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Crowdsourced QA & software localization testing for global iGaming expansion

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The appeal of new markets is enticing for iGaming companies looking to expand their reach—and TESTA’s crowdsourced QA and software localization services can help.

In this article, we’ll discuss key principles of effective localization, helping you turn challenges into growth opportunities.

Global iGaming expansion

New markets provide fertile ground for expansion and new user bases, as mature markets near saturation. Furthermore, some emerging markets have favorable regulations for iGaming, including lower taxes and simplified licensing, resulting in improved customer retention and growth.

The importance of software localization in iGaming expansion

At TESTA, software localization is the process of adapting software to meet the specific needs of a target market. It goes beyond simple translation and is a strategic investment for iGaming companies looking to expand internationally.

Effective localization ensures a familiar user experience by delivering content in the native language and taking into account cultural sensitivities. It also addresses technical compatibility and legal compliance, protecting companies from disruptions and legal issues.

The challenges of global expansion

The challenges of iGaming global expansion

Expanding into new markets requires careful planning, execution, and a deep understanding of the local landscape. Challenges include multilingual communication, adapting to local expectations, navigating regulations, and ensuring seamless software operation.

However, one aspect that is often overlooked is poor localization, which has the potential to turn promising market prospects into challenging terrains filled with pitfalls. Neglecting localization can manifest in various ways:

1. High cost of market research

New entrants often need to invest more money in researching emerging markets due to limited data availability compared to mature markets, as they lack existing knowledge and connections.

2. Failure to optimize the game for local networks and devices

Not optimizing games for local networks and devices can result in technical glitches, such as lag, crashes, and device incompatibility, which can frustrate players. Excluding popular local devices can limit the player base and growth potential.

3. Negative user experiences and brand damage

Subpar localization efforts, including grammatical errors, unnatural phrasing, and inaccurate translations, contribute to negative user experiences. Additionally, cultural misalignments in humor, imagery, or references may offend players.

These repercussions go beyond immediate player experiences and can cause broader brand damage. Dissatisfied players sharing negative experiences online can have lasting effects on brand reputation, deterring prospective players and eroding long-term trust.

4. Legal compliance issues

In terms of legal compliance, the stakes are high. Failure to adhere to specific regulations in different markets can lead to severe consequences such as hefty fines, license revocation, and legal actions. These repercussions can significantly impact financial standing, operational continuity, and overall brand reputation.

How TESTA crowdsourced QA & software testing work

Localization testing goes beyond translated text. It ensures cultural appropriateness and technical compatibility.

For example, an online betting platform’s controversial ad, reported by the Malaysian media “The“, encourages Muslims to gamble during Ramadan, violating Islamic principles and sparking social media backlash.

Maximizing localization efficiency with crowdsourced QA

By combining crowdsourced QA with localization expertise, you can ensure a robust testing process for iGaming expansion.

Crowdsourced QA allows for rapid feedback from diverse testers, accelerating time-to-market. It uncovers bugs and glitches specific to regions or devices, while also identifying cultural faux pas or confusing elements.

Discover other QA and localization solutions

TESTA’s solutions for QA and localization

If you are facing localization issues, explore TESTA’s tailored solutions to ease your concerns.

  • Facing low conversion rates? Choose user experience testingThis solution improves player acquisition and retention by testing crucial processes like registration, login, deposit, and bonuses. It utilizes methods such as usability testing, A/B testing, and surveys to gather player feedback.

  • Lacking insights to compete and attract players? Opt for market research and benchmarkingThis solution offers insights into competition, player preferences, and market trends. Customized research informs strategic decisions, and benchmarking reports compare performance across operators and markets.

  • Bothered by bugs and glitches across devices? Consider compatibility testingThis solution ensures flawless software performance across devices, operating systems, and browsers. It addresses region-specific issues and provides automated and manual testing solutions.

  • Need guidance? Explore TESTA’s crowdsourced solutions as a starting point. With localization expertise and integrated QA proficiency, TESTA ensures seamless iGaming content across markets. Our industry understanding guarantees culturally relevant messaging and technically sound experiences for global expansion.

Benefits of QA and software localization

By strategically approaching QA and software localization, you can achieve success and establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth and industry leadership.

According to a 2021 report by Research and Markets, the global iGaming market is projected to reach $168.2 billion by 2026. Localized offerings in this market capture a larger market share, as localized games generate 1.5x to 2x higher average revenue per user (ARPU) due to increased engagement and cultural relevance.

Case study: social casino game localization success

A leading developer of social casino games sought to expand its flagship poker game beyond English-speaking audiences. The game underwent translation into 17 languages to cater to diverse mobile gaming regions.

The poker game went beyond basic translation, making genuine efforts to align with the cultural preferences of its target audiences. For the Japanese market, the developers collaborated with voice actors to deliver lines with natural pronunciation and culturally appropriate emotions.

The successful localization drove a 350% increase in monthly active users and a 400% revenue growth. The poker game topped mobile poker games in key markets like Spain, France, and Germany. While not the sole factor, localization played a critical role in unlocking the game’s global potential

The long-term impact of effective localization can lead to stronger brand loyalty, an expanded user base, and the attraction of valuable partnerships. This contributes to long-term potential by establishing a robust footprint in high-value regions.

Checklist for iGaming Localization

iGaming localization checklist

A checklist for successful iGaming localization:

  1. Accurate translation: Ensure precise and natural translations of all text, including instructions, menus, and dialogue.
  2. Cultural adaptation: Tailor references and visuals to resonate with the local audience without causing offense.
  3. Formatting & layout: Adjust text direction, date formats, and currency symbols to comply with regional standards for user-friendly navigation.
  4. Functional verification: Test gameplay mechanics, features, and functionalities across languages to eliminate glitches.
  5. Local customer support: Provide customer support in the local language with agents who are familiar with the game and regional regulations.
  6. Local payment integration: Integrate secure and convenient payment options, including local currencies and preferred methods, to avoid legal issues.
  7. Hardware & infrastructure optimization: Optimize servers and content delivery network (CDN) locations to minimize latency and provide a smooth gameplay experience.
  8. Game size optimization: Reduce download size and in-game resource usage to accommodate different internet speeds and data limitations.
  9. Device & network compatibility: Ensure compatibility with common devices and network conditions in the target region.
  10. Community localization: Collaborate with local gaming communities and influencers to gather feedback, understand cultural nuances, and promote the game authentically.


Entering new markets involves understanding unfamiliar cultural landscapes, regulations, and technical specifications. Poor localization can lead to significant financial losses and negative player experiences, ultimately damaging brand reputation.

By seamlessly merging localization expertise with integrated QA, TESTA empowers iGaming companies to navigate diverse markets with precision. This simplifies global expansion, fostering positive player experiences, driving engagement and revenue growth, and ultimately laying the foundation for sustained success in the global iGaming market.

Don’t let the complexities of global expansion hinder your vision. Partner with TESTA and embark on a seamless, culturally relevant journey to success.  Contact us today for a personalized consultation and start a seamless, culturally relevant market expansion. Stay informed with industry insights by following us on LinkedIn.

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