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iGaming supplier auditing for operators: 3 TESTA case studies

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Supplier auditing in the iGaming industry is more than just a checkbox for operators. It’s an essential task to ensure the quality of the supplier’s integration and ultimately the end users’ experience.

In the iGaming industry, different suppliers excel in various areas. Some focus on new game mechanics, while others have a strong track record in developing high-quality live dealer experiences. This allows operators to leverage each supplier’s expertise, but it also introduces complexity due to multiple collaborations.

This article outlines why operator-supplier relationships are complicated, the efficiency of crowdsourced testing solutions, and then exemplifies how TESTA helps operators with 3 quick case studies summaries.

Why crowdtesting is more efficient for supplier auditing

iGaming supplier audits can be complicated

Performing supplier audits in the iGaming industry can be an intricate process, given the unique challenges. For starters…

Challenges of iGaming supplier audits
  • Complex supplier networks: iGaming operators face challenges in assessing the performance of numerous suppliers, which requires significant time and effort.
  • Diverse supplier landscape: Evaluating a wide range of suppliers requires specialized expertise to avoid overlooking vulnerabilities.
  • Dynamic industry: Real-time monitoring and continuous feedback are necessary to keep up with the evolving industry, trends like crash games, and personalized gaming experiences.
  • Holistic approach required: Traditional audits often miss important aspects of supplier performance, such as player engagement and user experience.

Crowdtesting adds the human touch

Traditional audits can be time-consuming and may overlook the subjective player experience, diminishing proactive risk mitigation.

In contrast, crowdtesting supplier audits provide a continuous feedback loop and offer a human touch that uncovers issues automated systems might miss. This innovative approach goes beyond standard audit parameters, providing operators with real-time user feedback and insights.

Real data delivers better audits

Crowd-sourced data enables operators to assess suppliers based real time speed, quality, and usability. This aids delivers certainty for decision-making while choosing partnerships and negotiating contracts.

Three iGaming supplier audit success stories

TESTA’s crowdtesting puts a team of iGaming experts with QA experience right where you need them: on the ground, testing your app. Let’s get into three instances where TESTA’s unique approach to supplier audits paid off.

The silent game

  • Problem: An iGaming provider used automated monitoring but failed to detect a game-breaking bug where players could hear the audio but only saw a black screen.
  • Solution: TESTA’s crowdtesting uncovered the issue, identifying the missing images and pinpointing the problematic code. The bug was promptly addressed in real-time.
  • Result: Considering an average revenue per user (ARPU) of $1, TESTA’s crowdtesting saved the day by safeguarding $45,625 in monthly revenue that could have been jeopardized due to reputation damage.

Server misdirection

  • Problem: The supplier lacked sufficient optimization for users in different regions and misconfigured the hosting. As a result, players in Country A experienced laggy gameplay as they were directed to the server designated for Country B.
  • Solution: Crowdtesting identified the geographic server confusion, allowing for swift rerouting and optimization.
  • Result: By streamlining server connections, TESTA’s crowdtesting prevented unnecessary server expenses in Japan. Assuming a monthly revenue of $1 million, this avoided a potential $5,000 monthly drain on server costs due to unnecessary capacity.

Beyond URL monitoring

  • Problem: Automated testing is effective in verifying the basic functionality of a URL but fails to capture the real-time user experience. Players may encounter frustrating user experiences such as misplaced buttons and unresponsive live chat, despite receiving an “all systems go” signal.
  • Solution: Automated tests cannot detect issues caused by unstable third-party ISPs. Crowdtesting focuses on the user experience, uncovering these intricacies.
  • Result: If players cannot access live chat, they are less likely to deposit funds or engage. With a presumed monthly revenue of $1 million, a 2% decline in conversion rate due to UX issues could result in a $20,000 monthly revenue loss. TESTA’s crowdtesting intervention successfully identified these UX issues, preventing potential financial setbacks.

A closer look at TESTA's platform for iGaming supplier auditing

TESTAs iGaming supplier audit framework

Objective setting and tester selection

Define your specific audit goals and priorities, whether it’s assessing game performance, user experience, or regulatory compliance. TESTA’s platform helps you match your needs with the most qualified testers from their global network, ensuring you get relevant insights from experienced professionals.

Scenario testing and usability analysis

Craft realistic test scenarios that mimic actual player behavior across diverse devices and platforms. Observe how players interact with the supplier’s products, identifying usability issues and potential friction points.

Performance of suppliers

Measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like game loading times, responsiveness, and stability under peak loads. Compare supplier performance against benchmarks and industry standards to ensure they meet your expectations.

Feedback aggregation and prioritization

Receive comprehensive feedback reports with prioritized issues based on severity and impact. Focus your resources on addressing the most critical issues for maximum impact on player experience and revenue.

Supplier communication

Foster transparent communication with suppliers using TESTA’s platform as a centralized channel. Share actionable feedback with data-backed evidence, facilitating efficient follow-up and timely issue resolution.

TESTA’s platform liberates you from one-size-fits-all audits, allowing you to unlock the hidden potential of your iGaming suppliers.

By tailoring tests to your specific needs and harnessing the power of a global crowd of seasoned gamers, you gain crucial insights into performance, usability, and player behavior. This deep dive translates into boosting efficiency, maximizing player satisfaction, and safeguarding your bottom line.

TESTA: your reliable supplier auditing testing partner

At TESTA, we don’t settle for generic audits; instead, we confront the intricacies of iGaming head-on. Our approach ensures a comprehensive assessment, considering everything from responsible gambling practices to real-time user feedback. We implement continuous feedback loops to keep your audits relevant and aligned with evolving player preferences.

Don’t settle for one-off audits—partner with TESTA, your reliable supplier auditing testing partner. Contact us to explore how our solutions can transform your audits into a strategic asset, unlocking the full potential of your iGaming platform.

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