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Crowdsourced user experience testing methods for iGaming

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The rapid growth of the iGaming industry has witnessed its evolution from a mere handful of players to a vast, worldwide ecosystem.

In this densely populated market, attracting and retaining players has become an increasingly hard. Success hinges on optimizing core processes through crowdtesting, ensuring the user experience—from onboarding to payments— are all seamless, and all the while, staying compliant with regulations.

In this post we’ll discuss Testa’s 10-part user experience testing method and why standardized iGaming crowdtesting is so important for Operators.

Testa's 10-part crowdsourced user experience testing method for iGaming

Understanding user experience testing methods

The iGaming user experience —as analyzed by Testa Qrowd— follows a sequence of interactions that typical players undergo when engaging with an iGaming platform. The Testa Qrowd process has 10 parts:

  1. Discovery:
    Coming across the platform, often through advertisements, word of mouth, or organic search.
  2. Landing page interaction:
    The first touchpoint where the player assesses the platform’s offerings and its appeal.
  3. Registration:
    Signing up and creating an account.
  4. Login:
    Accessing their personal account.
  5. First deposit:
    Adding funds to their account to commence gaming.
  6. Gameplay:
    Engaging with various games, placing bets, and participating in different activities.
  7. Bonuses and promotions:
    Utilizing the various incentives, discounts, and bonuses offered.
  8. Withdraw:
    Initiating a withdrawal of their winnings or available balance.
  9. Loyalty programs:
    Engaging consistently and reaping benefits from dedicated player programs.
  10. Feedback and support:
    Seeking help or providing feedback on the platform’s features and functionality.
Testa user experience testing process for iGaming

Crowdtesting ensures that each of these stages in the player journey functions seamlessly, optimizing the overall player experience. By employing real-world testers via crowdtesting methods, iGaming operators gain a deeper, more authentic understanding of the journey, revealing friction points and inefficiencies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The importance of user experience testing for iGaming operators

A registration glitch, a hiccup during the first deposit, or challenges in accessing bonuses can quickly overshadow the thrill of gaming.

The real life impact of user experience failures

Any disruption in a player journey can have far-reaching consequences. Beyond the immediate financial repercussions, operators lose something much more valuable: the hard-earned trust of players.

A prominent industry player — and long-standing silent Testa client — once experienced technical issues during a major bonus event. Players attempting to claim their bonuses encountered error messages related to server overloads, and others faced unexpected logouts during the critical step of bonus activation. Moreover, some who managed to activate their bonuses found that the promised amounts were not correctly credited to their accounts.

As a result, the platform experienced a 30% drop in daily active users and a 15% decline in deposits over the next month. Customer service lines were flooded with complaints, and the brand’s reputation took a hit as players expressed their frustrations on social media.

Such incidents not only deter new players but can also prompt loyal players to consider alternatives, causing long-term harm to player retention and platform profitability.

Identifying critical touchpoints in the user experience

Crowdtesting shines a spotlight on critical touchpoints in the user experience, such as onboarding, payments, and loyalty programs. Each contributes to shaping a player’s overall experience with the platform.

Traditional UX testing might offer a generalized view of customer journey touchpoints, but often overlooks market-specific nuances.

Consider an emerging iGaming operator noticed that while their registration numbers were high, there was a significant drop-off during the first deposit stage. Utilizing crowdtesting, they discovered that players in certain regions faced payment gateway errors, specifically when trying to use local payment methods not common in other parts of the world. This was a critical touchpoint that traditional testing had missed. Addressing this specific issue, based on the insights from crowdtesting, the platform was able to increase their conversion rates during the first deposit stage by 25%.

Crowdtesting, on the other hand, offers operators an authentic perspective, allowing them to see their platform from the player’s vantage point. This holistic view not only identifies areas ripe for refinement but also ensures these touchpoints optimize Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Benefits of user experience testing through crowdtesting

Crowdtesting your iGaming user experience delivers real-world insights and more revenue —but, most importantly, it has been shown to streamline Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) management.

