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Rage quit or repeat bet? How continuous performance testing creates iGaming player loyalty

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man frustrated with crashed app

Imagine coming home from work after a long and exhausting day. You order dinner on your phone; as you wait, you open up the app store and download a new gambling app that catches your eye for a bit of fun.

You try to deposit some in-game credit and the payment integration crashes. You try the slots and it takes forever to load. You try to do anything at all and then the app crashes to the home screen.

Frustrated, you close the game and delete it from your phone.

Overcoming the churn

For an industry with a market value poised to break the 100 billion mark as soon as 2025, the scenario depicted above is still surprisingly common.

According to App Annie, the average mobile game will lose 75% of players within the first 30 days. Player churn is no doubt one of the most difficult problems that exist for developers to solve.

With how intense competition in the market has become, continuous performance testing is no longer an optional strategy for providers, but a question of when and how.

TESTA, a crowdtesting company catering to iGaming industry needs, fills this niche with real-world tests that help clients improve their competitive edge. Read on as we look at what continuous performance testing can do for your iGaming business.

The cost of poor performance

Players often face common issues in their gaming experience, such as slow loading times, lag, and glitches. These problems can test their patience, disrupt gameplay, and undermine the excitement they seek in iGaming.

For example, during the FIFA World Cup 2018, a leading online sports betting platform experienced a surge in player churn and missed betting opportunities due to infrastructure issues. This resulted in lag and outages precisely when users wanted to capitalize on the tournament’s excitement. As a result, many players abandoned the platform for more reliable options.

Another example comes from a prominent online casino operator that faced complaints after a server crash during peak gaming hours. Players, already frustrated by slow loading times and glitches, were unable to access their winnings or continue their gaming sessions. The company’s customer support was overwhelmed with angry complaints seeking restitution.

The power of continuous performance testing

continuous performance testing

Continuous performance testing ensures smooth gameplay, reduced frustration, and increased engagement for players. By proactively identifying potential bottlenecks, such as slow loading times or server instability, developers can deliver a user experience that leaves a lasting impression and helps them stand out from their competitors.

A crowdsourced approach to continuous performance testing has significant strategic advantages.

  • Crowdtesting is faster, cheaper, and effective at improving market readiness.
  • Reliable feedback helps companies iterate rapidly on products and meet player demands and market trends.
  • Preemptively detecting and rectifying performance issues instills confidence in players, enhances brand reputation, and fosters long-term loyalty.

Case study: building player loyalty through continuous performance testing

TESTA stands out as a crowdtesting expert that specializes in catering to the needs of iGaming industry providers. We offer a tried-and-true testing model that provides providers with insights into performance optimization. By working with our extensive network of testers and cutting-edge methodologies, TESTA can provide you with real-world benchmarks that illuminate the path to enhanced player experiences and sustainable growth.

Client problem

A European mobile game developer wanted to enter the growing iGaming market in Southeast Asia but faced limited data on player preferences and network conditions, making market entry and performance optimization costly.

southeast asia map

TESTA solution

TESTA partnered with the client to provide a cost-effective approach.

  • Benchmark market game load times:
    Local testers measured average load times for popular games in the region on various devices and network connections.

  • Identify regional performance bottlenecks:
    Specific network and device issues were identified to resolve game compatibility problems in different Southeast Asian countries.

  • Test the provider’s own titles:
    Local testers assessed game load times and performance using their own networks and devices. The client’s game data was compared to competitors in the market.
    • Average market game load times: Popular games in the region loaded in an average of 15 seconds on 4G networks.
    • Regional network bottlenecks: Countries like Indonesia and Vietnam reported higher latency and packet loss, which would have affected game performance if not addressed.
    • Provider performance: The client’s flagship game had an average load time of 22 seconds, exceeding the regional average.


The client implemented crucial technical changes to ensure a smooth user experience and a successful market entry.

  • Reduced game size: Asset optimization techniques reduced game sizes by up to 30%, resulting in a 5-second decrease in load times, closer to the regional benchmark.
  • Improved network compatibility: Specific device and network compatibility issues were addressed through targeted patches, reducing lag and crashes for Southeast Asian players.
  • Successful market entry: The client’s game launched with significantly improved performance in Southeast Asia, receiving positive reviews from players and exceeding download projections.

Key takeaways

  • TESTA’s cost-effective crowdsourced platform offers valuable insights into regional markets.
  • Understanding local player preferences and network conditions is crucial for success.
  • Data-driven performance optimization is instrumental in conquering new markets.


Regardless of your market expansion destination, one truth remains: continuous performance testing is vital for iGaming companies aiming to stand out and cultivate a loyal player base. TESTA offers providers affordable access to valuable local insights.

For providers interested in the Asian market, TESTA has previously conducted real-world benchmarks with our local testers focusing on: 

For those looking at the North American market, TESTA has also conducted tests in the US (Ohio), Canada (Ontario), and more.

As a trusted partner in the iGaming industry, TESTA remains committed to excellence, empowering companies to navigate the complexities of global expansion and thrive in the competitive landscape.

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