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TESTA CEO Kyle Wiltshire on BettingStartups Podcast

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TESTA on BettingStartup podcast

In episode 96 of the BettingStartups podcast, TESTA’s CEO Kyle Wiltshire joined host Jesse Learmouth for a detailed discussion that shed light on the current landscape of iGaming. The conversation also provided insights into the future of QA and testing in the industry.

The discussion covered various important topics, including the rise of crowdsourced data, the significance of localized feedback, and Vancouver’s increasing role as a hub for iGaming innovation.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities and future direction of iGaming quality assurance and testing.

Emergence of crowdsourced quality testing in iGaming

TESTA CEO Kyle Wiltshire shared a bit of his own back story and how it plays into TESTA’s evolution from a consulting firm specializing in technical optimization to a focused iGaming quality testing service.

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The importance of localized testing and feedback

TESTA CEO Kyle Wiltshire was on the Betting Startups podcast with Jesse Learmouth and they got into why localized testing in iGaming matters a lot for both end-user experiences and better operator-provider relationships.

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Vancouver as an emerging hub for iGaming

TESTA’s CEO, Kyle Wiltshire, joined Jesse Learmouth on the Betting Startups podcast to discuss iGaming talent in Vancouver, the city’s growing status as an iGaming hub, and the impressive list of attendees at the recent Segev LLP meetup.

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