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How can crowdtesting transform iGaming UX?

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Are you facing high user churn rates and compliance headaches in your iGaming business? You’re not alone. The industry is highly competitive when it comes to UX, with Optimove citing user-friendly interface as second only to competitive odds when it comes to keeping players loyal. 

The single most important feature of an igaming site that keeps you loyal graph

Better iGaming UX improves user retention, compliance, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line. But how can companies improve it?

Beyond traditional automated testing, there’s a powerful strategy that can revolutionize your platform’s UX—crowdsourced testing.

This article explores UX challenges in the iGaming industry, including cluttered interfaces and regulatory compliance, and demonstrates how crowdtesting can improve platform usability, performance, and compliance with industry standards.

iGaming UX challenges

iGaming UX challenges

UX significantly influences user spend in iGaming. A superior UX boosts user trust and platform spending. Despite its importance, six challenges persist:

iGaming platforms offer a broad range of games and features, which can overwhelm users and create clutter.

2. Responsiveness and performance

The increasing use of mobile devices for iGaming requires platforms to be adaptable to various screen resolutions and maintain performance despite lower processing power.

3. Account management and security

Security is vital to protect user details and avoid unauthorized access, which could lead to legal consequences for the company.

4. Responsible gambling tools

To ensure responsible gaming, platforms should implement features like deposit limits, self-exclusion options, and reality checks.

5. Payment processing

Smooth and versatile payment processing is crucial to UX, requiring reliable gateways and a variety of payment options.

6. Regulation and compliance

Compliance with varying global regulations is necessary to prevent issues like underage gaming, geolocation violations, and identity theft, which software bugs could cause.

The impact of crowdtesting on iGaming UX: beyond bug detection

Crowdtesting plays a pivotal role in refining the iGaming UX, offering a comprehensive approach beyond mere bug detection. It addresses the nuanced user frustrations that automated tests might miss, contributing significantly to a seamless, intuitive user journey.

As the iGaming industry becomes more accessible, it attracts a wide range of users with varying preferences and needs. For example, older users might prioritize readability over navigation speed, highlighting the necessity for diverse user feedback. Crowdtesting, by engaging a broad spectrum of real users, provides valuable insights into these demographic-specific preferences, enabling more targeted and effective UX improvements.

Language and localization matter

Effective communication is the backbone of user satisfaction. Through crowdtesting, platforms can test their interfaces in multiple languages and cultural contexts, ensuring all text is both accurate and contextually appropriate.

TESTA engages native-speaking testers to simulate real user interactions, covering everything from initial registration to cashing out. This process not only identifies translation inaccuracies but also uncovers cultural nuances that could impact user understanding and engagement. By addressing these issues, iGaming platforms can offer a more inclusive and user-friendly experience, catering effectively to a global audience.

Real-world case studies

Let’s ground our discussion in tangible results. While specific company names are omitted for confidentiality, we’ve observed significant outcomes from adopting crowdtesting:

  • A European iGaming platform saw a remarkable 600% increase in app downloads following a targeted crowdtesting campaign. This surge was accompanied by a 25% rise in user opt-in rates for push notifications, directly attributed to enhancements in user engagement and interface intuitiveness.
  • Another case involved a platform expanding into the Asian market. Through comprehensive crowdtesting, they identified and rectified several localization issues, leading to a 40% increase in new user registrations from the region.

The success of crowdtesting in UX design, bridging developers and end-users, highlights its benefits. It helps iGaming platforms adapt to their global users’ changing problems, boosting user satisfaction and business results.

How does it work? To begin with there are a handful of easy QA and testing solutions to consider.

5 crowdsourced UX tests that solve iGaming issues

5 Crowdsourced UX tests to solve iGaming issues

The following 5 tests are a good starting point for teams that are just getting started with crowdsourced testing for UX.

1. Device and platform testing

Crowdtesting ensures your iGaming platform works across numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) differing in capabilities, speeds, and processing power.

2. Functional and UI testing

Beyond basic testing of platform functions, crowdtesting guarantees these functions perform correctly across devices and locations. It covers all user journey aspects like registration, navigation, contact forms, game access, and customer support.

3. Payment testing

Crowdtesting identifies bugs in your payment process, ensuring smooth transactions. This builds trust in your platform, crucial for long-term user retention and increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

4. Localization testing

Our local language testers help spot errors automated tests might miss. They also detect cultural issues that might be viewed differently worldwide.

5. Performance testing

We carry out extensive performance tests across devices and locations to avoid lagging response times, server glitches, or performance bottlenecks that can affect user satisfaction and loyalty.

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