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TESTA case study: Playgon’s live dealer VegasLounge™ in new markets

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Optimizing the live dealer experience_ Playgon’s crowdtesting breakthrough

Playgon, known for its mobile expertise in the live dealer iGaming industry, had its eyes set on new markets. They were keen to bring their flagship product, VegasLounge™ to a new audience. However, the path to expansion was not without challenges.

TESTA’s solution to Playgon's iGaming problems


Entering a new iGaming market

Playgon’s foray into new markets was met with a few obstacles. The company had limited experience with streaming providers in the new regions and lacked visibility and data on performance in key growth markets. Additionally, they needed to ensure their new video technology, webRTC, was compatible in the regions.


Crowdtesters in multiple markets

Recognizing the need for expert assistance, Playgon turned to TESTA—a leading provider of manual crowdtesting services. TESTA’s expertise in assessing video performance in multiple markets was exactly what Playgon needed to overcome their challenges and achieve their expansion goals.

TESTA’s approach was to recruit crowdtesters in multiple markets to assess the viability of Playgon’s games. TESTA recorded performance metrics like load time, audio and video performance and game speed.

Device and browser compatibility were also reviewed. Finally, the exploratory testing was conducted, sharing overall impressions of the product, from within the market. This approach allowed Playgon to assess the performance of their Vegas Lounge Live Dealer in real-world conditions, providing valuable insights that Playgon could use to improve the product.

TESTA’s crowdtested exploratory testing process

The data gathered by TESTA was instrumental in helping Playgon work with their technology providers on video performance in key markets. It provided a clear picture of how the software was performing and where improvements were needed. This data-driven approach led to significant improvements in Playgon’s product, resulting in a better gaming experience for players.

Additionally, Playgon reported, TESTA’s services validated and provided proof for key integrations and partnerships. This was crucial in building trust with partners and stakeholders, and in ensuring the smooth operation of Playgon’s software across various platforms.


Significant improvements for players

The partnership between Playgon and TESTA was a major success. It led to significant improvements in Playgon’s live dealer games, enhancing the gaming experience for players. The company was able to reduce latency, optimize video quality, and ensure seamless streaming. They also improved video synchronization, enhanced communication, and ensured multi-device compatibility.

Polygon x Testa response time crowdtesting result1

The graph illustrates significant improvements in the average response time of the game following the collaboration between TESTA and Playgon. In the “before” scenario (represented by the red line), the average response time was approximately 19.7 seconds, with frequent fluctuations. However, after optimizing based on crowdtesting data analysis, the “after” scenario (represented by the blue line) shows a remarkable 43% reduction in average response time, reaching 11.2 seconds. The blue line also demonstrates increased stability, resulting in consistently lower response times. This improvement enhances speed, reliability, latency, video quality, and overall gaming experience for end-users.

The collaboration between TESTA and Playgon significantly enhanced the live dealer gaming experience, resulting in a seamless and engaging platform. They continue to work together to validate new markets and test integrations. This success story highlights the importance of testing services in improving the iGaming industry and creating exceptional player experiences. With TESTA, iGaming operators and providers can enhance the user experience and increase player retention.

“Going above and beyond. The TESTA team provided detailed insights on loading, suggestions for product improvement, and thorough diagnostics.”

Guido Ganschow – President and Director of Playgon Games

Playgon’s expansion into new markets exemplifies the power of collaboration and the importance of comprehensive testing. It is a story of overcoming challenges, embracing innovation, and delivering an exceptional gaming experience worldwide.

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