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iGaming market insights: India’s smoothest online casino live dealer games in 2024 Q1

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India’s iGaming landscape presents a complex yet promising arena for operators and providers alike. Despite regulations governing traditional forms of gambling, the online gaming sector is experiencing rapid growth. Fueled by increasing internet penetration, rising disposable incomes, and a growing appetite for digital entertainment among the populace, the iGaming industry stands poised for significant expansion.

In this market research report, we explore the state of live dealer games within India’s dynamic iGaming ecosystem. Leveraging TESTA’s crowdtesting market research and benchmarking, we provide an easily digestible overview of the performance of live dealer games in India. From understanding user preferences to optimizing technical metrics, TESTA’s crowdtesting model offers a robust framework for deciphering market dynamics and driving strategic decision-making in the fiercely competitive iGaming market.

Let us guide you through India’s live dealer games market as we explore opportunities, challenges, and emerging trends that are shaping the future of iGaming in the subcontinent.

Live dealer casino games in Asia

In the Asian iGaming world, live dealer casino games have emerged as a cornerstone of player engagement and revenue generation. Platforms like Playgon’s crowdtested Vegas Lounge blends traditional casino experiences with convenient remote real-time interaction, resonating with diverse audiences across the continent. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette to choice additions such as poker, baccarat, and game shows, the live dealer segment continues to see rapid growth driven by the region’s increasing income and technological advancements.

Similar to regulated markets like Ontario, where the live casino game market experiences both intense competition and rapid growth, providers in Asia are leveraging the popularity of live dealer games to unlock new avenues for growth and expansion. With as much as 20 to 30% of all iGaming revenue attributed to live dealer casino games, providers are investing resources to optimize player experiences and technical performance. Crowdtesting with TESTA is a valuable tool for providers seeking to understand user preferences, benchmark performance, and stay ahead in the competitive Asian iGaming market.

Background: state of live dealer casino games in India

Market projection

India is a vast and cultured continent, with an equally large and diverse iGaming market. Fueled by a tech-savvy population and increasing internet penetration across the country, the 1.4 billion Indians present an immense opportunity for iGaming operators to tap into a vast user base hungry for online gambling.

India's iGaming market predictions for 2024
  • Revenue in the Indian iGaming market is projected to reach US$2.90 billion by 2024, with an annual growth rate of 6.49%, indicating a potential market volume of US$3.73 billion by 2028.
  • The Online Sports Betting sector in India is expected to hit US$1.97 billion in 2024.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) for the Indian iGaming market is forecasted to be US$284.40 in 2024, highlighting the potential for significant individual spending.
  • By 2028, the number of users in the Indian iGaming market is estimated to reach 12.7 million, indicating substantial growth potential.
  • Despite the market’s growth, user penetration in India’s iGaming sector remains relatively low at 0.7% in 2024, suggesting ample room for expansion and market penetration strategies.

(Source: Statista, Market Insights, Online Gambling – India)


However, entering the Indian iGaming market comes with its own set of challenges and caveats for providers and operators. In a previous India Q2 2023 slot game performance report, TESTA noted that the vast diversity of the country, both in a cultural and economic sense, contributed to operation difficulty for providers.

One prominent example of this is the optimization challenge caused by the diversity of end devices used by Indian players. Performance variance across high-end, mainstream, and budget devices can be a challenging problem when it comes to optimizing the livestream for a live dealer casino game. The complexity deriving from devices with different hardware specifications and software rendering capabilities means that streams that seem to work flawlessly on a high-end or mainstream device might be stuttery or unsupported on low-end hardware.

Test method and results

India’s top live dealer game providers:

India's top live dealers

According to the ranking from the online casino website, these games are the top 4 live dealer games in India. The Indian TESTA Qrowd community began testing these games and all data was sent back to TESTA for comprehensive analysis.

Test setup

  1. Each tester was asked to conduct test assignments on their own devices.
  2. All tests conducted were video recorded and sent back alongside collected data.
  3. Testers were asked to:
    • Enter the online casino website
    • Login to their account
    • Search for the top live dealer games on the website with the region filter set to India
    • Measure the game load time

Once each tester completed their assignment, they send the collected data and recorded video footage back to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameters: live dealer game load time

India's live dealer average load time

For this test, we are solely interested in finding out how long it takes for the games to load. Since the test platform is a website, the load time calculates how long it takes from clicking on a title on the search page to the point at which the user connects to the live stream successfully.

Load time plays a pivotal role for iGaming titles as it impacts both player engagement and retention. Long load times tend to directly correlate with high player churn. To facilitate a smooth experience for players, load times should ideally be as short as possible.

Test data: live dealer casino game benchmark results for India

Best game load time (seconds)

    • Evolution’s Live Baccarat A (11.56s)

Most in need of optimization

    • 7MOJOS’ Baccarat A (21.66s)


The average game load time in India came in at 15.43s, ranking as the third fastest loading market among the tested Asian countries. For reference, South Korea took first place with an average of 9.46s while Thailand ranks second with an average of 13.88s. India showcases remarkable progress in internet infrastructure, particularly when compared to its Southeast Asian counterparts.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the persisting challenges that India faces in achieving uniform internet connectivity nationwide. As a geographically expansive multi-state union, issues like urban-rural divides, interstate developmental gaps, and even unequal distance and load for different content delivery network (CDN) servers can all impact load speed.

To ensure that Indian players can enjoy access to a smooth and high-fidelity stream for live dealer casino games, providers can consider working with TESTA’s crowdtesting services. By specifying the location of testers, TESTA can help providers ensure that their localized optimization efforts are actually delivering smooth loading streams that work consistently across different geographic regions in India.


Navigating the diverse landscape of the Indian iGaming world demands a strategic approach to market research. Providers and operators both require timely yet affordable access to market conditions in order to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving sector. For this purpose, crowdtesting with TESTA can be invaluable for comprehending and penetrating the multifaceted Indian gaming market.

In today’s article where we examined the state of live dealer games in India, TESTA demonstrated the capability of its extensive network of Qrowd testers. By leveraging the sheer number of testers TESTA has throughout the Indian continent, iGaming enterprises can better tailor their offerings to align with real-world conditions and Indian player expectations.

As a trusted partner in the iGaming arena, TESTA also extends its support to businesses with an interest in other markets through its collection of freely accessible market research reports, empowering them to navigate the nuances of the Indian market with confidence. Armed with TESTA’s expertise and resources, iGaming businesses can seize opportunities that competitors don’t and drive success in India’s vibrant gaming landscape.

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