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The North Carolina Lottery Commission announced that online sports betting went live on March 11, and early registration to 8 top sportsbooks began on March 1.

Those eager to bet on their favorite teams may be wondering which sportsbook is best to get started on—and operators may be wondering how their respective platforms stack up.

So TESTA crowdsourced QA and testing pros in the field in North Carolina began testing each operator’s registration process to find out which is fastest and easiest to use. It turned out that BetMGM is the one, delivering the speediest, least complicated user experience when new customers are signing up.

Registration testing of North Carolina sportsbook operators_BetMGM UX

Test method and results

TESTA created and assigned cases for its North Carolina based testers to measure the registration process in terms of time and complexity (number of fields/number of app switches).

They were asked to download the app and register a new account. All test case data and video captures were sent back to TESTA for analysis.


BetMGM registration was fastest in North Carolina with a time of 3 minutes even. Draft Kings followed closely at 3:19 and Caeser’s Sportsbook required 3:41 to sign up. 

Registration testing of North Carolina sportsbook operators_registration time

Four of the operators were in the 4-minute club including FanDuel (4:01), Fanatics Sportsbook (4:09), Underdog (4:22) and Bet365 (4:31).

While ESPN BET claims “best-in-class user experience” the reality in North Carolina was that it took 13 minutes and 43 seconds to sign up.

Registration testing of North Carolina sportsbook operators_ESPN UX

The app’s registration process required SSN verification, an email code, a text code, photo ID upload and selfie verification. Email verification required app switching.

Other operators’ registration processes are less complicated and take less time. The requirements for all are in the table below:

Registration testing of North Carolina sportsbook operators_registration requirements


Complexity was measured by asking testers to report on the number of required fields they had to fill in and the number of times they had to switch apps to complete the registration process.

It’s better to have fewer fields but it didn’t lead to faster UX for sportsbook operators in North Carolina. ESPN BET—who have only 10 fields like fastest UX winner BetMGM—were by far the slowest for sign up. On the other hand, the Draft Kings registration required 15 fields and their process was second fastest to BetMGM.

Registration testing of North Carolina sportsbook operators_registration complexity

Only ESPN BET required app switching. This breaks up the flow of the UX and costs time as well, which contributed to their long process. 


With a global community of iGaming testers, real devices, and dedicated service delivery managers, TESTA provides in market data for operators, providers and software development.

This research report shows TESTA in action, with QA testers on the ground in North Carolina to report on registration processes as the new market opens up.

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