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TESTA, an iGaming QA and testing company, has hired Jenny Ramstedt as the Head of Sales.

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Jenny Reamstedt TESTA Head of Sales

TESTA, a company specializing in crowdsourced quality assurance and testing for the iGaming and sports betting industries, has hired Jenny Ramstedt as Head of Sales.

With a strong background in both software development and iGaming operations, Ramstedt is uniquely qualified to represent TESTA as it expands globally.

TESTA CEO, Kyle Wiltshire, said, “Jenny is an exceptional professional who has over a decade of impressive results with operators and providers in iGaming.”

“She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and will play a pivotal role on the TESTA team, driving the growth we are projecting for this year.”

Before joining TESTA, Ramstedt held key roles at Betsson, NetEnt and most recently at Wiraya Solutions where she specialized in growing iGaming account revenue.

Ramstedt’s years in software product management included strategy development for new market entries—making her a natural fit for TESTA’s business case.

Ramstedt said, “I’m eager to join Kyle and support TESTA’s mission. The team’s product delivers QA and testing in emerging markets, filling a crucial need for operators and providers worldwide.”

“Having been on the front lines of iGaming, I’ve seen how essential scalable QA and testing services are. TESTA’s crowdsourced model not only meets these needs but does so with an innovative approach that sets it apart in the market.”

Jenny Ramstedt is based in Malta and can be reached at [email protected].

Mobile/WA: +356-79808014

Skype: jenny_ramstedt

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