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iGaming mobile app innovation with crowdsourced exploratory testing

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Novelty fades quickly in the iGaming industry so innovation is crucial to keep online casino and sports betting enthusiasts interested. This poses an ongoing challenge for developers.

Testa’s crowdsourced exploratory testing can help address this challenge. By collecting data from real people on real devices, developers can innovate effectively and at the right time.

In this post, we’ll discuss how Testa combines the unscripted nature of exploratory testing with the extensive reach of crowd testing. This hybrid approach is particularly suitable for iGaming app development and can distinguish you from competitors.

The time is now for crowdsourced exploratory testing

7 Benefits of crowdsourced exploratory testing for mobile iGaming

With mobile accessibility at an all time high (16 billion downloads for 2023 vs 14 billion for 2022), crowdsourced exploratory testing for mobile makes more sense than ever. The hybrid approach offers several benefits for mobile app innovation:

  1. Wide-ranging feedback:
    By engaging a crowd, you can gather diverse feedback on usability and functionality, sparking new ideas for improvements tailored to a broader audience.

  2. Unscripted testing:
    The exploratory aspect encourages testers to go beyond predefined scenarios, often leading to the discovery of unconventional use cases.

  3. Speed to market:
    Crowdsourced exploratory testing can be conducted quickly and in parallel, reducing the time from concept to market and allowing for faster iteration.

  4. Real-world conditions:
    Testers from the crowd use their own devices, networks, and settings, which means the app is tested under a variety of real-world conditions. This highlights issues that might not surface in a controlled test environment.

  5. Resource efficiency:
    Leveraging the crowd for exploratory testing can be more cost-efficient than dedicated teams, freeing up human resources to focus on implementing the improvements.

  6. User-driven innovation:
    Since the testing is done by real users, the feedback is directly linked to user experience, driving innovations that are more likely to resonate with the target market.

  7. Market expansion insights:
    Crowdsourced testers come from different regions and backgrounds, providing insights into different market needs and preferences, which can inform region-specific innovations.

By embracing crowdsourced exploratory testing, operators and providers can tap into the power of real user engagement and glean the real insights about what to innovate.

Get started today on crowdsourced exploratory testing

Initiating crowdsourced exploratory testing with Testa is easy. A Testa SDM (Service Delivery Manager) will help you get through four simple steps:

  1. Exploratory design and documentation:
    Outline product usage parameters and provide testers with comprehensive documentation detailing the app testing procedures.

  2. Test assignment:
    Assign tests based on specific criteria, considering market dynamics, device demographics, and other relevant factors.

  3. Recorded testing:
    Crowdtesters capture the entire testing process in real-time, recording the tests and then reporting back to the Testa SDM.

  4. Result analysis: Your test results will be available on the Testa dashboard and your SDM will be available for in-depth analysis.

Unlike traditional QA teams, Testa dives deep into local markets, understanding regulations, cultural intricacies, and real user preferences. The testing approach captures user experiences via real devices.

With a domain-specific focus and iGaming expertise ingrained, we ensure no false positives, guaranteeing precision and efficiency. Work with iGaming experts who bring a deeper understanding and unparalleled value to your mobile app testing journey.

How Testa can help you respond to challenges with the right data

Testa can provide crowdsourced exploratory testing expertise to navigate the top challenges in mobile iGaming app testing.

Top challenges in mobile iGaming app testing

Despite the popularity of mobile iGaming apps, developers face challenges in ensuring smooth functioning. Key challenges in mobile app testing include: From device and network compatibility to localization, app performance, and in-app purchases, the mobile landscape demands meticulous testing. Top challenges in mobile app testing include:

  1. Localization:
    Ensuring compatibility with devices and network conditions is crucial. This includes cultural adaptations and adjusting texts for smaller screens.

  2. App performance:
    Challenges arise from the lower memory capacity of mobile devices, leading to lagging and accidental double-clicks. Optimizing loading speeds, image sizes, and animations can improve the gaming experience.

  3. In-app purchase:
    Secure payments, smooth transactions, and prompt delivery of purchases are essential. Glitches or delays can frustrate players and harm the app’s reputation.

How to respond

In response to the challenges of mobile iGaming, crowdsourced exploratory testing is a tailored solution. It addresses mobile platform intricacies and provides real data from real devices for better decision-making. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Flexibility:
    This versatile solution is ideal for additional testing on short notice, especially for impending feature releases. On-demand crowdtesters offer efficient and flexible solutions.

  2. Scalability:
    Crowdtesting can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing needs, allowing you to stay agile in the face of frequent product and feature releases.

  3. Cost-effectiveness:
    Crowdtesting provides substantial savings by eliminating the need to hire in-house testers. Leveraging a global on-demand tester pool minimizes expenses without significant investments.

  4. Real-world user feedback:
    Exploratory testing prioritizes user freedom, allowing them to naturally uncover bugs. The test group mirrors your target market, aligning with their culture, preferred devices, language, currency, and connectivity. This approach fosters a realistic user experience for comprehensive testing.

14 more reasons to embrace crowdsourced exploratory testing

Our recent exploratory testing program for a global iGaming giant revealed nine key insights and an extra five bonus revelations. From unsynchronized video and audio in live dealer games to inadequate responsible gambling features, our findings shed light on critical aspects affecting user experience. Dive into how exploratory testing can empower companies to boost revenue by addressing UX deficiencies.

Case study: unlocking excellence with crowdsourced exploratory testing

Let’s look at a Testa success story. A sports betting app operator partnered with Testa and saw significant growth in its user base across different regions and cultures. The operator’s internal testing team couldn’t keep up with the demand for testing new features and products, causing delays in releases and potential bugs reaching users. 

The operator’s traditional testing methods were not always effective in identifying subtle bugs or issues that arose in specific user scenarios and device combinations. With the rapid evolution of mobile technology and the increasing diversity of user devices, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance became a bigger concern.

Adopting exploratory testing for better results

To overcome challenges, the sports betting app operator used crowdsourced exploratory testing. This approach involved a diverse group of testers who uncovered and resolved critical payment issues early on. Here are the key advantages of this method:

  1. Faster glitch response:
    Exploratory testing uncovers subtle payment issues, such as delayed refunds or withdrawals, allowing for quicker resolution.

  2. Scalable testing capacity:
    Crowdsourced testing provides access to a larger pool of testers, offering up to 10 times the testing capacity of in-house teams.

  3. Enhanced cultural sensitivity:
    Crowdsourced exploratory testing helps identify regional preferences, such as colloquial translations and local payment methods, addressing diverse needs.

  4. Reduced time to market:
    Streamlining the testing process and identifying bugs early on enables faster product and feature releases, giving the operator a competitive advantage.

By leveraging crowdsourced exploratory testing, the sports betting app operator improved its mobile app for various devices, ensuring reliability and security.

This proactive strategy solidified its reputation as a top-notch and dependable sports betting app, focused on providing an exceptional user experience.

Conclusion: crowdtest for innovation

The rise of mobile apps in the iGaming industry brings unique challenges for developers. Exploratory testing offers a powerful solution, but crowdsourced exploratory testing takes it a step further for true innovation.

Real people on real devices provide valuable insights into important factors, enhancing the testing process.

Contact us to explore customized crowdtesting solutions for uncovering the unknown.

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