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iGaming market insights: Vietnam’s 10 fastest slot games in 2024 Q1

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With a population nearing 100 million, Vietnam is emerging as a key player in the Asian iGaming industry. Despite not being the largest market in the region, Vietnam has a growing online presence with tech-savvy young players. However, slow load times and download speeds pose both challenges and opportunities for operators. Special attention must be given to performance metrics such as load time, download speed, game size, and compression rate.

As Vietnam’s iGaming industry expands, meeting the expectations of Vietnamese players becomes more challenging. TESTA can help address the unique demands of Vietnam’s digital landscape. TESTA specializes in localized market research and benchmarking, providing insights for crafting successful iGaming experiences with optimal performance.

This report analyzes Vietnam’s iGaming market, specifically slot games. We discuss TESTA’s crowdtesting model that uses local testers to evaluate game load time, size, and speed. Based on these metrics, we identify top performers and underperformers in Vietnam and highlight how TESTA provides real-world data and benchmarks for the local iGaming industry.

Vietnamese online casinos and iGaming market analysis

While online gambling in Vietnam is still in a gray area, the iGaming market shows great potential. Here are the key points you need to know:

Online gambling market volume

  • Official figures are not available due to the current gray zone operation.
  • It is projected to reach around US$456.50 million in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 8.68% between 2024 and 2027.
  • This growth is driven by a young population that is tech-savvy and interested in mobile gaming.

Estimated Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR) in 2024

  • According to Union Gaming Securities Asia Ltd., GGR could be between US$800 million and US$1.2 billion based on information from publicly traded companies and operators.

Key takeaways

  • Vietnam’s iGaming market has immense potential for growth, thanks to its vibrant video game scene and tech-savvy young population.
  • While GGR estimates are uncertain, the market’s promising trajectory offers exciting opportunities for operators and game providers.
  • Understanding the evolving regulations and consumer preferences will be crucial for success in this dynamic market.

Top 10 slot game providers in Vietnamese online casinos

TESTA surveyed the top 10 slot games in Vietnam using data from SlotCatalog. They compiled the ranking below based on collected first-hand real-world data.

Vietnam’s top slot games

Test method

TESTA utilizes a crowdtesting-based approach by partnering with local testers in Vietnam who assess the client’s games using their own desktops. Our standardized testing process involves accessing the online gambling website, logging in, searching for the specified games, and measuring and documenting the relevant metrics. The collected data, including video captures, is then submitted to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameters

In this test, we focus on the following metrics: game size, load time, and load speed. These metrics significantly impact player experience, as explained below.

  • Load time (seconds):
    • Measures how long it takes for the game to load in the foreground while the player waits.
    • The most important metric for player experience, noticeable by any user.
  • Load speed (MB/sec):
    • Represents how quickly the game reads assets from storage and loads them into active memory.
    • Helps identify bottlenecks that may slow down the app.
    • Fast load speeds with long load times, like Lucky Scarabs from Booming Games, may indicate areas for optimization or bugs.
  • Game size (MB):
    • The total size of the app.
    • Transferred (MB): The amount of data transferred from the server to the player, usually slightly larger due to network protocol communication traffic.
    • Compression rate (%): The percentage of data reduction achieved by compression.
    • Smaller file sizes mean less data transfer and usually faster performance, but optimization also affects actual load time.

Using these metrics, TESTA’s crowdtest benchmarking compared the real-world performance of the top live dealer game providers from Vietnam.

Test data: slots performance benchmarks in Vietnamese online casinos

This section outlines Vietnam slots performance benchmarks, pinpointing the top performers in game load time, speed, size, and compression rate. As noted above Vietnamese performance metrics are relatively slow compared to other countries in the region.

Best game load time

Pragmatic Play’s 23.16 seconds sounds slow but it’s actually the leading game load time.

Vietnam’s iGaming providers average load time

Best game load speed

Spinomenal’s 0.79 MB/s is extremely slow compared to other Asian countries but leads the way in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s iGaming providers average load speed

Game size and compression rate

Transferred: Hacksaw’s compact 8.5 MB stands out as a benchmark for smaller, efficient file sizes.

Compression rate: Pragmatic Play’s impressive 62% compression rate showcases optimal data efficiency.

Vietnam’s iGaming providers average game size

Slot providers in need of optimization in Vietnamese online casinos

This section highlights slot providers that require optimization, spotlighting those with the longest game load times, slowest load speeds, and largest file sizes, pinpointing the areas where improvement is necessary.

Game load time

  • Slowest: Booming Games with a prolonged 128.90 seconds demands attention for enhancing load times.

Game load speed

  • Slowest: Hacksaw and NetEnt’s 0.18 MB/s indicates a need for improved data transfer rates.

Game size

  • Transferred: Booming Games’ 54.8 MB indicates a need for optimization in file size for faster loading.
  • Compress Rate: Booming Games’ 9% suggests room for improvement in compression efficiency.


TESTA’s analysis of Vietnam’s iGaming market identifies its growth potential. With a tech-savvy population and slow-loading games, online gambling in Vietnam has ample room for improvement. Our crowdtesting approach, using local testers and real devices, offers valuable insights for any market, considering specific challenges and opportunities in each country.

As operators and game providers navigate regulations, TESTA aims to be their trusted partner, offering real-world data and benchmarks. Our analysis offers insights for optimizing game size, load time, and speed, ensuring a tailored gaming experience for Vietnamese players.

In a time-sensitive market, TESTA’s commitment to accurate and actionable data is crucial. As Vietnam’s iGaming industry evolves, TESTA is ready to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions.

In our previous reports, TESTA examined the iGaming markets of Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea and Ohio.

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