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Optimize iGaming UX with target market mobile compatibility testing

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In 2023, 75% of online gambling revenue came from mobile platforms. However, maintaining this revenue in new markets requires dedicated focus on UX. Ensuring a good user experience on mobile devices is more complex than on desktops. Designing UI layouts is challenging due to different display sizes, and mobile devices have performance limitations due to power and size constraints. This complexity is even more evident in emerging markets with diverse hardware and software options.

To deal with such a wide array of compatibility challenges, crowdtesting has emerged as a powerful tool that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional testing. For providers, the diversity of tests offered by crowdtesting can be a potent tool to tackle the complexity of mobile optimization. Today, we look at what TESTA’s mobile compatibility testing brings to the table and show how it plays out in three emerging markets.

Challenges of traditional mobile compatibility testing

Challenges of traditional mobile compatibility testing

Traditional compatibility testing methods have limitations that impact their effectiveness and restrict real-world user experiences. Some of these challenges include:

  • In-house testing teams may not accurately replicate real-world usage, leading to a lack of insight into critical issues faced by users.

  • Limited device and environment coverage means that traditional methods fail to represent the extensive range of devices, operating systems, and network conditions encountered by actual users.

  • Reliance on predefined scenarios in scripted testing may result in the omission of unforeseen or nuanced bugs.

  • Traditional testing often overlooks region-specific issues due to a lack of linguistic and cultural expertise.

  • Setting up and maintaining in-house testing teams is expensive and time-consuming, leading to increased costs for clients and extended test cycles.

These limitations highlight the need for a more dynamic approach to compatibility testing. TESTA’s crowdsourced mobile compatibility testing solution provides a robust framework for the iGaming industry, ensuring seamless functionality across diverse devices, regions, and usage scenarios. Learn more about TESTA’s compatibility testing.

The TESTA crowdsourced alternative

mobile compatibility testing

Crowdtesting uses a diverse pool of testers from different regions and utilizes various devices to ensure extensive device coverage and real-world testing scenarios. TESTA’s highly localized testing solution can substantially shorten your development cycle while ensuring that apps are rolling out with comparable or even superior mobile compatibility.

Early detection and resolution of region-specific issues

Unlike prolonged traditional testing, crowdtesting is an agile solution that identifies problems through the sheer number of our contracted crowd testers. Using our strength in numbers, we can quickly identify compatibility issues in timeframes that only crowdtesting solutions can offer.

Culturally relevant feedback for localization and improved playability

Since we work with target market testers, they will be able to act as an invaluable check on app localization to make sure that what is written in the app actually reflects what you want those words to mean.

Enhanced player trust and satisfaction through a seamless experience

Apps that are thoroughly crowdtested tend to be less issue-prone and more seamless in player experience. This only makes sense, as the apps have already been thoroughly playtested by countless crowdtesters who are players just like them.

After working with an extensive number of clients, TESTA has identified that crowdtesting offers 7 major strengths to providers over traditional testing. But actions speak louder than words, so let’s examine how crowdtesting actually helps providers with market problems when push came to shove.

Crowdtesting reality: 3 TESTA success stories

3 TESTA success stories

As a crowdtesting solutions provider specifically catering to iGaming industry needs, TESTA has helped clients across the globe find success by leveraging the power of crowdtesting. Here, we present 3 client case files that demonstrate how crowdtesting can resolve common pain points in mobile compatibility.

Hardware compatibility (India)

  • Problem:
    A popular online poker app was experiencing frequent crashes and glitches on low-end Android devices in India. This significantly impacted player engagement, particularly in rural areas where these devices are prevalent.

  • Crowdtesting result:
    Indian testers were called in to help. By testing the app with a wide variety of phone models and under different network speeds, the issue was traced back to memory limitations on low-end devices.

  • Solution:
    The app developers optimized the game’s graphics and memory usage specifically for older Android devices, significantly reducing crashes and improving performance. This led to a surge in downloads after Indian players found the issues resolved and shared the news on internet communities

Software compatibility (Brazil)

  • Problem:
    A major sports betting app launched globally encountered issues with specific regional browser plugins for online transactions in Brazil. Players reported payment failures and frustration with the checkout process.

  • Crowdtesting result:
    Brazilian testers using different browsers and plugins identified incompatibility issues with a popular local payment gateway plugin.

  • Solution:
    The app developers worked with the Brazilian payment gateway and plugin provider to resolve the compatibility issues. They also integrated alternative payment methods popular in Brazil. This resulted in smoother transactions and increased player satisfaction in the Brazilian market.

Network optimization (South Africa)

  • Problem:
    An iGaming casino app advertised fast streaming of live dealer games, but players on cellular networks in rural areas of South Africa experienced constant buffering and lag.

  • Crowdtesting result:
    South African testers using different cellular providers and network speeds found that lag and buffering issues were primarily happening in rural areas that still used 3G networks.

  • Solution:
    The app developers implemented adaptive streaming technology that adjusted video quality based on network bandwidth. They also partnered with South African mobile network providers to optimize game server connections. This resulted in a significant improvement in streaming quality and player satisfaction, especially on slower cellular networks.

Smooth mobile compatibility testing with TESTA

In an industry where 75% of revenue is generated on mobile devices, optimizing apps for mobile compatibility is crucial. TESTA’s crowdsourced mobile compatibility testing addresses challenges posed by traditional testing methods, such as limited device coverage and in-house teams. By utilizing diverse testers and real-world scenarios, TESTA ensures early detection of region-specific issues, culturally relevant feedback, and enhanced player satisfaction.

Whether the issues are hardware, software, or network-based, TESTA’s crowdtesting model is a reliable, efficient, and indispensable tool for iGaming providers navigating the complexities of the mobile landscape. Elevate your iGaming experience with TESTA, where user satisfaction and revenue growth converge.

If you are interested in applying the power of crowdtesting to your business:

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