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Live dealer black jack provider performance in Ontario

Test background

This TESTA crowdsourced iGaming research was focused on Ontario, Canada, where the regulated market thrives with 47 operators competing in the registered space.

The objective was to determine which provider offers the best user experience for live dealer blackjack. To achieve this, we conducted a three-way comparison of Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech.

Each provider’s blackjack offering was tested locally on six popular Ontario live dealer sites: Royal Panda, PartyCasino, Betano, BetWay, LeoVegas, and PokerStars.

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Test method

The provider performance indicators for this report are crowdsourced game load times and audio/video lag during gameplay on six different operators.

Game load time

This metric is pivotal for player retention, as slow loading of the game itself can lead to frustration and cause players to abandon the game or the site altogether.

Crowdsourced testers recorded load times in Ontario using a wide range of devices and operating systems. TESTA then averaged the data for comparative reporting.

Audio/video lag

Testers were asked to analyze A/V lag by answering yes or no to three questions:

  1. Is there any display lag during gameplay?
  2. Is there any audio lag during gameplay?
  3. Do the live dealer visuals sync with the audio?

A/V lag disrupts live blackjack’s immersive experience, leading to diminished trust in game fairness. Delays can hinder timely decision-making, directly impacting player satisfaction.

Crowdsourced data collection and review

TESTA Qrowd community members in Ontario screen recorded their live dealer blackjack sessions and sent the recordings and results to TESTA for review.

Executive summary

The variability in game load times observed across different operators underscores the impact of platform-specific integrations and the necessity for providers to adapt to diverse technical requirements.

This analysis serves as a benchmark for providers and operators alike, emphasizing the importance of optimizing integrations so they balance swift load times with overall game quality and stability.

Live dealer blackjack gameload times in Ontario 2024 January

Evolution emerges with a notably superior performance, reinforcing its reputation for reliability. It’s fastest at LeoVegas with a game load time of just 4.8 seconds. On average, across all operators, Evolution games load at 8.89 seconds.

Meanwhile, Playtech load times take second spot with most operators, loading on average at 10.26 seconds. This suggests effective optimization strategies on the whole.

Pragmatic Play’s relatively higher load times (11.54 seconds on average) indicate potential for improvement.

Additionally, while the analysis of A/V lag data shows that most operators’ live dealer blackjack experiences are seamless, things broke down for Evolution and Pragmatic Play on the PokerStars platform.

Betano’s app is the fastest for combined times of all providers. It offers roughly equal game load times for live dealer blackjack among the three providers—a sign of a healthy system with well-integrated providers.

Test data

The following test data results are presented in order of fastest combined game download time (all three providers’ times added together) to slowest.

The app download time for each operator is also included for reference and summarized in a table at the end of this section.


Betway blackjack providers’ combined game load time: 21.31

Betway mobile app load time: 7.31

In terms of game load times, Playtech led the way with an impressive time of 6.68 seconds, followed by Evolution at 7.02 seconds and Pragmatic Play at 7.43 seconds.

According to the crowdsourced testers in Ontario, Evolution, Playtech and Pragmatic Play managed to provide a seamless gaming experience with no display or audio lag, and their live dealer visuals and audio were perfectly in sync.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda blackjack providers’ combined game load time: 27.72

Royal Panda platform load time: 5.64 seconds

From there the game load times were fastest from Evolution at 6.95 seconds, followed but Playtech at 8.77 seconds and Pragmatic Play at 12.0 seconds.

Crowdsourced testers in Ontario also indicates that none of the providers experienced display or audio lag, and the audio/video (AV) was in sync during gameplay for all providers on the Royal Panda platform.


LeoVegas blackjack providers’ combined game load time: 28.2

LeoVegas mobile app load time: 4.23 seconds

In the game load time competition, Evolution showcased exceptional performance with a swift load time of 4.8 seconds. Pragmatic Play followed with a load time of 11.4 seconds, and Playtech closely trailed at 12 seconds.

Game load times comparison for LeoVegas 2023 January

The data indicates that all three providers prioritized the user experience, ensuring no display or audio lag and maintaining perfect synchronization of live dealer visuals and audio during gameplay.


PokerStars blackjack providers’ combined game load time 31.66

PokerStars platform load time: 9.85 seconds

In the analysis of game load times, Playtech emerged as the frontrunner with a swift load time of 8.89 seconds. Evolution followed with a load time of 10.7 seconds, while Pragmatic Play took a little longer at 12.7 seconds.

Game load times comparison for PokerStars 2023 January

The crowdsourced testing data indicates that Evolution and Pragmatic Play have display lag on Poker Stars, and Evolution also has audio lag. Additionally, the PokerStars app’s user experience is affected by audio and video being out of sync with Evolution.


Betano blackjack providers’ combined game load time: 31.84

Betano platform load time: 1.32 seconds

The competition was close in terms of game load times, with Evolution taking a narrow lead at 9.86 seconds, closely followed by Playtech at 10.98 seconds, and Pragmatic Play right behind at 11 seconds.

The testing indicated that all three providers managed to deliver a synchronized audio/video experience during gameplay, with no significant display or audio lag, reflecting a commitment to quality and smooth user experience across the board.

Party Casino

Party Casino blackjack providers’ combined game load time: 39.4

Party Casino mobile app load time: 5.9 seconds

In the game performance evaluation, Evolution led with the fastest game load time of 9.76 seconds. Playtech followed with a load time of 14.25 seconds, while Pragmatic Play trailed closely at 15.39 seconds.

Crowdsourced testing in Ontario revealed that Evolution and Pragmatic Play had no display or audio lag issues, with their live dealer visuals and audio perfectly in sync during gameplay. Playtech, on the other hand, experienced some display lag, although there were no audio lag issues and the audio/video remained in sync.

This assessment indicates a strong performance from Evolution, with Pragmatic Play also offering a reliable experience. Playtech’s slight display lag suggests there may be opportunities for optimization to enhance their offering further.

Test data summary

Game load times for the three providers on all six operators are as follows:

Operators app load times

Finally, the operator mobile app load times were compared because like game load time, they also contribute significantly to the user experience. If the platform doesn’t load well, and then the game doesn’t load well either, UX is bad.

Operator mobile app download times 2024 January

Such is the case for Pragmatic Play’s blackjack offerings on the slower mobile apps like PokerStars.


Evolution is the fastest live dealer blackjack provider in Ontario, with an average load time of 8.18 seconds across all operators.

Evolution at LeoVegas, best in Ontario

Evolution live dealer Blackjack is fastest at LeoVegas, loading in just 4.8 seconds with no A/V lag. This suggests an optimal integration or a highly efficient game version.

Integration matters for better or worse

Operator variations in game load times highlight the influence of factors such as infrastructure and integration, with the Betway and Royal Panda platforms showing better speed and overall optimization.

Ultimately, an approach that can be tested in different environments and iterated upon is essential for optimizing provider offerings, as the integrations with operators vary.

The integration itself should prioritize fast load times, stable performance, high-quality graphics, and synchronized audio/video to compete for the best live dealer experience.


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