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iGaming solutions overview

TESTA’s tailored iGaming solutions for software developers, operators, and providers deliver data from real people on real devices from any market. In a competitive landscape, being in touch with what customers are actually experiencing is a competitive advantage.

TESTA can deliver this. We understand the unique challenges faced by the iGaming industry.

We can help you streamline payments, remain compliant, and deliver speedy iGaming so your players keep coming back for more.

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For iGaming software development

Our iGaming solutions for software development are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your development cycles, providing comprehensive testing environments and actionable insights. Implementing these solutions enables early identification of issues within the development cycle, fostering better collaboration between developers and testers and quickening time to market.

QA testing

Rigorous quality assurance testing addresses issues early in the development process.
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Exploratory testing

Real-world user scenarios to uncover usability issues long before software release.
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Agile testing

Facilitate simultaneous development and testing, streamline your delivery timelines.
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Real device testing

Ensure software compatibility and optimum performance across a multitude of devices.
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For iGaming operators

TESTA’s dedicated solutions for operators focuses on enhancing user experiences while maintaining strict regulatory compliance for onboarding and payments processes. These solutions provide insights into real-world user experiences in onboarding and payments, enabling the implementation of user-friendly and compliant processes, and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Compliance testing

Adhere to regulations, mitigate risks and avoid non-compliance penalties.
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Payments testing

Streamline and secure your payment processes to ensure user trust.
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User experience testing

Optimize processes for user onboarding, engagement and retention.
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Supplier audits

TESTA benchmarks key suppliers against the competition, and each other.

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For iGaming providers

For iGaming providers seeking to expand and optimize their offerings, TESTA provides solutions centered around market integration, research, and performance optimization. Adopting these solutions will facilitate enhanced market adaptation and optimized performance, allowing providers to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of the iGaming community.

Integration testing

Integration testing

Efficient integration tests for diverse operational environments.
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Market research & benchmarking

Market research & benchmarking

Gain insights into market trends and competitor positionings.
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Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing

Get adapted to any internet infrastructure/operational ecosystem.

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Performance testing

Performance testing

Optimize UI responsiveness to deliver high-performance gaming.
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Test, iterate and grow your iGaming business with TESTA, the QA Crowdtesting Platform built for the iGaming industry. Covering global markets with a community of iGaming-savvy QA testers, we test with real people on real devices from any market. From thorough manual and automated functional testing to insightful competitor analysis and responsive performance monitoring, TESTA’s crowdsourced data and solutions deliver immediate value. Explore our resources for the latest iGaming trends and learn how TESTA can streamline your QA process. TESTA is more than just testing, it’s a competitive edge that provides comprehensive data and solutions for iGaming software developers, operators, and providers. Get in touch with a Service Delivery Manager today and get free crowdsourced QA tests.



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