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Tailored market research and benchmarking for iGaming providers via crowdtesting

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To thrive in iGaming, you need a worldwide reach. But local regulations, language, culture and network variations can make it tough for operators and providers to really understand player experiences and even tougher to find product market fit.

That’s where Testa’s iGaming market research and benchmarking comes in. Its strategic testing presence in world-wide markets provides tailored solutions for the iGaming industry and insider-only access to market research and benchmarking. Crowdsourced testers offer authentic ‘on-the-ground’ insights, ensuring that the testing process accurately delivers data about real-world user experiences.

Read on as we explain the how’s, the who’s, the why’s, and some actions you can take with the Testa style of market research.

Tailored market research and benchmarking for iGaming providers via crowdtesting

Testa iGaming market research and benchmarking

One simple iGaming market research and benchmarking project used SlotCatalog’s list of India‘s top game providers as a reference, and loaded the top 10 slot games from major operators’ websites.

Our test case involved launching these games and analyzing browser diagnostics to obtain valuable insights, including game load time, load speed and game size.

The data was well-received by the industry, especially for providers looking to India as a new opportunity. It’s well known that load speed significantly affects players’ iGaming enjoyment. Enhancing load speed by 50% can change players’ experience from unsatisfactory to enjoyable (source: Worcester Polytechnic Institute).

Focused on perfecting the process of testing with real people on real devices, Testa’s crowdsourced market research data helps providers optimize iGaming experiences for players, which, in turn, helps them attract and retain players more effectively.

How Testa research helps providers understand the iGaming landscape

In the iGaming industry, knowing your players and your competitors can make all the difference.

Players’ preferences and behaviors vary from place to place. So Testa goes there and leverages its crowd testers and deep industry experience to find the data points providers need.

For example, when it comes to classic-themed slots, players in Romania are more attracted to slots featuring ‘Fruits,’ while the ‘Animals’ game theme is the most popular among Brazilian players. These regional variations highlight the importance of tailoring iGaming offerings to specific markets.

Player type is another variable. For instance, if you’re targeting casual players, focus on simple and user-friendly games. If high rollers are your target, make games with big jackpots and higher bet limits.

With the right data in hand you can better grasp your player base and create games that better match their preferences.

Analyzing your iGaming competitors

Equally important is understanding your competition. What types of games are other companies offering, and what do players think about those games? When you understand your competition, you can find ways to differentiate yourself and attract new players.

For example, you may notice that your competitors have limited offerings of games designed for mobile devices. This could be an opportunity for you to develop new mobile games or to make your existing games more mobile-friendly.

Or, if you notice that your rivals don’t have a wide range of games to suit different player tastes, you could expand your game portfolio to appeal to a broader audience and set yourself apart from your competitors.

5 Top iGaming companies that use market research from crowd testing


Utilizes crowdsourced QA testing to maintain the quality of its products and services.

Flutter Entertainment

Relies on crowdsourced QA testing, specifically to test its products across multiple platforms and languages.

Gaming Innovation Group (GIG)

A top provider of online and mobile casino games that uses crowdsourced QA testing to ensure the quality of its games.


A major software provider that employs crowdsourced QA testing to assess the functionality, usability, and performance of its software products.

Scientific Games

A leading provider of gaming products and services for the lottery, casino, and online industries. They utilize crowdsourced QA testing to guarantee the quality of their products and services.

Why market research for iGaming via crowdtesting widens your scope

iGaming testers using computer

Crowdtesting helps you tap into a diverse group of testers to fully evaluate iGaming products and understand the user experience. Here’s why adding crowdtesting to iGaming is a big deal:

  1. Enhancing diverse iGaming evaluation

    Crowdtesting uses a variety of testers with different preferences and behaviors to thoroughly evaluate online casino and sports betting experiences. They act like digital ‘mystery shoppers,’ diving into the iGaming world, making wagers, exploring interfaces, and giving genuine feedback to mirror real player experiences.

  2. Achieving cost-effective global testing

    Crowdtesting offers a budget-friendly solution for conducting extensive global testing without the need for an in-house testing team.

    To put it into perspective, according to the UK website National Careers Service, hiring a full-time computer game tester can cost anywhere from around $28,000 to $58,000 USD annually. Opting for crowdtesting can help you save a lot of money compared to the costs of having a dedicated in-house testing team.

Actions you can take with crowdtesting and iGaming market research

Market research and benchmarking

Market research and benchmarking often go hand in hand. Market research provides the foundation for understanding new opportunities, allowing providers to identify the most popular types of games and the features that players are looking for.

Benchmarking helps measure performance against industry standards and is a useful tool for identifying areas that need improvement. Together, they form a powerful combination for making informed business decisions.

For instance, a provider may use market research to identify a growing trend inspired by a popular movie. With this insight, they can develop new slot games or enhance existing ones. Benchmarking comes into play as providers assess their games against competitors, helping identify areas for improvement.

Shape business strategy

Market research and benchmarking can help shape a data driven, measurable business strategy. You can use market research to discover new market opportunities and create strategies for entering these new markets. You can also utilize benchmarking to keep an eye on their progress and identify areas for enhancement.

Imagine you’re entering a new country. Market research helps identify potential by understanding the area’s specific requirements. This knowledge could lead to collaborations with local operators, the creation of custom games, or partnerships with local influencers to boost brand awareness.

A couple more keys to iGaming market research

The global iGaming industry is dynamic and always changing, with new markets emerging all the time. To succeed in these new markets, thorough market research is necessary to understand the local culture, language, and regulations.


As highlighted by the Global Gambling Guidance Group, localization involves more than translation. You need to adapt games to players’ cultural and language preferences, covering text, graphics, audio, and gameplay.

Crowd testers can play a valuable role in ensuring the compliance, accuracy, and cultural appropriateness of iGaming products for target markets. Together, these efforts contribute to creating a more secure and culturally suitable iGaming experience for players.

Competitor performance

Crowd testers can assess the performance of both competitor products and your own, pinpointing areas that need enhancement in the specified geographical area. This data can then be leveraged to compare your product’s performance against that of your competitors, helping you identify areas for improvement and implement changes more effectively.

Your iGaming research: an early-mover strategy for iGaming providers in emerging markets

With local testers all over the world, Testa can help you identify areas for measuring improvements so you know what to tweak to gain a competitive advantage.

Whether it’s exploring specific games, features, sports, bet types, lines, and other critical offerings, Testa offers testing and research expertise to get you what you need to get ahead.

Read more about Testa’s types of market research.


Customized market research and benchmarking are essential for iGaming providers aiming for success in the fast-paced industry. By harnessing the power of crowdtesting data and insights, you can gain a deep understanding of the target market. Armed with this knowledge, you can improve product development and create strategies that match what your target audience wants as it changes over time.

Getting started is simple. To learn more about how crowdtesting can benefit your iGaming business, contact us for a free test. Your journey to excel in the dynamic iGaming industry begins here.

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