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Tester scarcity: reconsidering iGaming’s UX testing problem via TESTA

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The first part of the iGaming user experience (UX) testing deep dive compared crowdtesting against traditional testing and looked into how TESTA’s crowd-based solutions can better provide feedback throughout the typical player’s journey for iGaming platforms.

Part two will show how TESTA’s crowdsourced UX testing are tailored to the iGaming market, and how the Testa platform can streamline iGaming testing with proven success.

Hard to find feedback for iGaming user experience

The iGaming market has quickly evolved, and operators are finding out that obtaining authentic user experiences can be a challenging task. Users are busy enjoying themselves and are reluctant to spend time giving meaningful feedback.

The scarcity of willing players sharing their experiences is a problem. Particularly in industries like iGaming where good UX experience can make or break a platform.

This article will explore the cause of tester scarcity as well as how Testa’s platform poses an innovative solution to it.

Causes of user feedback scarcity

Before getting into solutions, it’s crucial to understand the challenges. Here, we list the dominant factors contributing to the scarcity and describe how they create a unique set of obstacles for operators:

Causes of user feedback scarcity in iGaming
  1. Data privacy concerns:
    Players worry about their data privacy, hindering sharing of experiences, especially in an industry dealing with sensitive information.
  2. Social stigma associated with gambling:
    The social stigma linked to gambling limits open discussion of experiences, reducing valuable feedback.
  3. Potential legal implications:
    In regions with strict gambling regulations or where gambling is prohibited, users may fear legal consequences, limiting participation in testing.
  4. Lack of incentives or motivation:
    Without proper incentives or motivation, users may not invest time and effort in sharing experiences. Players seek escapism, not a second job.
  5. Cultural norms:
    Cultural norms impact willingness to engage in iGaming testing, further reducing participant numbers.

TESTA’s solution: specialized testers for iGaming

Against the backdrop of these challenges, TESTA emerged as a standout in the landscape of iGaming user experience testing. Positioned as a crowdsourced UX testing platform specifically designed for the iGaming industry, TESTA addresses the scarcity issue by providing a network of expert iGaming testers.

  • iGaming-experienced testers:
    Tap into TESTA’s existing network to save time and effort in finding testers familiar with iGaming.

  • Save time on education and training:
    TESTA’s testers have the expertise, eliminating the need for extensive education and training and streamlining the testing process.

  • Pay for what you need:
    TESTA’s cost-effective approach allows companies to only pay for the testing services they require, providing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Scalability:
    Scale testing efforts based on specific needs, offering a dynamic and adaptable solution.

TESTA pools expert testers who are knowledgeable in iGaming to provide insightful and relevant feedback. This network is invaluable for companies seeking genuine user experiences.

How TESTA optimizes iGaming user experience

TESTA’s platform is designed to meet the unique challenges of iGaming user experience testing. It provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the specific needs of stakeholders in the iGaming industry and offers an accessible and effective approach to testing and improving user experiences.

Streamlined recruitment

TESTA simplifies the task of finding skilled iGaming testers. Our extensive network includes experienced testers, ensuring quick access to the right individuals for your projects. Say goodbye to the challenges of finding qualified testers in this specialized field.

Tester recruitment applicants

SDMs who understand iGaming

Our Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) have a deep understanding of the of the iGaming sector. Working closely with you, they create test plans that address your challenges.

Service delivery manager task management

Developer-friendly testing platform

For developers, our platform offers an intuitive interface. It allows you to outline test scenarios, monitor real-time results, and access comprehensive testing data efficiently. This streamlined approach ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling you to collect critical user experience data effortlessly and enhance your iGaming platforms.

TESTA success stories: improving iGaming user experience

TESTA’s abilities are demonstrated through success stories of leading iGaming operators. These case studies show how Testa’s crowdsourced user experience testing has improved player satisfaction and retention.

Engineer tester iGaming

US tester identifies regulatory problems with PayPal deposits

A tester from the US found a problem with using PayPal for deposits. Even though they live in a state where sports betting is allowed, they faced issues because of unclear regulations. This shows that users may encounter difficulties and it’s important to understand complex regulations for smooth payment experiences.

Asian tester uncovers translation issues in a casino app

An example involves a TESTA tester in Asia who discovered translation issues in a Testa client’s online casino platform. The tester found confusing and poorly translated content, resulting in decreased user interest and trust. This example highlights the importance of accurate and culturally sensitive translations in maintaining user engagement. It also showcases how TESTA’s global network of testers overcomes language barriers to improve the user experience.

Slow registration process hampers player journey

Testa’s analysis of the registration processes revealed significant efficiency differences. Compared to a competitor, our client’s site took 25% longer to complete the registration process. This highlights a crucial area for improvement. As a result, our client was able to enhance their platforms, providing users with a smoother and more efficient registration experience.

Crowdtesting as the future of iGaming user experience testing

TESTA’s commitment to excellence in iGaming user experience testing is proven by the success stories of industry leaders who have embraced our innovative approach. Our tailored-made solution for the iGaming industry showcases the possibilities of crowdtesting in a way that traditional testing cannot compare.

By addressing the scarcity of participants through a cost-effective and efficient crowdsourced approach, TESTA not only replaces existing solutions but also improves the quality of insights obtained. As the iGaming industry evolves, embracing innovative testing methods is crucial for sustained success.

Take the next step for your platform today

This concludes our two-part series on crowd-based UX testing. Contact us today or connect with us on LinkedIn. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more, check out the first part or explore our other blog posts to discover TESTA’s solutions for the iGaming market.

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