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Simplify your iGaming payment solutions with TESTA crowdsourced testing

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With years of experience in the iGaming crowdtesting space, Testa has found that when it comes to payments, the crowd is the superior choice for testing solutions. The Testa system seamlessly integrates with existing development pipelines and offers fast and meaningful improvements that traditional testing cannot provide.

In this article, we discuss why a great payment process matters, the challenges operators face, and the incentives for iGaming operators to switch to crowdsourced payment testing.

Smooth payments matter—but are prone to error

Why smooth payments matter

The iGaming industry has witnessed rapid expansion and challenges, particularly in the realm of payment systems, where users demand perfect payment system but are often disappointed.

According to the 2023 study by Optimove entitled Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing…

  • 58% of respondents and players would choose their preferred gaming site based on fast and reliable payment methods.
  • 53% of respondents expressed the desire for iGaming sites to introduce cash-out options to enhance satisfaction.
  • 58% of respondents expressed frustration with the slow payout process.
  • 40% of iGaming transactions failed due to payment system issues, leading to substantial revenue losses and customer dissatisfaction.

As it stands, many of the payment systems currently used by operators right now still have significant space for improvement with the potential to capture an even larger player base.

Payment process challenges

Failed payment

The following are some of the most common challenges faced by the iGaming payment systems right now:

  1. Declined transactions:
    iGaming platforms often face a high rate of declined transactions due to reasons like insufficient funds, technical glitches, or issues with payment processors.

  2. Payment gateways and processing delays:
    Delays in payment processing through payment gateways can negatively impact user experience, leading to frustration among players and affecting customer retention.

  3. Chargebacks and disputes:
    Chargebacks and payment disputes pose a significant concern for iGaming operators. Fraudulent activities or misunderstandings between players and operators can result in chargebacks, causing financial setbacks for the platform.

  4. Geographical restrictions and compliance issues:
    Adhering to varying regulatory requirements and compliance standards in different regions can be challenging for iGaming operators. This may lead to gray zone operation tactics in certain areas and potential legal issues.

  5. Emerging payment methods and integration challenges:
    The constantly evolving landscape of payment methods presents a challenge for iGaming platforms. Integrating new and emerging payment options seamlessly while ensuring security and compliance can be a complex and costly task.

To tackle these challenges, crowdsourced payment testing has become a game-changer. It enables real-world testing scenarios to thoroughly vet payment systems under realistic conditions.

Testa QA is one of the pioneering solutions in this field. Check out more about the Testa Qrowd approach to payment testing

Testa Qrowd: streamlining your payment testing

Testa’s platform introduces a framework optimized for iGaming payment testing. The solution comprises three layers:

  1. Developers: precision in payment integration
    • Service Delivery Manager (SDM) will collaborate closely with software engineers to specify payment testing needs accurately.
    • Clearly defined guidelines for developers like testing SOP, standardized monitoring, and scheduled tests create an environment for precision testing.
    • The synchronization of testing timelines with payment module deployments will allow for faster and more reliable solutions at the end of the pipeline.
  2. SDMs: strategic oversight and analytical insight
    • Testa SDMs will help crystallize client objectives and ensure flawless execution within the payment testing framework.
    • The development of comprehensive test plans, testing results analysis, and insight compilations provide a clear overview of progress made and future milestones.
    • Strategic analysis allows for a customized payment testing approach that is tailored according to the standards of specific financial and payment sector compliance needs.
  3. Testers: dynamic engagement and invaluable feedback
    • Payment experts from Testa Qrowd will perform tests as per client-set schedules.
    • Findings and feedback will be documented and made accessible to allow decision-makers to meaningfully tap into the collective real-world insight produced by crowdtesting.
    • Real-world testing on a wide range of devices and scenarios ensures that issues can be thoroughly vetted before they cause havoc on live servers.

The hidden costs of insufficient testing

Compared to crowdtesting, traditional testing methods often come up short due to narrower test scenarios and higher costs. Such inadequate testing can result in undetected issues, leading to payment failures, customer dissatisfaction, and revenue losses.

Here, we look to the example of DraftKings as a warning for iGaming operators that overlook the importance of good testing.

The DraftKings’ mobile sportsbook fiasco

In 2022, DraftKings launched a mobile sportsbook app with technical glitches that prevented users from betting or withdrawing funds. These issues could have been avoided with better pre-launch testing.

Despite multiple patches, the problems persisted for weeks, leading to customer dissatisfaction. This highlights the importance of thorough testing and quality assurance procedures.

The lack of proper testing turned what should have been a profitable period into a media circus, with continuous reports on the app’s problems.

DraftKings’ experience serves as a warning to operators who rush new products to market without sufficient testing and validation. Smooth payment processing is crucial for iGaming apps, and crowdtesting is essential to prevent player frustration.

Crowdtesting the payment systems of tomorrow

Secure player satisfaction with Testa’s crowdsourced payment testing solutions today. Reach out to transform your payment testing or share this article to raise awareness of the importance of crowdtesting.

You can also stay ahead of the curve by connecting with us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and exploring our cutting-edge solutions.

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