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iGaming market insights: Malaysia’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

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This report analyzes Malaysia’s iGaming market, specifically focusing on the best online slot games in Malaysia. TESTA’s crowdtesting model is used, with local testers evaluating game load time, size, and speed. We identify the best and worst performers in Malaysia and showcase TESTA’s contribution in providing real-world data and benchmarks for the Malaysian iGaming industry.

Malaysia, with a population of over 34 million, is a promising iGaming market in Southeast Asia. The primary iGaming demographic consists of tech-savvy young male players, aged 25 to 35, with disposable income. The popularity of iGaming is also growing among women and older demographics. With improving internet penetration and smartphone prevalence, the demand for gaming content in Malaysia is expected to rise.

For iGaming providers in the region, having access to accurate first-hand data on the state of the market is a big advantage. TESTA provides on-the-ground market research and benchmarking to our clients. Our experienced local testers understand the iGaming market and can provide accurate benchmarks through crowdtesting.

Following our previous market benchmark reports on Japan, India, Indonesia, and Ohio, today we explore the world of iGaming in Malaysia.


Malaysia iGaming market analysis

Despite the prohibition of iGaming companies under the country’s Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998, the Malaysian iGaming market is one of the largest and fastest-growing in the region. The Malay government is considering legalizing operations to better regulate the market. The market shows no signs of slowing down.

Key takeaways:

  • Projected market volume to surpass 1 billion in 2024 with over 30% year-on-year growth.
  • High smartphone penetration drives mobile gambling accessibility and adoption.
  • Rising disposable income contributes to increased spending on online gambling.
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) expected to reach USD 230 in 2024.
  • Estimated GGR of USD 360 million in 2024, a 35.5% increase from 2023.
  • Lucrative opportunity for industry players due to rapid growth and promising revenue.

Overall, the Malaysian iGaming market presents a lucrative opportunity for industry players. Its rapid growth, high ARPU, and promising GGR projections make it a market worth watching.

Top 10 best online slot games in Malaysia

TESTA’s Qrowd testers conducted tests on the top 10 slot games in Malaysia using data from SlotCatalog. They compiled the ranking below based on the collected first-hand real-world data.

Malaysia’s top slot games

TESTA’s crowdtesting-based benchmarks rely on testers in Malaysia who use their own computers to evaluate the client’s games.

The standardized test flow starts with entering the online gambling website, logging in, searching for the designated games, and measuring the desired metrics. The resulting data, which includes video capture of each individual test, are then sent back to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameters

In this test, we focus on the following metrics: game size, load time, and load speed. These metrics significantly impact player experience, as explained below.

Load time (seconds):

  • Measures how long it takes for the game to load in the foreground while the player waits.
  • The most important metric for player experience, noticeable by any user.

Load speed (MB/sec):

  • Represents how quickly the game reads assets from storage and loads them into active memory.
  • Helps identify bottlenecks that may slow down the app.
  • Fast load speeds with long load times may indicate areas for optimization or bugs.

Game size (MB):

  • The total size of the app.
  • Transferred (MB): The amount of data transferred from the server to the player, usually slightly larger due to network protocol communication traffic.
  • Compression rate (%): The percentage of data reduction achieved by compression.
  • Smaller file sizes mean less data transfer and usually faster performance, but optimization also affects actual load time.

Using these metrics, TESTA’s crowdtest benchmarking compared the real-world performance of the top live dealer game providers from Malaysia.

Test results: performance benchmarks of the best online slot games in Malaysia

This section outlines Malaysia slots performance benchmarks, pinpointing the top performers in game load time, speed, size, and compression rate.

Best game load time:

Winner: BGAMING’s swift 16.59 seconds positions itself as the leader in providing players with an engaging gaming experience.

Malaysia’s iGaming providers average load time

Best game load speed

Winner: Onlyplay leads the race with 1.22 MB/s in average load speed and is the only provider in the test to break the 1 MB/s load speed threshold.

Malaysia’s iGaming providers average load speed

Game size and compression rate

Transferred: Endorphina takes the lead at only 13.5 MB in data transferred needed to start the game.

Compression rate: Pragmatic Play comes in at 62% compression rate, saving an impressive 25.2 MB of data in bandwidth on average.

Malaysia’s iGaming providers average game size

Most in need of optimization in Malaysia

Game load time

Slowest: Hacksaw Gaming plays the turtle of the pack here with 87.24 seconds in average loading time.

Game load speed

Slowest: Hacksaw Gaming is also the slowest in load speed at only 0.23 MB/s loaded, demonstrating a strong correlation between load speed and load time.

Game size

Transferred: Play’n Go and their 27.3 MB game size indicates a possible need for optimization in asset size or quantity.

Compression rate: Onlyplay has opted to not implement compression (or implemented a pure storage algorithm that provides no file size compression), and thus needs to transfer 100% of the game’s total file size with no bandwidth savings.


With a young and digitally connected population that enjoys gambling, there is significant growth potential in the Malaysian online gambling sector. As living standards rise and disposable income increases, ARPU is also expected to rise in the coming years.

TESTA aims to be the trusted partner for operators and game providers entering new markets. We provide real-world data and benchmarks through our trained local testers, offering insights to optimize game size, load time, and speed.

In a fast-paced market, TESTA’s accurate and actionable data can be crucial to your success. If you want to apply the power of crowdtesting to your business, get in touch with us.

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