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How crowdsourced performance testing for iGaming providers makes UX speedier and more reliable

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A smooth and intuitive UX is vital for the success of any iGaming experience. Discover how crowdsourced testing can help you excel in this increasingly competitive market.

The impacts of UX

In a 2023 study conducted by the Normal Group, it was found that investment in good UX would see an average ROI of 223%. A similar research from Forrester Research also showed that good UX design can reduce customer support costs by up to 20%.

For iGaming providers, improving UX is a necessary and continuous journey that ensures growth and profitability. At Testa, we pride ourselves on providing real-world performance testing data to our clients to help them improve their UX. Read on to find out how Testa can help you optimize your platform.

Crowdsourced performance testing success story: Playgon

Playgon, a leading provider of live casino and sportsbook games, faced challenges with slow game load times, frequent crashes, and unreliable live odds updates. These issues were driving players away and tarnishing their premium reputation.

Playgon x Testa crowdsourced performace testing result in Asia

Testa, the crowdsourced performance testing expert, stepped in to identify and rectify the bottlenecks in Playgon’s system. Through a meticulous process involving real players from around the world, Testa pinpointed issues in different geographic regions, device types, and network conditions, ensuring Playgon’s platform would perform flawlessly for all users.

Thanks to Testa’s crowdsourced performance testing, Playgon successfully addressed various performance issues. Load times improved significantly, live odds updates became consistent, and player complaints dwindled. This success story highlights the transformative power of Testa’s performance testing in the iGaming industry.

Testa’s metrics for crowdsourced performance testing

If you’re an iGaming provider looking to replicate Playgon’s success, understanding how to set up performance testing with Testa is a step in the right direction. The process starts with the Discovery phase, where we initiate a discovery call to understand your specific testing needs and introduce you to the Testa Portal—a robust tool designed to enhance your iGaming platform’s performance.

Moving on to the Service Delivery Manager phase, we dedicate a knowledgeable expert to collaborate closely with you. Together, you’ll create customized test cases aligned with your objectives, ensuring rigorous testing for optimal performance.

When evaluating iGaming platforms’ performance, metrics matter. Let’s delve into some crucial metrics that Testa focuses on during its crowdsourced performance testing:

  1. Game load speed
    The time it takes for a game to load is a critical factor in player satisfaction. Faster load times translate to more enjoyable experiences and lower bounce rates.

  2. Live odds
    For sports betting, live odds must update in real-time to ensure fair wagers. Delays or inaccuracies can lead to frustration among players and potential financial losses.

  3. Retention
    By categorizing users into cohorts based on available information and calculating user retention rates, iGaming providers can better know how to customize individual UX for maximum engagement.

  4. Resource utilization
    Players will be accessing their iGaming platforms from a variety of devices with vastly different hardware capabilities. Understanding how the game performs across different devices is crucial to delivering consistent experiences.

Crowdsourced performance testing vs. in-lab testing

Performance testing can be conducted in controlled lab environments or through crowdsourced testing. While in-lab testing has its merits, it often falls short when it comes to mimicking real-world scenarios.

In contrast, crowdsourced performance testing leverages a diverse pool of real users, allowing for a more accurate assessment of an iGaming platform’s performance under various conditions.

Companies like Airbnb, Google, and Netflix rely extensively on crowdtesting to optimize their products. Google estimates that crowdtesting solutions can be up to 70% more cost-effective, 50% faster, and identify 20% more bugs and issues compared to in-lab testing. This real-world approach offers a comprehensive perspective that in-lab testing struggles to replicate.

The short and long-term value of optimizing UX for iGaming providers

Optimizing the user experience (UX) for iGaming platforms is an investment in the long-term success of your business.

6 values of optimizing UX for iGaming providers

Immediate increases in revenue

Enhancing UX leads to improved player engagement and retention, translating directly into higher revenues. With happier players staying longer and spending more, your financial gains are immediate and substantial.

Establishing a strong brand reputation and loyalty

In the competitive iGaming market, a strong brand reputation is invaluable. Trust leads to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advocacy. When your platform consistently delivers top-notch experiences, it not only retains players but also attracts new ones through positive word-of-mouth.

Paving the way for sustainable growth

Consistently optimizing UX through performance testing positions iGaming providers for long-term success. This strategic investment isn’t just about short-term gains; it’s about creating a foundation for sustained growth and market dominance.

Benefits of crowdtested performance: faster and more reliable

Satisfied players are more likely to remain loyal and recommend the platform to others. With crowdtested performance ensuring faster and more reliable gameplay, you not only retain your existing player base but also attract new users through positive player testimonials.

Operator satisfaction and business revenue

A flawless platform reduces operational headaches and leads to cost savings and increased revenue for operators. Operators are happier when the platform runs smoothly, and their bottom line reflects the efficiency gains.

Competitive edge

A platform that consistently delivers superior performance gains a competitive edge, ensuring long-term success. In a dynamic and fiercely competitive iGaming landscape, staying ahead of the competition is essential for maintaining market leadership.


In the world of iGaming, where milliseconds can make the difference between a thrilling win and a frustrating loss, performance testing is a necessity. Testa’s crowdsourced performance testing offers a proven solution to help iGaming providers achieve excellence in user experience.

To summarize our key points:

  • Performance testing is crucial for iGaming providers to ensure flawless user experiences.
  • Testa’s crowdsourced performance testing can transform your platform’s performance, as illustrated by the Playgon success story.
  • Key performance metrics, such as game load speed and live odds accuracy, are essential for evaluating your platform’s performance.
  • Crowdsourced testing surpasses in-lab testing by accurately simulating real-world conditions.
  • Optimizing UX leads to immediate revenue increases, brand reputation, and long-term growth.
  • Faster and more reliable performance benefits both players and operators.

In conclusion, if you’re an iGaming provider seeking to deliver exceptional user experiences, consider Testa’s performance testing solutions. Your players will thank you, your operators will appreciate the benefits, and your business will thrive. Unlock the potential for higher player satisfaction, increased revenues, and a competitive edge in the dynamic iGaming market.

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