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iGaming market insights: Thailand’s smoothest online casino live dealer games in 2024 Q1

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Thailand’s iGaming scene is a curious mix. Despite strict laws prohibiting most forms of gambling, online play is popular among both the young and the old. The government is even considering official legalization to capture revenue and combat underground operations.

With consistent year-on-year growth, estimates suggest that the industry could reach over $546 million by 2024 as operators and providers alike look to tap into the highly promising market.

TESTA’s crowdsourced testing and benchmarking service helps iGaming companies thrive in emerging markets by providing on-the-ground UX data from a variety of top providers—in this case, load times for live dealer games in Thailand. In this article, we give an overview of the online casino live dealer market in “The Land of Smiles” and reveal the results of UX testing from real people on real devices.

Live dealer games in Asia

The concept of livestreaming ecommerce first began in China in 2016 with social retail giant Taobao. In a way, it paved the way for the live dealer iGaming in Asia—which was an important development for winning over skeptical Asian players. 

Since then Asia’s live dealer landscape has evolved rapidly, and not just limited to classic table games like blackjack and roulette. Online casinos now offer a diverse range of live dealer experiences like poker, baccarat, game shows, and even localized offerings like Sic Bo, also known as tai sai or dai siu—an ancient Chinese game played traditionally with three dice. 

When it comes to game performance in Asia, it’s important to note that infrastructure and integrations between providers and operators can make or break UX, as previously seen in TESTA’s market report on Ontario’s live dealer game performance—and that detailed market research is required.

Background: state of live dealer games in Thailand

Market projection

Thailand’s online gambling scene is booming. This surge in popularity is largely attributed to Thailand’s increasing internet accessibility and the growing thirst for diverse entertainment options among its populace. The growth trajectory is expected to continue in the coming years, driven by factors such as increasing internet penetration, rising disposable incomes, and a growing appetite for online entertainment.

Thailand iGaming market predictions for 2024
  • Forecasts predict that by the end of 2024, the market will hit a revenue milestone of US$546.20m
  • By 2028, the market is projected to reach US$672.50m with an annual growth rate of 5.34% through 2028.
  • For online sports betting, Thailand is eyeing a market volume of US$253.00m in 2024.
  • In terms of user engagement, the average revenue per user (ARPU) is anticipated to hit US$397.90 by 2024, with a projected user base of 1.6 million by 2028.
  • The current user penetration rate stands at 1.9% in 2024, suggesting a steady climb for Thailand’s online gambling market.

To further understand the state of the market in Thailand, TESTA has previously conducted performance benchmarks on Thailand’s top slot games and published the article on our blog. This time, we turn our attention to the top live dealer games in Thailand with the same crowdtesting model. Real people testing with real devices just as a real player would.

Test method and results

Thailand’s top live dealer game providers:

Thailand’s top live dealers

According to the ranking from the online casino website, these games are the top 6 live dealer games in Thailand. TESTA worked with its local Qrowd testers in Thailand and assigned testing assignments for these games. All the data collected are then sent back to TESTA for compilation and analysis.

Test setup

  1. Each tester was asked to conduct test assignments on their own devices.
  2. All tests conducted were video recorded and sent back alongside collected data.
  3. Testers were asked to:
    • Enter the online casino website
    • Login to their account
    • Search for the top live dealer games on the website with the region filter set to Thailand
    • Measure the game load time

    Once each tester completed their assignment, they send the collected data and recorded video footage back to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameter: live dealer game load time

For this round of testing, we are solely interested in finding out how long it takes for a game to load. Since the test platform is a website, the load time calculates how long it takes from clicking on a game on the search page to the point at which the user connects to the live stream successfully.

Thailand’s live dealer average load time

Load time plays a pivotal role for iGaming titles as it impacts both player engagement and retention. Long load times tend to directly correlate with high player churn. To facilitate a smooth experience for players, load times should ideally be as short as possible.

Test data: live dealer game benchmark results in Thailand's online casino

The fastest load time:

    • Pragmatic Play’s Speed Baccarat 1 with 8.90 sec

Most in need of optimization:

    • 7MOJO’s Dragon Tiger with 21.58 sec

Thailand’s internet access is decent among its Asian peers, with good mobile coverage but limited fiber optic reach compared to leaders like Singapore and South Korea. This tends to result in slower fixed broadband speeds, especially in rural areas. But when we look at Thailand’s average live dealer game load speeds, we actually see that Thailand’s average ranks as the second fastest among the tested Asian countries.

Providers looking to compete in Thailand’s live dealer game market should take note of the range of internet speeds that exist within the region and optimize their games accordingly. Games catering to Thailand should be able to utilize the fast internet speeds available in developed urban regions. However, fallback mechanisms that automatically detect bandwidth and switch to lower resolution or lower framerate streams should also be implemented in case the player is accessing from a rural area with slower internet speeds.


In the iGaming sector, market research lays important groundwork for businesses to understand the landscape and find ways to stay ahead. Crowdtesting has established itself as a valuable tool for iGaming market research, especially when it comes to understanding user experiences and benchmarking technical metrics like game load times. TESTA’s crowdtesting model in particular is a cost-effective yet accurate way to gain market insights

This live dealer game load speed benchmark report in Thailand showcases exactly how TESTA works with its Qrowd testers to swiftly gather on-the-ground data. Our extensive collection of free-to-access market research reports further enables iGaming providers to maintain a competitive edge by staying attuned to user preferences and market trends in markets around the world.

For providers pursuing the lucrative opportunities at hand, TESTA is ready to use crowdtesting tools to empower providers with exceptional player experiences.

Live dealer success stories, like Playgon’s crowdtested Vegas Lounge platform, highlight how providers are using in-market testers on real devices to test, iterate and transform the live dealer experience into massive growth.

If you are interested in getting even more detailed market insights or customized solutions to benefit your iGaming business:

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