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iGaming market insights: Thailand’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

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Looking to expand your iGaming presence into new markets? TESTA’s decades of iGaming expertise and data from locally sourced testers delivers unique market research and benchmarking—giving providers a unique competitive advantage.

The data comes from a community of QA experts and testers from all around the world called the TESTA Qrowd. The data and insights in this report are based on their feedback from Thailand’s online casinos. The testing focused on slot load times, download speeds, and game sizes.

Thailand’s iGaming background

Thailand’s online gambling market is currently witnessing a remarkable surge in popularity, fueled by the nation’s increasing internet accessibility and speed—and also an increasing desire for more entertainment choices.

Online gambling market volume

Statista’s projections indicate a substantial market volume of US$546.2 million by 2024, and the market is expected to reach a volume of US$672.50m by 2028.

Estimated gross gambling revenue (GGR) in 2024

Thailand’s online sports betting alone is expected to reach US$253 million. This growth is further highlighted by a projected average revenue per user (ARPU) of US$397.90, indicating an actively engaged and financially supportive consumer base.

Who are Thailand’s top 10 slot game providers?

Here are the leading 10 slot game providers in the Thailand iGaming market:

Thailand’s top slot games

Test method

TESTA employs real users to ensure a diverse range of data from various devices, enabling accurate evaluations and real-life scenario assessments. We created specific test cases and assign them to our testers in Thailand.

These testers accessed the Thai casino websites, logged in, and explored the top 10 different slot games from 10 different providers. After gathering data on game load time, download speed, game size, and compression rate, the results were then submitted to TESTA.

Test parameters: game size, game load time, and game load speed

Game load time (seconds)

Refers to the amount of time it takes for a game to start and become playable after players begin running it. Less is better, with 5 seconds considered a great target and under 15 seconds being the general benchmark for good load times.

Game load speed (MB/seconds)

Measures the overall efficiency of the game’s launch process. Larger being better. While server efficiency and CDNs remain crucial, aiming for higher download/upload speeds can contribute meaningfully to faster load times and ultimately enhance player experience.

Game size (MB)

Game size refers to the file size players download before gameplay, preferably smaller. It varies based on type, length, and graphics.

Transferred represents the data downloaded during game installation or updates*.* This includes game assets like graphics, sound effects, and background processes for optimal gameplay.

The compression rate (%) is closely linked to both resources and transferred data. It reflects how much the game files are “squeezed” to save space. In this context, bigger is usually better as larger compression rates generally result in faster download times and less data consumption.

Test data: slot game performance benchmarks in Thailand online casino

The following outlines Thailand’s slot performance benchmarks, identifying the top performer’s in-game load time, speed, size, and compression rate.


Best game load time

More than half of the listed games surpass the 15-second standard for loading times, with BGaming leading the pack with a game load time of 9.75 seconds.

Thailand’s iGaming providers average load time

Best game load speed

Relax Gaming leads with an average speed of 2.64 MB/s. To put this into perspective, players on Relax Gaming’s platform would be able to download a 1 GB game in approximately 3 minutes.

Thailand’s iGaming providers average load speed

Game size and compression rate

In the category of Transferred, BGaming once again secures the victory with the smallest average game size at 8 MB, a benefit for players with limited internet bandwidth.

When it comes to Compression rate, Pragmatic Play leads among the top 10 providers with a 64% compression rate, indicating their game files are maximally ‘squeezed’ to reduce their size.

Thailand’s iGaming providers average game size

Most in need of optimization

This section focuses on slot providers that need optimization. With the growing interest of Thai players in iGaming, addressing these pain points could yield valuable outcomes.

Game load time

Push Gaming holds the record for the longest loading time among the 10 providers, clocking in at 32.11 seconds. With optimization in load times, there is potential for them to become more accessible to a wider audience.

Game load speed

Taking the example of a 1 GB game once more, players would need over 26 minutes with Hacksaw Gaming’s 0.61 MB/s, potentially presenting a barrier for players with limited internet infrastructure.

Game size

Transferred: NetEnt’s 34.6 MB game size could benefit from a slim-down to accelerate loading times.

Compression rate: Push Gaming’s 16% compression rate suggests potential for further optimization.


Recognizing the uncertainties game providers encounter in new markets, TESTA strives to be your trusted partner by delivering precise findings and references.

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