By conducting testing across different payment methods, devices, and scenarios, operators can optimize their payment systems to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their player base.

Payment testing plays a pivotal role in meeting the expectations of players, especially when it comes to smooth and secure financial transactions. By ensuring that payment processes are reliable, efficient, and compliant with regulations, iGaming operators can establish a solid foundation for player trust and loyalty. In the following section, we will explore how manual testers can contribute in specific cases.

How manual testers can help

Manual testers play a crucial role in payment testing, particularly in addressing specific cases and ensuring a thorough evaluation of payment processes. Their real-world feedback, expertise, and attention to detail enable iGaming operators to identify and resolve potential issues that automated testing might overlook.

In specific cases, manual testers bring valuable insights and expertise to the table. For example, when a payment channel is reported to be working by the provider but users experience problems on the platform, manual testers act as a neutral third party, independently verifying the functionality and reliability of the payment channel. This helps identify any discrepancies and facilitates effective communication between the provider, operator, and testers to rectify the issues.

Furthermore, manual testers are instrumental when an iGaming platform wants to measure the time it takes for a first-time signup and deposit using a new payment method. By conducting real-time tests with actual funds, devices, bank accounts, and credit cards, manual testers provide accurate data on the user experience and transaction performance. This information helps operators optimize their payment processes to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new users.

Testa’s payment testing procedures encompass a comprehensive range of test scenarios. Our experienced analysts work closely with iGaming operators to design tailored tests that cover critical aspects of payment processes. These tests include login procedures, deposit and withdrawal transactions, testing multiple payment methods, evaluating performance across various devices, assessing transaction speed, and measuring success rates.

During the testing process, manual testers meticulously document their findings, providing proof in the form of screenshots and videos that showcase the steps and outcomes of each test scenario. This transparent approach allows operators to gain a comprehensive understanding of the payment system’s performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize the user experience.

Testa’s analysts not only perform the tests but also provide insightful analysis of the data collected. They identify patterns, trends, and areas of improvement, enabling iGaming operators to make informed decisions about their payment systems. This collaborative approach, combined with Testa’s expertise and dedication, ensures that operators can guarantee seamless iGaming payments and foster trust among their player base.

In summary, manual testers play a vital role in payment testing, addressing specific cases and providing invaluable feedback to iGaming operators. Testa’s approach to payment testing leverages manual testing expertise, real-world scenarios, and comprehensive analysis to optimize payment processes, enhance user experiences, and establish a solid foundation of trust and reliability.


In the fiercely competitive iGaming industry, the importance of seamless payment experiences cannot be overstated. The challenges faced by iGaming operators regarding payments are significant, ranging from declined transactions and slow withdrawals to limited payment options. To tackle these issues and ensure flawless payment processes, payment testing emerges as a pivotal solution.

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