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Slot game performance testing: speed analysis of Indonesia’s top providers

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Slot game performance testing is key as the enormous Indonesian populace continues to demand iGaming solutions. With the country being the fourth-most populated in the world and the third-most populated in Asia, with over 270 million people, its growing importance in the Asian market is evident.

Although Indonesia’s iGaming market share is small relative to Asia’s giants, it boasts the third-highest number of internet users in the region, trailing only China and India.

However, Indonesia presents unique challenges for iGaming providers. The nation’s archipelago of over 18,000 islands, 6,000 of which are inhabited, results in a wide range of internet speeds and social structures. Such diversity makes localized on-the-ground testing crucial for success in a market characterized by less powerful devices, where game speed becomes a pivotal factor for a successful iGaming experience.

Slot game performance testing: Indonesia’s top slot games

Testa decided to test Indonesia’s top 10 slot game providers, as judged by SlotCatalog’s ranking. We asked testers to launch the ten games we chose. We started the timer when the game connected and stopped it when the user could start playing, saving all browser diagnostics for later analysis.

iGaming technical terms explained

  1. Game load time (sec) – less is better; this refers to how much time users must wait to play the game after clicking a button or navigating somewhere on the platform. Ideally, game load time shouldn’t exceed 15 seconds. Waiting longer than that could mean losing players. 
  2. Load speed (MB/s) – more is better; this refers to the rate at which the game loads from the server to the user’s computer. The speed can vary according to the user’s network connectivity, but a slow server also contributes to lower numbers. 
  3. Game size (MB) – smaller is usually betterthis is the size of the game file the user needs to download to their machine. Graphics and video length play a significant role in the game size. Several optimization techniques exist to reduce game size. 
  • Resources – the uncompressed size of all resources; this is the total MB (megabytes) of the website’s images, text, videos, and other elements necessary to provide all the features of the experience. 
  • Transferred – the compressed size of all resources; this is the compressed size of the resources downloaded by your computer and used to deliver the game. It could include files, software updates, sound effects, and other assets necessary for the game-playing experience. 

It’s important to compare all factors to obtain a holistic view of which games perform better. Game load time is the most crucial element to test because a slow-loading game can significantly increase the user bounce rate.

The average load time (less is better) measures how long the user has to wait after clicking a game icon before the game is ready to be played. Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza loaded with an impressive 9.3 seconds. Anything below 10 seconds is considered a healthy loading speed. 

Bestsoft’s Wilds of Fortune took a shocking 57.9 seconds to load. Anything above 10 or 15 seconds is problematic, but 60 seconds of waiting is a recipe for many bouncing users. 

Only 40% of the games we tested loaded in less than 15 seconds, and slot providers that ensure faster loading might gain a significant advantage in Indonesia. 

Not long ago, Google made an interesting test that revealed that users were 32% more likely to bounce when a page loaded in 3 seconds versus 1 second. Online game players tend to be more understanding because they recognize they’re downloading a feature-rich experience. But if Netflix loads quickly, why shouldn’t their game?

We then looked at the game’s load speed (higher is better), meaning how many megabytes (MB) the server transferred to the device per second. Feature-rich games require more resources and larger game files, but a company can optimize its load speed and still deliver the game quickly. 

Achieving excellent load speed requires using an efficient CDN located close enough to the user. Sweet Bonanza once again took the champion’s spot here, loading at 2 MB/sec. 

Gamomat’s Royal Seven Ultra was the slowest to load, transferring only 0.2 MB/second, although Wilds of Fortune and Sizzling Eggs didn’t fare much better, clocking in at 0.24 MB/sec and 0.3 MB/sec, respectively. Only three games transferred at over 1 MB/sec. 

The user’s device, location, and proximity to the server can strongly affect average load speed.

The average game size (smaller is usually better) refers to the file size the user needs to download before playing. The size of the game is important because smaller games tend to run faster on most devices. Optimizing the game size and memory usage can result in players having a seamless gaming experience regardless of the quality of their devices. 

This test provided several insights. Firstly, Aztec Twist has a massive game of 48.6 MB but only transfers 17.4 MB to the user’s device, achieving an excellent compression ratio of 64%. Despite the large file size, Aztec Twist’s superior compression and second-fastest average load speed mean this game is optimized excellently in all three aspects. 

Bestsoft’s Wilds of Fortune is the smallest game of the 10 we tested but it loaded the slowest. This indicates a poorly configured server or CDN setup. The good news is that’s the kind of thing that’s entirely within the game provider’s ability to resolve. 

iGaming market insights wtih Testa slot game performance testing

Once you have the insight from slot game performance testing, resolving the issues becomes simple. But it’s necessary to gain data first. The data must also be accurate and obtained by real users on the ground. 

Variations in device models, internet speeds, and user preferences result in highly different results from game to game, and user to user. 

Game studios can’t be expected to be present in every market they serve, but obtaining insight into these markets and how users experience the game there is crucial for success. 

That’s exactly where Testa’s crowdtesting is invaluable. We provide natural “on the ground” tests of iGaming platforms across multiple devices and locations to give you an accurate view of what users are really experiencing. We invite users with varied backgrounds and skill levels to ensure that the tests represent real-world use cases.

Internal and external stakeholders want proof, and Testa can provide that proof for you through real-world user tests. 

We begin all tests by defining precise test cases and the desired outputs with your dedicated service manager. We post the results on our portal, where only you can access then, and summarize them in reports you can easily understand, including browser diagnostics, videos, pictures, and any other outputs you’ve defined.

Testa’s slot game performance testing was crafted by seasoned iGamers for the iGaming community. Our deep understanding of the industry and the individual gamer drives us to deliver actionable insights. Our goal is to empower your team to effectively address deficiencies, boost user adoption rates, and enhance player retention.

Contact us today to learn more about how Testa can help you crowd-test your iGaming platform and gain deeper insight into how users interact with it in different markets.

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