In-market insights for excellence

Crowdtesting uniquely situates itself in the realm of quality assurance by leveraging real-world testers, effectively simulating genuine players. This approach offers iGaming operators:

  • Omnichannel understanding:
    Whether interacting through a web app, mobile app, 2-factor authentication, or E-wallet integration, crowdtesting captures the entire player experience across different platforms.

  • Enhanced user engagement: Platforms utilizing crowdtesting have reported up to a 20% surge in user engagement, especially after addressing friction points flagged during the testing phase.

  • Real-world feedback:
    The insights gleaned are grounded in reality, narrating both success stories and highlighting areas ripe for enhancement.

Boosting GGR with strategic insights

Operational success in the iGaming world is tightly knit with the seamlessness of the user experince, and crowdtesting is a linchpin in achieving this optimization. The benefits it brings include:

  • GGR enhancement:
    Addressing the pain points identified through crowdtesting has led some operators to see a noteworthy 15% growth in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR).
  • Efficient CPA management:
    With a clearer understanding of real player behaviors and preferences through crowdtesting, operators have witnessed a reduction in their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by up to 10%.
  • Improved acquisition and retention:
    The insights mean not just more first-time depositors but also heightened player retention and a more cost-effective acquisition strategy.
Benefit of user experience testing through crowdtesting 2023

In sum, leveraging crowdtesting in user experience assessments ensures a finely-tuned platform, translating to notable financial and operational gains.

Real-life success stories with Testa's user experience testing methods

In the dynamic landscape of the iGaming industry, theory and speculation can only get you so far. It’s the tangible, real-world results that truly underline the efficacy of a method. Let’s delve into three compelling success stories from long-time Testa clients that underscore the transformative power of user experience testing:

  • Onboarding optimized : 
    An iGaming operator grappled with onboarding complaints, especially from non-English speaking regions. Using user experience testing, they identified the culprit: poorly translated sign-up instructions lacking cultural context. Traditional testing, often reliant on scripted scenarios, hadn’t caught this nuance. Once the platform addressed these localization issues, sign-ups from those regions surged by 35%, underscoring the effectiveness of crowd-tested feedback.
  • Payments streamlined : 
    A notable iGaming platform, acclaimed for its gaming experience, encountered setbacks due to bank payment integration issues. Their payments were consistently getting declined with a certain bank, a detail traditional tests overlooked. User experience testing illuminated the path, with testers highlighting this recurring problem. Swiftly addressing this issue not only resolved the technical glitches but also restored player confidence. The outcome was tangible: a 20% boost in player retention and a surge in positive reviews about seamless transactions.
  • Loyalty programs enhanced : 
    An iGaming platform prided itself on its generous loyalty program. Yet, puzzlingly, player engagement was low. User experience testing provided clarity: while the rewards were enticing, the redemption process was a maze. Specifically, multiple steps, often unclear, deterred users. Using this feedback, the platform simplified the redemption journey. The result? A 50% surge in active loyalty program users and a subsequent rise in player satisfaction.

These real-life stories demonstrate the clear benefits and significant impact of user experience testing. By identifying and resolving issues, iGaming operators can genuinely improve the user experience and strengthen their financial performance.

Player journey testing 4 steps 2023

Harness crowdtesting for optimal user experience

In the rapidly evolving iGaming industry, where player retention and satisfaction are vital, understanding and optimizing the user experience is crucial. Through crowdtesting, operators gain an unparalleled insight into the genuine experiences of players, identifying friction points across pivotal stages like onboarding, payments, and loyalty programs.

Real-world examples underscore the tangible benefits of this approach: from resolving subtle localization issues to streamlining intricate payment processes and enhancing loyalty program interfaces. Such targeted refinements, based on real-user feedback, lead to significant operational and financial gains. In essence, user experience testing through crowdtesting is not just a strategic tool—it’s a game-changer. Leveraging it ensures iGaming platforms remain relevant, user-friendly, and ahead of the competition in an industry where every touchpoint cou

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