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Supplier audits

iGaming supplier audits: benchmarking key iGaming providers

iGaming supplier audits are becoming increasingly critical in today’s evolving industry, where the average operator integrates with a multitude of key suppliers, ranging from platforms and content to adtech. This reliance on third-party services is intensifying as players often do not differentiate between the operator’s brand and the actual games they play.

Therefore, the quality and performance of these providers are directly attributed to the operators. The challenge is magnified as some providers excel in certain markets but not in others, adding layers of complexity to supplier management.

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How iGaming supplier audits empower operators

iGaming supplier audits are essential in testing games, sportsbooks, and betting applications from within the market to establish important context.

Do the suppliers function on your site as well as competitors? How do key suppliers function when compared against each other? Would a new supplier be on par with existing content?

Benefits of iGaming supplier audits

iGaming supplier audits boost operator-partner collaboration

Testing key suppliers informs iGaming operators on which games and applications are best to launch and promote. Establishing clear evidence, logs and data avoids the back and forth for technical issues – meaning teams can focus on getting problems solved.

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