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Better iGaming partner management with TESTA crowdsourced integration testing

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The global iGaming industry is going through major changes as new markets open up. Brazil passed a gambling regulations bill in December 2023, and New York is discussing regulating slots and live casino activities. The future looks promising for iGaming providers.

With new markets constantly emerging, providers are rushing to establish a presence before their competitors. To do so, providers must carefully prepare for integration to avoid issues later on, whether they are technical or linguistic.

TESTA can help providers overcome obstacles by ensuring that their integration solutions meet operator needs through crowdsourced partner integration testing.

Today, we explore how crowdtesting with TESTA can help fast-track your arrival to a new market.

Crowdtest your iGaming partner’s integration obstacles

Integration is challenging. Even when working closely with the operator to ensure everything is delivered, there may still be problems when going live. Delays and mistakes can be very costly, particularly in the iGaming industry.

For providers, TESTA offers a cost-effective solution to eliminate iGaming partner’s integration headaches. TESTA works with testers from the target market who use their own devices to test your software as actual users. They identify bugs and issues, including those related to localization and real-world user experiences, that traditional testing methods may overlook.

The TESTA model: a 5-step crowdsourced integration testing model

TESTA’s crowdsourced integration testing model

TESTA is a crowdtesting service provider catered specifically to the iGaming market. For better iGaming partner management, our tried and true 5 step model smooths integrations.

  1. Requirement analysis:
    We understand your integration requirements, including identifying all the components, systems, and APIs involved.

  2. Test strategy development:
    Our experienced Testa Qrowd SDM (service delivery manager) will create a customized testing strategy tailored to your specific integration needs. The strategy will focus on critical scenarios and potential pain points.

  3. Crowdtesting engagement:
    We utilize crowdtesting with our diverse and skilled Testa Qrowd testers from the target market, using various devices. This allows us to uncover issues that may not be apparent in a controlled lab environment.

  4. Test execution:
    Testa Qrowd testers will test your integrated systems, discovering compatibility, performance, and security issues. Any findings will be video recorded and documented for reference.

    We start by understanding your integration requirements, including identifying all the components, systems, and APIs involved.

  5. Continuous monitoring:
    Integration testing is an ongoing process. We continuously monitor and test your systems, ensuring that they remain robust and reliable.

iGaming video recording

Using video recordings to build trust for iGaming partner integration

Video recordings are an important part of the TESTA SOP. They enhance transparency, communication, and problem-solving by providing irrefutable evidence of issues encountered during testing. This eliminates finger-pointing and streamlines the process.

Benefits of test recordings

  • Recorded tests clearly highlight encountered issues.
  • Videos provide a visual representation of problems that words can’t fully describe.
  • Test recordings help overcome language and cultural barriers, saving time and effort for effective bug fixing.

The power of crowdtesting in iGaming partner integration

before after igaming integration testing

Let’s delve into a real-life example of how crowdsourced integration testing saved the day for an iGaming provider.

A well-known iGaming game developer partnered with a major online casino operator in Europe.

Integration issues:
The provider was working to launch their latest slot game collection on the operator’s platform. Shortly after the integration went live, players in Germany started reporting issues:

  1. Games were crashing randomly.
  2. Payouts were either delayed or were of incorrect amounts.
  3. Bonus features were not activating as intended.

The provider turned to TESTA for crowdsourced integration testing. TESTA recruited a group of local German testers who were able to replicate the reported issues in their own environments. The testers captured video recordings and provided detailed reports on how the problems could be replicated.

  1. Games were crashing randomly.
    • Memory issues: Certain games were detected to use too much memory on older or budget devices.
    • Software conflict: Some games were detected to have compatibility issues with other apps running concurrently on the player devices.
    • Faulty programming: A few games were also found to have faulty programming that caused hangs when specific arbitrary conditions were met.


  2. Payouts were either delayed or were of incorrect amounts.
    • Calculation errors: Payout formulas were incorrectly configured for the German currency, causing payout issues.
    • Database issues: Server-side database misconfigurations were found as payouts were being incorrectly shown only on some UI windows.
    • Payment integration: integration issues between the game and the payment gateway used by the operator sometimes caused delayed or incorrect payouts.
  3. Bonus features were not activating as intended.
    • Trigger errors: Incorrectly programmed conditions for activating bonus features were preventing them from working as intended.
    • Network interruption: Unstable internet connections and faulty net-code were causing bonuses to expire without activating.
    • Server-side issues: Some bonus features were incorrectly configured on the server.

The video recordings and accompanying reports helped the providers quickly identify and fix the root causes.

  • The most urgent issues were resolved within the week, preventing further player frustration and potential revenue loss.
  • The provider’s working reputation with the operator was positively changed as they proactively solved the issues before the operator had to step in.
  • The German player base also reported a positive response due to the prompt bug fixes, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.
  • The client provider eventually adopted crowdsourced integration testing as a standard practice for future launches in other markets as well.

Conclusion: better iGaming partner integration with TESTA

A successful working relationship in the iGaming industry relies heavily on mutual trust. Providers must ensure smooth integration on their operator partner’s platform, which should be done swiftly and efficiently. Finger-pointing can damage trust.

TESTA’s crowdtesting model is effective in identifying costly issues and errors that traditional testing may miss. Additionally, video recordings of tests can assist in addressing integration issues more quickly and cost-effectively compared to traditional models.

TESTA’s commitment to helping providers overcome obstacles is crucial for success in a market where failure is costly. If you are interested in leveraging the power of crowdtesting for your business:

  • Contact us: Experience first-hand how TESTA’s crowdtesting can benefit your iGaming operations.
  • Find us on LinkedIn: Share the insights you’ve gained from TESTA’s analysis across the industry.
  • Read more articles: Stay informed about the latest trends and benchmarks in iGaming.

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