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TESTA does 7 crowdsourced data reports in 1 month in key markets

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This January, the testing and marketing teams were hyper focused on getting great data for the iGaming industry—and doing it quickly.

In one month TESTA completed 7 crowdsourced quality assurance and testing research projects.

Fueled by data from the TESTA Qrowd, our community of iGaming-savvy testers, the reports are tailored to iGaming operators and providers who seek real world data in emerging markets.

In North America, our research in Ohio covered the customer journey through onboarding and payment processes for 5 top sports betting apps.

In Ontario, we tested A/V lag and game load times on 3 top live dealer blackjack providers, showing that integrations vary quite a bit between the 6 different operators in the test.

In Asia—covering South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines—our focus was on optimizing app and game load time performance for top slots providers, a crucial metric for measuring user experience.

These projects show TESTA’s growing ability to meet the developing needs of the iGaming industry by providing practical, real-world testing in any market.


With decades in the iGaming industry, TESTA provides crowdsourced QA and testing solutions that are tailored especially for user-centric operators and providers. Our focus on real-device, real-user testing scenarios empower developers to deliver iGaming experiences that are in touch with exactly what players want.

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