Crowdsourced quality testing for the iGaming industry.

The Crowdtesting Platform for the iGaming Industry

Local testers, real devices, dedicated delivery managers. Outperform competitors with Testa’s crowdtesting platform and its worldwide community of iGaming testers.
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Man using Testa Crowdtesting Platform for iGaming to test mobile player journey processes

Trusted by the iGaming industry’s biggest brands

The Testa crowdtesting platform is tailored to your needs

Our dedicated delivery managers and worldwide testers serve as an extension of your internal QA team to ensure lean and agile processes.
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

See where you stand in the industry, continuously benchmark performance and receive detailed custom report with action items.
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Have peace of mind when releasing in new markets. See how your software performs within the local network conditions.
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Custom Testing

Custom Testing

Speak to a Testa agent to customize your test case to your unique needs. Contact us today to get started.
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Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Get the what and why of performance issues like latency, uptime, and speed. Stay ahead of bugs with actionable technical reports and get the full context of the user experience with video replays.
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Feel confident real players can safely deposit and withdraw from anywhere. Analyze your payment gateway performance in multiple scenarios, all tested with multiple currencies.
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Manual performance testing

Testa Qrowd QA tester using the Testa Crowdtesting Platform to analyze online casino games
Testa crowdtesting platform user doing payments testing on a mobile device

Payment testing

Devices and platforms

PC testing is done on Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. Phone and tablet testing is done on Apple products and Android products.
A stack of mobile phones with one showing an iGaming slot game, all ready for crowdsourced testing on different devices

Your dedicated delivery manager

Scale your QA team with a crowdtesting platform featuring a dedicated delivery manager a global network of iGaming-savvy testers.

Service delivery managers set up your tests under your instruction.

We manage the quality of the tests that come in.

Summary reports and detailed technical recommendations.

We source and manage our community of iGaming testers.

Testa Qrowd Service Delivery Manager communicating over the phone with a client about their test case on the Testa Crowdtesting Platform

Stay compliant and competitive

Safeguard your license across borders and state lines. We provide you with the peace of mind to run your operations safely.

Real people, real devices, any iGaming market

Book a short call to discuss your testing issues and long term goals.

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Test, iterate and grow your iGaming business with Testa, the QA Crowdtesting Platform built for the iGaming industry. Covering global markets with a community of iGaming-savvy QA testers, we test with real people on real devices from any market. From thorough manual and automated functional testing to insightful competitor analysis and responsive performance monitoring, Testa’s crowdsourced data and solutions deliver immediate value. Explore our resources for the latest iGaming trends and learn how Testa can streamline your QA process. Testa is more than just testing, it’s a competitive edge that provides comprehensive data and solutions for iGaming software developers, operators, and providers. Get in touch with a Service Delivery Manager today and get free crowdsourced QA tests.



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