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Solving iGaming high-load problems with crowdsourced performance testing

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At certain times, online casino and sports betting platforms need to support extra large numbers of simultaneous users—and continue to provide a smooth user experience.

These heavy traffic spikes can occur during sporting events, seasonal shopping rhythms or product releases. When they do, user experience can falter.

In this post, we’ll explain why iGaming providers should leverage crowdsourced performance testing to figure out high-load issues. Then we’ll outline the types of tests that are available and show how iGaming providers can get started with crowdtesting right away with Testa.

How crowdsourced app performance testing plays out for iGaming

High load testing

Crowdsourced app performance testing engages a diverse, global community of testers to assess software performance under various conditions, including peak load scenarios. This method offers six advantages for iGaming providers.

  1. Real-world testing:
    Crowdsourced testing simulates real-world conditions with diverse users, devices, and network environments. This helps mimic high-traffic situations that iGaming platforms may encounter.

  2. Identifying bottlenecks:
    Crowdsourced performance testing exposes the platform to various user interactions and load conditions, identifying bottlenecks and stress points. Providers can address specific issues that may hinder performance during high-traffic events.

  3. Localized insights:
    Testers from different regions evaluate iGaming platforms for performance across geographic locations. This ensures optimal performance in targeted markets by considering local network conditions and user behaviors.

  4. Scalability assessments:
    Crowdsourced testing assesses the scalability and flexibility of iGaming platforms. Testers simulate increasing loads and varied user behaviors, providing insights into the platform’s scaling and adaptability.

  5. Continuous improvement:
    Crowdsourced QA testing allows for continuous feedback and improvement. Providers can regularly test updates and enhancements to optimize ongoing performance.

  6. Better speed and reliability:
    Testa’s approach to testing UX focuses on metrics like game load speed and live odds accuracy, significantly improving iGaming UX.

Inspired by global tech leaders

Testa’s crowdsourced approach can be seen in other industries. Companies like Netflix, AT&T, Dell, and Adobe have successfully utilized crowdtesting to enhance their services across various regions, languages, and platforms.

Testa directs this type of testing specifically towards iGaming, offering providers a focused, boots-on-the-ground option with performance testers who don’t need to be educated about iGaming.

Types of high load testing to know

Performance high-load is about how well an iGaming system operates under heavy use or traffic. The idea is to stress systems to their peak to ensure they’ll work through major events. There are different types of high-load testing.

Types of high load testing

This testing is essential for iGaming platforms that often support numerous simultaneous users expecting a smooth gaming experience. Key components of this testing include:

  1. Load testing:
    To gauge the system’s behavior under simultaneous access by numerous users.

  2. Stress testing:
    Assessing system resilience under extreme loads and its recovery post-stress.

  3. Volume testing:
    Evaluating the system’s capacity to handle large data volumes, such as transactions and in-game actions.

  4. Scalability testing:
    Ensuring the platform can scale up in response to increasing loads.

  5. Reliability testing:
    Verifying system performance over time without failures.

  6. Performance monitoring:
    Observing performance indicators like response times and server usage during testing.

Getting started with Testa performance testing

To effectively leverage crowdsourced app performance testing, iGaming providers should consider the following steps:

  1. Define testing objectives:
    Clearly outline the specific performance aspects to be tested, such as load capacity, response time under stress, and data processing efficiency.

  2. Select the right crowdtesting partner:
    Choose a crowdsourced QA testing partner with a proven track record in iGaming. Ensure they have a diverse pool of testers and the necessary tools to simulate realistic traffic conditions.

  3. Test across devices and networks:
    Ensure testing covers a wide range of devices, operating systems, and network conditions to mirror the diverse user base of iGaming platforms.

  4. Analyze and act on feedback:
    Analyze the results comprehensively to identify performance issues. Implement the necessary changes swiftly to enhance system resilience and user experience.

  5. Iterate and re-test:
    Continuously iterate on the testing process, incorporating new scenarios and challenges to keep the platform robust and responsive.

By harnessing the power of crowdsourced performance testing, iGaming providers can significantly enhance the user experience of their platforms, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the demands of the online gaming industry.

This approach not only addresses the technical aspects of performance during high load events but also aligns with business goals of attracting and retaining more customers.


Crowdsourced performance testing is an effective method for assessing and overcoming performance high-load issues on iGaming platforms. It offers real-world testing, identifies bottlenecks, provides localized insights, allows scalability assessments, and enables continuous improvement.

Testa offers iGaming providers a crowdsourced approach with iGaming-savvy app performance testers. Key types of performance under high load testing include load testing, stress testing, volume testing, scalability testing, reliability testing, and performance monitoring.

To start crowdsourced QA for iGaming, providers should define objectives, choose the right partner, test across devices and networks, analyze and act on feedback, and iterate and re-test.

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