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Why Testa

Crowdsourced testing for iGaming matters

Crowdsourced testing for iGaming differs a lot from traditional QA teams locked into a single geographic location.

  • Traditional QA teams are technical people who follow the “happy path” of testing requirements.
  • They have limited exposure to the devices of a market.
  • They do not have deep knowledge of the local regulations and culture.
  • They are not exposed to the 3rd party services in between the iGaming platform and their users. 

Things that really matter like payment channels, internet service providers, local UX preferences, mobile devices/applications, load times/play times and much more are all best done with crowdsourced testing by real people on real devices.

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Crowdsourced testing with real devices for real people for the iGaming industry from Testa

Tailored for every market

Crowdsourced testing better reflects local market conditions as all of these things can be taken into account. Leveraging crowdsourced testing gives you reliable insight about real user preferences. Testers will be using a local device and internet service provider.

You can reliably close your knowledge gap to the market via crowdsourced testing and get a wider diversity of testing options. This leads to a better understanding of your business goals and increases the likelihood of finding “edge cases” or market-specific quality issues.

Real-world usage scenarios

iGaming businesses obsess over the data generated by their customers, but how often do they put themselves in the players chair? Testing with crowdsourced testing lets iGaming businesses see what their customers see. It allows them to experience their products the way their customers do.

Looking at data after the fact only tells part of the story. Watching a player navigate and interact with your iGaming platform from within the market generates unique and valuable insights.

Video recording

With video recording you can see how your experience works across channels. Did the verification email arrive quickly? Did it land in spam? How long did it take to approve a withdrawal – could the player easily find the sports lines they wanted? Disparate data points do not tell a story. Watching a player’s journey from start to finish captures the exact sequence of events leading to a problem.

Mixing Quality and UX knowledge with real world crowdsourced testing makes it easier to reproduce and understand problems and generate valuable insights for your iGaming business.

Domain specific knowledge

iGaming is a unique industry. There’s no other quite like it.

Other testing services are broad and lack context on the unique challenges of the iGaming market. At Testa, we have decades of combined iGaming experience. We understand why crowdsourced testing is important and what the data can influence.

Man looking at a mobile device and doing crowdsourced testing for iGaming
People analyzing data on a desk for crowdsourced testing for iGaming

No more false positives

The number one complaint on G2 for outsourced testing services is incorrect test case setup and false positives. The reasons why are plain to see – they don’t know the industry.

With Testa – iGaming knowledge is in our DNA. From the Executives down to the Service Managers and Testers – we all know iGaming.

Don’t waste time and energy with other testing services – work with the iGaming experts.

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