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iGaming market insights: Indonesia’s smoothest online casino live dealer games in 2024 Q1

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iGaming in Indonesia presents a fascinating example of growth against all odds. Despite stringent regulations and legal prohibitions on many forms of gambling, Indonesia’s online gaming market has witnessed notable growth in recent years. With a population known for its enthusiasm for digital entertainment and a rapidly growing middle class with disposable income, the Indonesian market holds immense potential for iGaming operators and providers.

In this market research report, we look at live dealer casino games in Indonesia, exploring the current state of the industry, market projections, and insights gathered through rigorous testing and analysis. Leveraging TESTA’s proven crowdsourced testing and benchmarking methodologies, we aim to provide accurate and up-to-date insights into the performance and dynamics of live dealer games within the Indonesian market.

As we embark on this journey to explore the world of live dealer games in Indonesia, we invite readers to understand the nuances of Indonesia’s dynamic industry and discover the strategies and innovations driving its growth amidst a landscape of regulatory complexities.

Live dealer casino games in Asia

The Asian iGaming market is witnessing a surge in popularity, and live dealer games are among the most prominent focal points for this wave of growth. The live dealer casino scene has expanded to include novel options such as poker variants and game shows alongside traditional offerings like blackjack and baccarat which continue to captivate players. Platforms like Playgon’s crowdtested Vegas Lounge exemplify this new variety in live dealer experiences, showcasing the transformative potential of live dealer casino games and how this new format of gambling has captured the Asian iGaming world.

With the Asia-Pacific online gambling market projected to reach $72.81 billion by 2030, live dealer casinos are in a prime position to enjoy more growth spurts driven by the region’s cultural appetite for gambling. The market presents lucrative opportunities for operators and providers looking to capitalize on the region’s expanding player base, similar to trends TESTA observed in its Ontario-based live dealer game repot. As the Indonesian market continues to evolve, providers can leverage crowdtesting services like TESTA to tailor their offerings to meet the unique preferences of Indonesian players, ensuring a competitive edge in this dynamic landscape.

Background: state of live dealer games in Indonesia

Market projection

Indonesia holds immense potential for the iGaming live dealer market with a tech-savvy population that recently approached 279 million. Despite the gray zone status of the market, the vast user base with an appetite for gambling makes the nation a prime market for iGaming experiences. Live dealer games, in particular, are experiencing a surge in popularity due to improving internet connectivity and increasing income.

While there are regulatory hurdles to overcome, the future of iGaming in Indonesia looks promising. In a previous 2023 industry insight report TESTA conducted on Indonesia’s slot games, we noted the appetite for iGaming that already exists in the market. As the industry evolves, advancements in responsible gambling practices and potential legislative shifts could pave the way for a more regulated and open market.

Due to the gray zone status of iGaming in Indonesia, official sources are not readily available for the market. We have compiled a list of third-party estimates with sources to present an overview of the state of the market.

Indonesia iGaming market predictions for 2024

  • Estimated wagers: An estimate from the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center of Indonesia indicates that at least US$5.2 billion may have been wagered per year since 2022 (source: The Business Times).
  • Money circulation: Reports claim the online gambling industry circulation reached 200 Trillion Rupiah (roughly US$13.6 billion) in 2023, which is nearly 2.5% of Indonesia’s national money circulation at that time (Source: Medium).
  • Revenue projections: One source estimates the online gambling industry revenue in Indonesia reached US$95.05 billion (Rp1,457 trillion) in 2023, with projections for continued growth (Source: Voice of Indonesia).

Test method and results

Indonesia’s top live dealer game providers:

Indonesia's top live dealers

According to the ranking from the online casino website, these games are the top 5 live dealer games in Indonesia. TESTA collaborated with its local Qrowd testers in Indonesia, delegating testing tasks specifically for these games. Subsequently, all gathered data is centralized and sent back to TESTA for comprehensive analysis.

Test setup

  1. Each tester was asked to conduct test assignments on their own devices.
  2. All tests conducted were video recorded and sent back alongside collected data.
  3. Testers were asked to:
  • Enter the online casino website
  • Login to their account
  • Search for the top live dealer games on the website with the region filter set to Indonesia
  • Measure the game load time

Once each tester completed their assignment, they send the collected data and recorded video footage back to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameters: live dealer game load time

Indonesia's live dealer average load time

For this test, we are solely interested in finding out how long it takes for the games to load. Since the test platform is a website, the load time calculates how long it takes from clicking on a title on the search page to the point at which the user connects to the live stream successfully.

Load time plays a pivotal role for iGaming titles as it impacts both player engagement and retention. Long load times tend to directly correlate with high player churn. To facilitate a smooth experience for players, load times should ideally be as short as possible.

Test data: live dealer game benchmark results for Indonesia’s online casino

Best game load time (seconds)

    • Pragmatic Play’s Speed Baccarat 1 with 10.71 sec

Most in need of optimization

    • 7MOJOS’ Baccarat A with 24.63 sec

The average game load time for Indonesia came in at 16.74 seconds. For reference, the fastest loader in this round of tests was South Korea at 9.46s, followed by Thailand at 13.88s and India at 15.43s.

In this case, Indonesia’s island-based geography has played a major role in internet speed for the region. Connecting the many islands with submarine cables can be expensive, and reaching remote areas with cable infrastructure becomes even more challenging. As a result, this leaves certain remote islands with lower internet quality compared to those closer to mainland Java or Sumatra, where most submarine cables are concentrated.

As such, providers looking to operate in the region should pay special attention to how their content delivery network (CDN) servers perform in different island regions. For this type of testing, working with TESTA testers local to the area may be one of the more effective ways of mapping out actual network performance across different islands.


For an intensely competitive market like iGaming, market research is crucial to guide aspiring providers and operators alike toward success in global markets. In Indonesia’s case, crowdtesting is especially useful for gathering on-the-ground performance metrics across a large number of islands with disparate internet infrastructure. For testing where real-life conditions matter, crowdtesting with TESTA can prove to be much more accurate and cost-effective than traditional testing.

This analysis of live dealer games in Indonesia highlights TESTA’s dedication to furnishing actionable insights through its network of local Qrowd testers. Leveraging this wealth of data, iGaming enterprises can better understand the state of the competition as well as Indonesian player preferences, thereby bolstering their market presence and profitability.

As a trusted partner in the iGaming industry, TESTA has also published a large collection of freely accessible market research reports to assist providers with navigating iGaming markets across the globe with confidence.

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