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Are you sure you’re translating your iGaming platform correctly?

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Whether you’re an iGaming operator or provider, it’s likely that you have a presence in multiple markets—and that modifications may be required for language.

And while translation apps have improved a lot, the changes often require cultural understanding as well. Gambling language and culture can vary significantly from one place to another.

In this blog post we’ll show how crowd testing with real testers from different countries can ensure accurate translations and cultural adaptations, helping operators and providers reach more customers and achieve business growth.

Importance of localization for iGaming


Language is an integral part of the whole iGaming experience, as players must understand the rules and prompts of the different games. The shared lingo creates a sense of community among players.

For operators, choosing accurate language is critical so players can connect, relate to the game, make it as interactive as possible, and access all the services available within the platform.

From chat rooms, call-to-action buttons, and game instructions to customer support services, effective language use is essential for providing a positive iGaming experience that will keep players retention.

How crowdtesting can help with localization


Apart from language and words, culture plays a vital role in iGaming platforms. It helps create a unique and localized experience for players.

Operators must consider each region’s specific language, customizations, and preferences when developing their respective platforms, as these things are key drivers of customer engagement and loyalty.

By incorporating cultural elements into their platforms and services, operators can create a more personal, memorable gaming experience that resonates with customers. This approach allows operators to appeal more deeply to players, helping them gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing iGaming industry.

Direct translations often don’t land as they should

For example, the word “Bat” has different meanings in Chinese and Western cultures. In Chinese culture, it symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and fertility. It is also believed to bring fortune and protect against evil.

In Western culture, it is seen as a sinister creature associated with darkness and evil. This difference in symbolism can create confusion in the market and negatively impact the business’s image.

This is one of the many aspects to consider when creating a platform. In today’s diverse world, accurate user testing and localization are crucial to avoid risks.

Lost in iGaming translation—real world examples

On Bet365’s Fantasy Sports page the word “Fantasy” is translated into Chinese as “范特西,” which is a sounds-alike, non-sense word. It sounds like the word “fantasy” but doesn’t actually have meaning in Chinese.

Rarestone Gaming’s slot game mistranslated the Spanish “Pistolero” (Gunman) into “手槍”, which means the gun, an object instead of the character.

Playtech’s Sicbo Deluxe game mistranslated “No More Bets” into “沒有更多賭注”(You have no more to bet.

Testa’s crowdsourced solutions to localization

Crowdtesting allows operators to do localized tests with experienced testers from different countries worldwide. They can provide valuable feedback on how well-localized products perform across different cultures, devices, payment methods, and networks.

This allows operators to quickly identify areas where their localization needs improvement to create an optimal experience for all players regardless of where they’re playing from.

Testa’s approach to iGaming localization

Testa uses QA testers that are also familiar with iGaming and are native to the market where you’re testing. This set up identifies areas for improvement immediately and guarantees a better insights for operators and providers who wish to move smoothly into emerging markets.

Streamlined communication and quality assurance

Our process prioritizes efficient communication between developers, testers, and account managers. This allows for precise test case assignment and integration of real-world feedback, ensuring consistent quality across different cultural contexts.

Final thoughts

Accurate translation and cultural adaptation are crucial for success in the iGaming industry. Language and culture play a significant role in creating a personalized gaming experience.

Crowdtesting with real testers from different countries can ensure accurate translations and cultural adaptations, helping operators reach more customers and achieve business growth.

Testa offers a streamlined approach to iGaming localization, prioritizing efficient communication and quality assurance.

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