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iGaming market insights: Malaysia’s smoothest online casino live dealer games in 2024 Q1

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Global iGaming is a competitive space and continuous improvement is the cornerstone lasting success. TESTA’s benchmarking data offers an advantage. By analyzing competitors, you can gain valuable insights to address any weaknesses and identify areas for growth.

Live dealer games in Asia

According to Gambling Insider, the Asian online casino market is booming, growing at a rate of nearly 15% annually. Statista further points out this surge is largely fueled by the growing craze for live dealer games, which offer a more immersive and engaging experience compared to traditional online games.

With the surge in popularity of online casino live dealer games in Asia, understanding player preferences in the region is crucial. TESTA’s crowdtesting approach is particularly valuable in this context, as it helps developers address challenges and optimize games specifically for specific target markets.


Malaysia’s economy has shown strong growth in recent times, expected to reach an economic growth of 4%-5% in 2024. While the legal status of online casinos remains less defined in Malaysia, it presents a great potential for iGaming providers.

Malaysia iGaming market analysis

The true size of the Malaysian gambling industry remains unclear due to the prevalence of unlicensed and illegal facilities. However, research from Markets projects significant growth in the online gambling market, reaching an estimated USD 1.2 billion by 2027, with live dealer games playing a key role in this expansion.

Now, let’s explore how TESTA’s approach can assist you.

Our previous analysis focused on analyzing aspects of Malaysian online slot games benchmark report. This established methodology is now being applied to examine live dealer games in the country. This demonstrates the consistent application of our approach across different segments of the Malaysian iGaming market.

Who are the leading providers of live dealer casino games in Malaysia?

We identified the top live dealer game providers of Malaysia for TESTA’s Qrowd testers to conduct tests, which are 7MOJOS’s Dragon Tiger, Ezugi’s Fortune Baccarat 1, Bombay Live’s Baccarat 1, Evolution’s Live Baccarat A, Pragmatic Play’s Speed Baccarat 1, and BetGames.TV’s Baccarat.

Malaysia’s top live dealers

They compiled the ranking below with first-hand real-world data. TESTA then provides Malaysia’s market benchmark of live dealer games based on their findings.

Test method

TESTA employs a well-established methodology to ensure consistent and reliable data collection. In this case, we partnered with local testers intimately familiar with the region’s gaming landscape.

Test setup

Each tester was asked to conduct the tests on their own devices. All testers are asked to video record the tests and send the footage back alongside collected data.

Testers were asked to:

  • Enter the online casino website
  • Login to their account
  • Search for the top live dealer games on the website with the region filter set to the Philippines
  • Measure the game load time

Once each tester completes their tests, they send the collected data and recorded video footage back to TESTA for analysis.

Test parameters: game load time

Malaysia’s live dealer average load time

Game load time, measured in seconds, is the time it takes for a game to be playable on the player’s screen, impacting player experience.

Generally, faster load times are desirable as they minimize waiting time. The ideal load time can vary depending on the game genre, complexity, and individual preferences, but a target of 15 seconds or less is generally desirable.

Using game load time as a benchmark, TESTA compared the real-world performance of Malaysia’s top live dealer game providers. This data is crucial for iGaming providers seeking to identify areas for improvement and benchmark their performance against competitors.

Test data: live dealer game performance benchmarks in Malaysia

Based on the results, there is a significant variation in load times among the tested games:

BetGames.TV‘s Baccarat excels with a speedy 10.57 seconds, meeting the recommended standard of 15 seconds or less.

Most in need of optimization

While Ezugi’s Fortune Baccarat and Bombay Live’s Baccarat 1 also have room for improvement in load time, 7MOJO’s Dragon Tiger stands out as the most in need of optimization, taking a lengthy 50.40 seconds to load.

Putting Malaysian live dealer speeds in context

Interestingly, the top three game load times in Malaysia all hover around 10-12 seconds, indicating a possible bottleneck in the overall network infrastructure. The limited bandwidth could be limiting games from reaching their full potential loading speed, even for the top titles.

Despite witnessing significant improvements in internet speeds recently, Malaysia still lags behind leading nations like South Korea and Japan. This difference can be seen when comparing the fastest loading games in both countries. In Malaysia, the fastest game load time is 10.57 seconds, while in South Korea, it’s virtually instant at 0.00 seconds, giving players lightning-fast load times.

However, game developers can mitigate this by optimizing their games for specific regions. This involves tailoring them to local hardware and internet infrastructure, such as utilizing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to distribute game assets closer to players, which can significantly reduce download times and contribute to faster overall load times.


While other testing methods have their place, crowdtesting offers a valuable approach to gathering real-world player data, gaining insights into specific target markets, and acquiring actionable information to optimize game development and user experience.

Whether you’re developing Malaysian slot games, captivating live dealer experiences, or entering new markets, TESTA’s comprehensive testing solutions and partnership-driven approach will ensure your games are optimized for success.

Let’s work together to transform your iGaming development and deliver exceptional experiences for your players. Contact us today to experience the TESTA difference, or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about our solutions.

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