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TESTA case study: Jade Gaming’s cockfighting livestream in the Philippines

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Jade Gaming’s eSabong revolution_ a case study on Testa’s crowdtesting optimizations

PAGCOR, the iGaming regulatory body in the Philippines, implemented measures to boost revenue during the 2020 pandemic. They regulated gambling on live streaming cockfighting, and online version of the traditional Filipino game of Sabong. This allowed Filipinos to bet on “eSabong” from home and increase local iGaming earnings.

Jade Gaming, a key player in the iGaming industry, embarked on a mission to refine their unique product, eSabong, for their audience in the Philippines but they immediately faced several obstacles that needed to be tested and improved.

TESTA’s solution to Jade's iGaming problems


Unreliable internet connectivity

Jade Gaming’s had to contend with the Philippines’ unreliable internet connectivity, which impacted the performance of their iGaming products.

They also faced difficulties in ensuring the quality of their eSabong video streaming, as the live games took place in remote locations and needed to be streamed across the Philippines.

Concerns about the required bandwidth and latency for proper streaming, and security issues with their eSabong games stream being intercepted and illegally reproduced, added to the complexity of the situation.


Evaluating across markets

Understanding the need for specialized assistance, Jade Gaming sought the expertise of TESTA, a leading provider of crowdtesting services specifically for iGaming. TESTA’s proficiency in evaluating video performance across multiple markets was precisely what Jade Gaming needed to overcome their challenges and achieve their enhancement objectives.

TESTA deployed real testers from four cities across the Philippines to play games, record video and audio, and identify bugs. This strategy allowed them to evaluate the performance of Jade Gaming’s software under real-world conditions, providing valuable insights that Jade Gaming could use to refine their product.

Jade Gaming eSabong cockfighting


Superior viewing experience for players

The data collected by TESTA was pivotal in aiding Jade Gaming to enhance video performance. It offered a clear understanding of the software’s performance and the areas that needed improvement. This data-driven approach led to significant enhancements in Jade Gaming’s product, resulting in a superior gaming experience for players.

Furthermore, TESTA’s services helped validate and provide evidence for key integrations and partnerships. This was crucial in fostering trust with partners and stakeholders, and in ensuring the smooth operation of Jade Gaming’s software across various platforms.

The collaboration between Jade Gaming and TESTA was deemed very successful. Some of the outcomes achieved were:

  • Significant improvements in Jade Gaming’s eSabong games
  • Enhanced gaming experience for players
  • Reduced latency in the games
  • Optimized video quality
  • Ensured seamless streaming
  • Improved video synchronization
  • Enhanced communication features
  • Ensured multi-device compatibility

The partnership between Jade Gaming and TESTA improved the eSabong gaming experience for players, delivering a seamless, immersive, and engaging platform. This success story underscores the vital role of testing services in enhancing the iGaming industry and creating exceptional player experiences. With TESTA, iGaming operators and providers alike can create a better user experience, and maintain players for longer.

“We were unsure if the video quality for Jade eSabong was going to be adequate. The TESTA team helped us review performance from all over the Philippine islands – and work with our various partners to optimize streaming. Their input was crucial to taking the product live.”

Joe Pisano – CEO of Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies

Jade Gaming’s journey to enhancing eSabong is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of thorough testing. It’s a story of overcoming challenges, embracing innovation, and delivering an exceptional gaming experience to players across the Philippines.

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