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Optimizing iGaming development with crowdsourced agile testing

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Testa leverages a crowdsourced model to enhance agile testing processes. With years of exploratory testing experience and a robust network of remote testers, Testa has accumulated expertise and benchmark data that providers and operators can trust in emerging markets. These processes and data are instrumental in assembling faster in-sprint testing that gets the most suitable testers at the most opportune moments.

In this post we’ll show how the Testa Platform unifies software developers, crowd testers, and Testa SDMs (Service Delivery Managers) to test with greater agility in every sprint; we’ll also dive deeper into why crowdsourced testing is especially important for iGaming software development.

Operational synergy between developers, testers, and SDMs

Testa’s platform is a tri-layered operational framework designed for more efficient iGaming software development. This framework is the backbone of Testa’s Crowdsourced agile testing solution and accounts at once for all stakeholders in the development life cycle

The Testa platform's 3 operating layers

Developer layer: precision and control

At the developers’ layer, software engineers can work with a dedicated SDM to document their testing needs with precision. The platform lets them list test requests, track real-time results, define test periods with granularity.

This integration not only streamlines the tracking of issues and tasks but also aligns the testing schedules with development sprints, thereby enhancing the sprint velocity.

SDM layer: strategy and analysis

Overall, the SDM is responsible for defining client requirements and ensuring they are executed properly. They make detailed test cases, analyze data from testing outcomes, and compile reports.

The SDM’s input is vital for tailoring the testing process to the unique requirements of the iGaming domain. Their expertise guides the testing process from conception to conclusion.

Tester layer: engagement and feedback

The tester’s layer is where iGaming-savvy individuals from the Testa Qrowd engage. They find and execute tests at designated times set by clients, input test results, and provide real-time feedback.

This layer is crucial, as it harnesses the power of crowdsourced knowledge, providing authentic feedback from real users on real devices.

Helping your forge your path to better development

Testa’s platform is about speed and thoroughness. It delivers operational synergy between developers, testers, and SDMs that helps iGaming platforms stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Learn more about connecting with a dedicated SDM to customize your testing strategy and delve deeper into how Testa’s platform can streamline your software testing life cycle.

How Testa crowdsourced testing speeds up sprints

When it comes to developing new features, Testa crowdsourced testing can speed up your sprints.

Imagine you have a new payment method and there’s time pressure to release quickly. Testa’s crowdsourced agile testing solution can significantly accelerate the first build testing.

Sprint process timeline comparison

Shorter sprint—the Testa advantage

The top half of the graphic represents a sprint cycle with Testa’s platform. The first build and test of the payment method are swiftly followed by crowdsourced testing feedback, leading to a quick fix and enhancement phase, culminating in a timely release. The entire cycle is completed in just two weeks, thanks to immediate access to a network of iGaming-savvy testers ready to test the build without the need for an extensive knowledge transfer.

Longer sprint—the traditional approach

In contrast, the lower half shows a traditional four-week sprint without the benefit of Testa’s crowdsourcing. It begins similarly with the first build and test of the payment method but is immediately hampered by the lengthy process of sourcing appropriate testers. The feedback from crowdsourced testing, fix, enhancement, and finally the release phases are spread out, doubling the time to deployment.

Why crowdsourced, iGaming-specialized testing is faster

Testa’s crowdsourced model provides instant access to local testers who are familiar with iGaming user experiences and can begin testing immediately.

Moreover, the expertise of Testa’s Service Delivery Managers ensures that smoke tests and other testing protocols are administered optimally, yielding more accurate data and allowing developers to iterate faster.

By integrating Testa into your software testing life cycle, you can significantly shorten time needed for sprints, enabling quicker feature releases and a more responsive development process.

The Testa approach to agile iGaming testing is user-centric

  1. Defined test cases: 
    The first step involves working with an SDM to clearly outline the testing objectives and scenarios for each sprint, ensuring that all critical aspects of the software are thoroughly examined.

  2. Engaging Testa Qrowd testers:
    Testa leverages a global network of experienced iGaming testers, bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the testing process.

  3. Real and timely feedback:
    Testa offers detailed bug reports via the Testa platform alongside screenshots and video recordings of testing sessions. Our feedback provides invaluable real-world insights for immediate action.

  4. Iterative refinement:
    Our feedback can then be utilized to promptly address discovered issues that lead to enhanced software quality in a continuous improvement cycle.

Why it matters: the blistering pace of iGaming development

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with an average of 275 new iGaming apps released on Google Play and the Apple App Store every day in 2022, according to a study by the mobile app data and analytics firm App Annie.

The reality is that traditional testing methodologies are often outpaced in the lightning-quick world of iGaming development.

This is why in-sprint testing approaches need to be much faster these days in order to accurately measure real user experiences.

Rethinking traditional testing

In iGaming SDLCs, three big challenges make traditional testing methodologies less effective:

Lag in feedback

The traditional testing approach often leads to delayed feedback resulting in expensive reworks and missed deadlines.

Limited view

In-house testing teams often lack the global perspective and cultural insights necessary compared to comprehensive real-world crowdtesting.

Resource constraints

Overloaded QA teams find it challenging to keep up with numerous concurrent projects, significantly impacting development timelines.

Real-world consequences of slow software QA testing

Three prominent iGaming companies, including 888 Holdings, Bet365, and Paddy Power, are on record about challenges faced while trying to keep pace with new game releases and feature updates using traditional software testing methods.

Everyone jammed up by bugs

The common thread in all three cases was that their in-house testing teams were unable to thoroughly and promptly test all content, which led to quality concerns and customer dissatisfaction.

The lack of accurate and punctual feedback made it a struggle to quickly identify and resolve critical bugs. Eventually, schedules had to be reworked as apps and features were pushed back as issue after issue popped up.

Expert advice: crowdsource it

In the end, these iGaming companies all decided to call in expert outside help to crowdsource their testing.

Via crowd testing, the quality of their games and features significantly improved as customer complaints dwindled and satisfaction returned.

Why crowdsourced agile testing for iGaming?

Testa’s crowdsourced testing empowers iGaming platforms to stay competitive and responsive in a fast moving industry. Crowdsourced agile testing brings several clear benefits to the iGaming software development process:

  • Enhanced software quality:
    By leveraging diverse, real-world user experiences, crowdsourced testing ensures a higher caliber of software quality, with more nuanced and varied testing scenarios.

  • Diminished possibility of bugs:
    Agile crowdtesting provides early and frequent bug detection in the development cycle, greatly reducing the possibility of unidentified bugs making their way into released software.

  • Responsiveness and agility:
    Crowdsourced agile testing allows for quick adaptation to changes and feedback, ensuring that the software remains in sync with user expectations and market trends.

  • Elevated customer satisfaction:
    By allowing the QA team to work closely with developers, agile testing allows feedback to be promptly and effectively addressed, leading to a superior end-user experience.

  • Cost efficiency:
    Agile testing often leads to reduced development costs due not only to its efficiency but critically the ability to prevent costly post-release fixes.

Embracing crowdsourced agile testing for iGaming success

Traditional testing is frequently outmatched by crowd testing’s ability to offer improved software quality, higher user satisfaction, increased market responsiveness and better cost efficiency.

Upgrade your iGaming development team with agile, efficient, and user-focused testing solutions by contacting Testa today.

You can also reach out to us on LinkedIn to read about other crowdtesting success stories.

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