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Are you sure you’re translating your iGaming platform right?

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Importance of localization testing in iGaming platforms

When you’re an iGaming provider, you probably have a presence in other regions and countries which means there are modifications in terms of language and culture-fit, depending on what place. Games would vary from online casinos, sports betting, and slot machines, which means different translations in different countries. In some cases, visuals may also change, like some icons may not be appropriate for this culture, and some buttons may need to be clarified if it has the same meaning.

In this day and age, a lot of resources are reachable to do translations and localization testing. While there’s always a general translation that works for a generic platform, when you’re in the field of iGaming, it’s more than just language translation. It’s not just a simple change of words but also a customization based on the actual market’s insights. An iGaming platform launched in the Philippines can’t have the exact rendition of the same game in China.

Language is an integral part of the whole iGaming experience, as players must understand the rules and prompts of the different games. It creates a sense of community among players, making them feel part of the whole experience. For operators, choosing the right and accurate language is critical so players can connect, relate to the game, make it as interactive as possible, and access all the services available within the platform. From chat rooms, call-to-action buttons, and game instructions to customer support services, effective language use is essential for providing a positive gaming experience that will keep players retention.

Apart from language and words, culture plays a vital role in iGaming platforms; it helps create a unique and localized experience for players from all corners of the globe. Operators must consider each region’s specific language, customizations, and preferences when developing their respective platforms, as these aspects drive customer engagement and loyalty. By incorporating cultural elements into their platforms and services, operators can create a more personal, memorable gaming experience that resonates with customers. This approach allows operators to appeal to players around the globe, helping them gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing iGaming industry.

Translations doesn’t always resonate with the culture

To cite one example, did you know that the word “Bat” has different meanings in Chinese and Western cultures? In Chinese culture, “Bat” symbolizes good luck and long life. It is often seen as a sign of prosperity and fertility and is believed to bring luck and fortune to those who display it. The Bat is also seen as a strong protector, warding off evil forces from those who hang it in their homes or wear it on their person.

Meanwhile, the Western culture sees it as an evil and dangerous creature. It is seen as a sinister creature, often associated with darkness and evil. It is commonly used in movies, books, and art to represent fear and can be found in stories that involve vampires or other supernatural creatures. If operators are unfamiliar with these kinds of symbolisms, it can easily create a fuss in the market, greatly affecting the business’s image.

This is just one of the many language and cultural aspects that must be monitored when creating a platform. It might sound as simple as you think, but in today’s world, where many things mean differently across all regions and countries, accurate user testing and accurate localization are highly recommended, or a significant risk awaits the platform.

Is your iGaming platform localized enough?

Crowdsourced localization testing provides local and real testers that are real platform users in real life, which is a significant factor in localizing a game for the global audience. In manual crowdtesting, testers from different countries and regions use their innate knowledge of language, culture, and slang to ensure the accuracy of localized content. This process guarantees that the game’s descriptions, dialogue, characterizations, and audio tones match the culture which it is being localized for.

Poor localization can severely affect iGaming companies as players may not take them seriously. Case studies illustrate just how important it is to get localizations right:

  • On Bet365’s sports betting page, “In Play” was incorrectly translated as “Rolling Balls” (pictures date:2023 April)
  • Bet365 translated “Fantasy” as “范特西,” which sounds like “fantasy” but doesn’t actually have meaning in Chinese. Most likely, the older Chinese generation won’t even know 范特西, while the younger generation might have an idea, but it’s still not a direct translation. A better term would be 夢幻 which translates to Dreamy or Unreal in English.
  • Rarestone Gaming’s slot game mistranslated the Spanish “Pistolero” (Gunman)into “手槍”, which means the gun, an object instead of the character. (pictures date:2023 April)
  • Playtech’s Sicbo Deluxe game mistranslated “No More Bets.” into “沒有更多賭注”(You Have No More Wager) (pictures date:2023 March)

These are just some errors that were costly in terms of brand reputation. However, while mistakes happen, preventing these is still better. iGaming companies must work closely with experienced translators, linguistics experts, and real-life and local testers to ensure accurate translations. Other forms of localization, apart from language and culture, may also cover many activities, such as:

Crowdsourced localization testing as the solution

Crowdtesting allows operators to test all these through experienced testers from different countries worldwide. They can provide valuable feedback on how well-localized products perform across different cultures, devices, payment methods, and networks. This allows operators to quickly identify areas where their localization needs improvement to create an optimal experience for all players regardless of where they’re playing from.

Part of the solution is providing a crucial communication platform between developers, testers, and the account manager. Developers can set up test cases and assign them to the crowdtesters, making it easier for them to track the progress of the tests. Real testers will provide real-world feedback, while a dedicated account manager is always available to answer any questions, provide guidance, resolve any issues that may arise, and ensure quality assurance across all areas. Combining these services results in a streamlined process that allows iGaming companies to benefit from comprehensive testing with minimal disruption to their operations.

In conclusion, accurate localization is essential for success within the iGaming industry. However, the complexities make it difficult for operators to do it alone. Solutions like crowdtesting can help ensure a smooth transition into new markets by providing quick feedback on localization performance. Ultimately, this will help operators reach more customers, resulting in business growth.

With 10 years of manual crowdtesting and localization in the iGaming field, Testa analysts have deep knowledge of the unique challenges that iGaming companies face. To know more about how crowdtesting can help you with localization, please leave a message, and a Testa analyst will be in touch within 1 business day.

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